What is Ali Zafar Doing in Mobilink's Advert?

Ali Zafar Was Telenor’s Brand Ambassador, wasn’t he? If this was the case then what’s this in following advert? When Mobilink took him on board?

We know that cellular companies used to fight for employees, but this battle of snatching brand ambassador is something we saw for the first time. Our inside sources have communicated us that Ali Murtaza, who is heading Jazz Brand brought Ali Zafar on board with Mobilink. Murtaza was previously with Telenor. So the picture is evident now on how it happened.

Moreover, Brand Ambassadors will start asking for higher prices, with this trend.

On an additional note, I believe, brand ambassadors should not ruin the amount of investment and time a company has spent on them. I wonder, if Telenor gonna play Ali Zafar’s advert or not now onwards.

Jazz has given this full page advert in various news papers today. If Mobilink is planning something big now?

Update: As mentioned above, all this started with the move of Ali Murtaza, who had actually signed the contract with Ali Zafar. After Murtaza moved to new place, Telenor guys were sloppy enough to not to renew the contract. Eventually, this opportunity was sensed and grabbed by Mobilink.

“Ali Zafar has been Telenor TalkShawk’s Brand Ambassador for past three years, it has been a mutually beneficial partnership. Our contract with Ali Zafar expired last month. We wish him well in his future endeavors”, Affan Haider, Manager Corporate Communication & Responsibility, Telenor, told us in a communication.


And btw look at the offer, if you haven’t used your Jazz Sim for last 10 days (June 20th), simply switch it on, and recharge. You will get instant Rs. 30 plus 100 percent free balance on your first re-charge.

Here is the TVC (Thanks to Saadia for sharing the link)

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