Breaking: Wateen launching Unlimited Internet

For our valuable readers on Propakistani, We are proud to break the news of Unlimited package for Wateen Wimax users. Its been first time in Wimax history in Pakistan that any wimax operator has launched Un-limited Package.

It has been confirmed that users with 15GB quota will convert to Unlimited automatically. Whereas 10 GB users have to pay some minimal charges to go ahead with package. Price is almost same but we will update it here as we get the details from Wateen Camp.

Bravo on Wateen Part!!!

Go Wimax,GO!!!



  • Exclusive of taxes and the Phone line rent!
  • Terms and Conditions Apply

Update 2:

Enjoy 50 free minutes from your Wateen phone to any PAK, USA, CANADA (Landline and mobile) & UK (landline). Pluse 150 free minutes to Wateen.

    • WATEEN Wimax Offering
      Wi-Fi Device & USB Internet
      Offerig 60% Off Buy Any Connection

      volum 5GB

      256kbps – Rs, 599

      512 Kbps – Rs. 699,

      1Mbps – Rs. 799,


      256kbps – Rs, 1000
      512 Kbps – Rs, 1100
      1Mbps – Rs, 1200


      256kbps – Rs, 1300
      512 Kbps – Rs, 1400
      1Mbps – Rs, 1500

      Device Cost Just Rs. 1500,
      15 Days Money Back Gura…ntee.
      Other Information
      Call Now S.M. ZAIDI
      Only Karachi

      • Aslam-o-Alaikum : Me Wateen ka Net use kar raha ho acha hai per billing pe problum hoti hai me apna pakig chang karwana cha raha ho to help line wale b kehte hai k nai chang ho sakta kya karo

  • Wow…a biased post in favour of Wateen on!!

    Anyways. Wateen has to do this to get new customers and retain old ones because clearly with the current dwindling numbers, they have no other choice. With LDN and PTCL giving great packages, unlimited net and student discounts, Wateen has to try and match the offer SOMEHOW.

  • How much is the History of WiMAX in Pakistan or in the world even? Secondly how many WiMax providers are there in Pakistan? Only 2 or maximum 3?

    Secondly, when u want to compete with all providers then u have to offer such promotions. Thanks.

  • Total charges are higher then what it is shown above..

    Line rent of Telephone line (which is must to get with wireless DSL)… Then rent of Equipment… then 19% Sales Tax… Then 10% Advance TAx…

    So for Unlimited package..must keep minimum 2100 in pocket every month… Who normally use 15GB+ in a month?

    • Who is here that only uses 15 gb in a month ? My average monthly download is more than 200 gb ,( and thats only mine average , if i add my brothers usage , it will be doubled ) when i got my PTCL DSL i havnt bought a single CD or DVD of any kind from any shop , when i can download any thing from online with in hours …..

    • I am using it and I only pay 1500/month for 15GB package inclusive of all taxes and everything. Now it has been revised to 1400/month.

      Do you maths again please

  • I was a wateen user when the service started back in January 2008 , but i had to leave because of the limit , And one more advantage of wateen is , that u can take your modem any where and use the internet , i got connection in Lahore , i have used it in every part of lahore , even i took it to Multan just to check , i was still able to use wateen WIMAX there , so according to u if it cost 2100 per month , it is not so costy , the mobility of the modem covers all the price of it

  • One more update , in there terms they have said that it is VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED , and fair usage policy applies . SO it means it is not truely unlimited but anyways its a good move for the market segment who is always on the go

  • Not a gr8 offer, PTCL EvDO is already ahead:
    Cover whole Pakistan alomost means best mobility,
    less amount of monthly recorring charges,

    a big draw back of wateen, it does’nt work in higrise building.

    It got disconnected & connected again while on move,

    therfore I think price still higher, Wateen make it a bit lower….

    • WiMAX is WiMAX… You cant compare PTCL EvDO with this technology.

      WiMAX is even competing with 3.5G in whole world. PTCL this new technology will obsolete soon.

  • According to my sources

    256 1418 with free topup 1500/- Ist Time only

    512 1518 with free topup 1500/- Ist Time only

    1MB 1618 with free topup 1500/- Ist Time only

  • Its good to hear this news becoz i think making ur net quota limited is a very selfish thing to do. Wateen done good job but they still need to make their packages better becoz by putting line rent and taxes prices go high than other companies packages.

  • My Friend! i think Wateen raise good step, in my perception for do so would be create huge compitition among them i mean in ISP’s. Still PTCL DSL Student Pakage and PTCL Wireless Internet (EVDO) are most better. we are Expecting more Competitve pakages from Wateen.

