Singtel-Warid Deal Likely to Close in 2 Weeks

There is this news that Warid and Singtel have agreed on a deal – while official announcement is expected in next two weeks. No words yet on the details of the deal.

Our sources in Warid confirmed this while saying good news gonna come out of Warid Office very soon.

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  • I hope it does but I do not think that after booking a loss of about 115 million singapore dollars in one year, Singtel will put in more money .
    Further, I hope that in this deal the stuck payments of vendors and franchises are also released.

  • I totally agree with you Shafaat, i think the deal has already been struck. I hope Singtel are fully aware of the Warid screw ups and know about the non payments anf FRAUD commited by the previous Marketing team. Lets hope now human beings take over rather than crooks and issues for these poor vendors are settled.

  • Salam
    Exactly can u pls tell me that what is going with warid.Because last few days there was news that warid is merging with a China company and now this !!!

  • @Haris. Exactly the news that warid soon SingTel or warid is merging with China Mobile is totally wrong…. Nothing to be change…

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