Google Urdu Transliteration Engine Launched

Here is this very interesting development happened at Google. With the service, you need to simply type in urdu roman, and in return it will give back your words in urdu fonts.

Here is the link

With Transliteration Engine, you don’t need to worry about typing with an English keyboard, as resultant language will be in urdu fonts. Give it a try, you will love it.

This development will ease the way for Urdu websites, as we are more familiar with roman urdu instead of Urdu keyboards; and those Urdu webmasters will not have to worry about keyboard now. They can simply type roman urdu, and get the Urdu language in return. Simply copy it and paste in your news/post/web pages.

مجھے اردو لکھتے ہووے برا اچھا لگ رہا ہے

Here is the screen shot (You can toggle between languages easily by clicking Ctrl + G)

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  • I see lot of urdu blogs coming in now!

  • Saqib Rizwan

    I think , this is Sixer from GOOGLE.

  • Thats awesome. Go Google!!

  • Hidden Eyes

    Its real time transliteration. It can’t translate the paras or the copy+pasted material… Tested it ealier, and found it great..

  • Hidden Eyes

    If you happen to use the UFONE Translation facility, you would have come across this on your cell too.. As far as i think, Ufone might have linked the transliteration engine with their service.

  • bmk


  • Nauman

    This is probably the greatest development by Google to date, and its free, just like most other services by Google. Way to go Google, you have done what still seems like an impossibility to ordinary mortals like myself.

  • Mohsin Khan ([email protected])

    Boombastic Fantastic Lova…زبردست

  • omerfarooq

    Hmmm…. It is actually from India (as the given link suggests). Hats off to them, then.

  • AhmadNawaz

    اب میری ہر پاکستانی سے درخواست ہے کے وو سری پوسٹیں اردو میں کریں. شکریہ

  • Kamal Panhwar

    This is really crazy tools. I love it.

  • Saqib

    Kiya koi bata sakta hai k ye Google ki ye Facility hum kis website sey hasil kar sakte hain?

  • Saqib

    دوستو شکریہ ، میرا مثلا حل ہو گیا ہے.

  • Saqib

    میں احمد نواز سے متفق ہوں اب ہر پاکستانی کو اردو میں کچھ بھی ہو پوسٹ کرنا چاہے، تا ک ہم اپنی قومی زبان کی پہچان بن سکیں.

  • Riz

    بہت اعلی

  • Ahsan

    Google cha gya hai

  • umer

    its awesome…google doing gr8.

  • Tania Aslam

    Good going GOOGLE

    Thanks to share this post

  • wow zabardat
    google rocks

  • Abdul Qudoos

    this is not translation but you can say it is conversion from roman to unicode

    anyways its good to see here :) but old for me

  • Its really an awesome work of Google…
    I think they should also start Urdu translator.

    Thanks for sharing…

  • wow zabardast google
    and thank propakistani

  • Definitely worth checking out!! Saves me a lot of time ;]

  • Qamar

    its good for pakistanies

  • khan

    great job. google well done.

  • آگیا وہ شاہکار تھا جس کا انتظار میں یہ سطریں گوگل سے ہی لکھ رہا ہوں شکریہ گوگل،بس اایسا ہی کوی طریقہ اگر آف لآیِنے ہو جااے تو مزہ آجاے

  • sajjad

    bohat acha zabardast hai ye…..acha laga ye dekh kar

  • shaheen

    واقعی بوہت اچھا ہے

  • I have developed a bookmarklet application using the Googgle Trasnliteration API and with this you can read and write Urdu on any web page. Try this at:

  • abbas

    realy good yhanks google

  • ayesha

    how to use it i have to make papers in urdu