  • Comparing PTCL EvDO with WiMAX technology is not correct. In all means, in absence of 3G/3.5G in Pakistan… WiMAX is the second best option for users. It ensures high bandwidth because the technology is made for this purpose. In Pakistan, Wateen is not providing maximum speed but in other countries, WiMAX companies are providing speed up to 20Mbps also.

    But as GSM is having close ties with UMTS (3G technology) so may be WiMAX cant grow a lot.

  • i hope for their unlimited to come in 512 and 256 too.

    Or atlease, they should DOUBLE THE CURRENT LOWNLOAD LIMITS
    for example 5gb to 10gb…. and mmmm 10gb to aaaa…. 15gb ;D

  • I am really happy at this discussion.
    I was going to buy Zong EDGE USB but now wateen will be best.


    WATEEN ISP has recently launched a unlimited GB consumption package but in reality ITS NOT UNLIMITED I went to their office yesterday and asked them about this offer where the representative told me that i was ONLY allowed around 32 GB per month NOW IS THAT UNLIMITED!!! I didn’t expect this FALSE ADVERTISEMENT or a WHITE LIE from a respected company like Wateen. Now I will be taking my business elsewhere.

    • I just got this checked from their contact center and one of their franchise – and they have confirmed me that there is no cap on download.

      Can anyone else confirm this too?


  • well i asked dis frm thier call centre abt 15 days ago nd dey were sayin k hamain iska confirm ni hai ap franchise se pata karain laikin virtually unlimited main apko unlimited he hoga apki koi kahs limit ni hogi

    da person who ws talkin to me ws nt sure abt it

  • I had demo of their 512 Mb package yesterday (23 July, 2009) and but speed didn’t go beyond the 15KB/sec (they promissed that it will be in 50s KB/sec)…even their was full signals on the device….(HE SAID SOME TECHNICAL WORK IS GOING ON)…i am not sure about their services

  • i want ptcl wireless edvo but i donot know that they have any student pakage if any body know please tell me

  • Well.. i was using it Wateen unlimited 1400+(line rent)110+(telephony)+110 =1620
    its so costly PTCL DSL justin 1200 ok fine with that use cyber net DSL most reliable Dsl in Pakistan because in my office we got the Cyber connection with static ip and multiple ftp server. before we was using Maxcom maxcom service was pathatic now cyber net working fine..
    if u will use at home package is 1200 rupess…
    if face the problem in PTCL line call them they block your account and will not charge u…

    well not doubt wateen is ok. on 1 mb mostly i got average 80Kbytes/s speed . i think on 1 mb i shud get 100+ speed . but anyway…
    its true Wateen has serious billing issue problem that why i left it..and using Connect service its good and no cap..

    in ISP i must say CYBER NET is Cyber net!

  • nope u cant turn off the telephony..
    and they are offering one more thing buy their device then your monthly line rent will be waive off..

    but price for device is 13000 rs. yup..

  • hi guys… i want to use Wateen internet.. but there is some problem… I dont have PTCL at home. so do i really need ptcl in order to use Wateen….

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum

    mere pass PTCL connection laga hoa hai,

    kia ye baat sach hai(TRUE BROADBAND INTERNET 0 KM) ya zero key sath 2 lagana bhool gaye,

    best regards

  • WATEEN Wimax Offering
    Wi-Fi Device & USB Internet
    Offerig 60% Off Buy Any Connection

    5GB Unlimited
    256Kbps Rs. 599 Rs, 1300
    512 Kbps Rs. 699 Rs, 1400
    1 Mbps Rs. 799 Rs, 1500

    Telephoney Line Rante Rs, 120
    Device Cost Just Rs. 1500,
    15 Days Money Back Gurantee.
    Other Information
    Call Now S.M. ZAIDI
    onliny karachi

  • Assalam-o-Alaikum,

    bhai iss ka matlub hai(TRUE BROADBAND INTERNET 0 KM)
    wali baat mere liye to 900 Klm, kia ye PTCL key land line number pr nahi mil sakta jesa key likha hai this is

    bset regards,

  • hi there
    can some one tell me when wateen will convert its 5Gb package to unlimited ??
    i am fedup of being limit Finshed every time ??
    can some tell me Hows WorldCall Broadband Service is??


  • Assalaam waliekum
    Muhammad Sohail Qureshi said:
    wateen new data usage policy is unfair and very strange policy !
    a common thing is wateen package name is 1mb unlimited but get only 40gb with 1mb today !
    after this data stage get speed only 250kbps.
    1st i said that wateen telling a lie to every customer .
    please every one complaint and request to mr ceo or owner of wateen telecom. wateen old usage policy is good and truth because maximum speed with maximum data usage is like that unlimited.
    but new policy is very low and very limited
    plz i requested to every wateen customer take a action
    and change this policy
    i hope you understand this situation.
    Thankue in advance for give me a big favour______

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