What is Ali Zafar Doing in Mobilink's Advert?

Ali Zafar Was Telenor’s Brand Ambassador, wasn’t he? If this was the case then what’s this in following advert? When Mobilink took him on board?

We know that cellular companies used to fight for employees, but this battle of snatching brand ambassador is something we saw for the first time. Our inside sources have communicated us that Ali Murtaza, who is heading Jazz Brand brought Ali Zafar on board with Mobilink. Murtaza was previously with Telenor. So the picture is evident now on how it happened.

Moreover, Brand Ambassadors will start asking for higher prices, with this trend.

On an additional note, I believe, brand ambassadors should not ruin the amount of investment and time a company has spent on them. I wonder, if Telenor gonna play Ali Zafar’s advert or not now onwards.

Jazz has given this full page advert in various news papers today. If Mobilink is planning something big now?

Update: As mentioned above, all this started with the move of Ali Murtaza, who had actually signed the contract with Ali Zafar. After Murtaza moved to new place, Telenor guys were sloppy enough to not to renew the contract. Eventually, this opportunity was sensed and grabbed by Mobilink.

“Ali Zafar has been Telenor TalkShawk’s Brand Ambassador for past three years, it has been a mutually beneficial partnership. Our contract with Ali Zafar expired last month. We wish him well in his future endeavors”, Affan Haider, Manager Corporate Communication & Responsibility, Telenor, told us in a communication.


And btw look at the offer, if you haven’t used your Jazz Sim for last 10 days (June 20th), simply switch it on, and recharge. You will get instant Rs. 30 plus 100 percent free balance on your first re-charge.

Here is the TVC (Thanks to Saadia for sharing the link)

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    • Why r we all surprised. Ali zafar is the kind of person who would even sell off his parents for a few extra bucks. Remember the “kidnapping for ransom” drama he enacted for cheap popularity

      • I think its not some kind of sin or against law wht ali zafar did, we all do the same thing, we switch our jobs, our companies where we work just to make our life more better thn today, and he did the same thing so whts the big deal? and as u all read above, his contract with telenor was over & they didnt renew it, so he has the right to join anyone, and we dont have the right to say (Ali zafar is the kind of person who would even sell off his parents for a few extra bucks)as aaminah said. because tht wht we all do in our life more thn 3 or 4 times “just for few bucks”.

  • well he is doing the rite thing….do u really think he befitted Telenor Talkshawk chai wala image??? Phuleez!!!!!

    • Ali murtaza, the ex brand manager at telenor and tge current brand manager at ml was fired from telenor. This is just pure vengeance on his part. Ali zafar lota was never part of the jazz brand strategy.

  • Ali Zafar association with the Talkshawk is so strong that in my opinion Mobilink has taken a wrong move bringing Ali Zafar on board, it seems as Telenor has bought Mobilink. :)

  • WHen ever the name of Ali Zafar comes around , we have the image of Telenor in our mind . It will take a long time for mobilink to change this image of ALi Zafar …. By the way this is not a good move , brand ambassadors are unique for a single organization , coz they have build up a image of that organization , whenever the advertisement of mobilink will run with Ali Zafar on it , the first thing that wil come in the mind will be that IT IS NEW TELENOR’S ADD ….



    • telenor apni murghian smbhal kay kyun nahi rakhta? aini ko bachanay ki koshish karay yeh na woh ufone lay uray lol

  • @ Abrar

    Seriously….seems mobilink was desperately waiting to jump on the bandwagon :P the telecom media war :P…. Being around for so long..they had the sobre image…they ruined now…haha..it is funny though..i dont understand why they would do such a thing…. MOBILINK SEEMS OFF…JAZZ OFF :p

  • http://www.propakistani.com/2009/06/26/breaking-downsizing-at-mobilink-begins/

    So basically, they start downsizing on the 26th of June and buy Ali on the 1st…haha..it’s like they needed the money to buy him


    So ab yeh din agaye hain keh Orascom ko murghiyan churani hongee? Lagta hai biknay wali hai.

    I have heard rumors that Telenor will be buying over Mobilink in 2011. Can anyone confirm? My source is very reliable and at a very high position in the latter.

  • well that clearly shows a girl has taken charge of the brand department….man they have all the cute faces now….i think ali zafar realised to get jazzy after watching the chai wala mooncho wala commercial…..i love the mobilink jazz on commercial…mohib has done a good job too….

  • this is going to be fun!!!

    first Ufone Vs. Zong

    now Mobilink Vs TP

    Gives every one cheap thrills..lolz

    however.. with TP’s previous approach in mind.. i think they would not react and keep there cool… just as they haven’t responded to zong or ufone’s below the belt campaigns.. look where zong is these days… No Where!! :D

    Remember TELENOR is a much bigger brand than ALI ZAFAR..

  • I mean i dont get you guys….i seriously think Ali zafar was ruined in Telenor Talk shawkkkk mannn……..look at him in this ad….there is way too much of a difference…..and those with Telenor ..seriously you guys r just wiping your tears offf….i think ali zafar has done the best to remove the chai wala and the dancing jumping jack image…there is a reason …Mobilink is mobilink….

    • Rubab, there is more to the world than some guy’s looks please. grow up. and obviously mobilink is mobilink, it cant be telenor or zong or something… duh…

      • More than 80% of Executives in Pakistan prefer Mobilink.


  • thats just a rumor.
    Telenor is looking forward a joint venture with Tameer bank which is going to launched very soon in shape of mobile banking.
    More over telenor is planing some more for customers facility.
    You will experince very soon guys

  • i would view it as a smart move for Mobilink, i mean its about retaining the best for you…now be it in anyway… and i do agree with the Corporate War guy to an extent but trust me we all know BRAND AMBASSADORs contribute immensly to the brands….TELENOR keep your cool!!

  • we should end this story of Mobilink being bought by others, they should’ve if they could’ve :). talking about the move, thats a brilliant one, why don’t Telenor take Shaan on board or Waseem Akram. It takes muscles to do things. And look what Ali zafar is still everywhere on Telenor.com.pk and their Ali zafar Ad is still running everywhere (shouldn’t they take Ali Zafar offline). BTW telenor guys, the more you heat up this discussion the more people will get interested and get to know that Ali Zafar is not with Telenor any more (May be that what Mobilink want now:)) stay away from their trap. Stay cool, its industry instead of complaining and justifying plan some better move than them.

  • This Ali Murtaza guy was fired from Mobilink after which he joined Telenor. He was again moved from brand team thus he left telenor.Now he is back in Mobilink.

  • Telecom media war is an endless debate..those saying telenor has bought mobilink..isnt that the other way round!!! not in its true sense but still ..wounds will heal Telenor guys :)

  • Check out the telenor website Ali Zafar is still on their website.
    And that Chai Wala Ad is still on air just saw it on Geo News.
    Was this a Over Night switch or what?

  • Ali Zafar is the most famous gay of the pakistan.
    Kabi yaha kabi waha……..
    Mobilink waloon nay zadia passay day tu un kay pass chala giya.

  • He is a bad boy – v bad boy
    just want to have money and thats it
    i think its more important to be loyal being a brand ambassador.

  • Ali Zafar rocks my friend where ever he is and now Jazz will rock.check out how cool is this ad on youtube.it’s been long that we have seen such cool ads from mobilink now thats ali zafar effect. im all in for our pakistani kishore “ali zafar” where ever he is.

  • 2nd Hand Brand Ambassadors are not invited at good competitive companies .. Mobilink.. can get anyone of the stars TP made.. again i will say.. you TP has enough money to buy any more of “for sale” ambasadors.. but they rather invested in upcomming talent (personally i think ammanat could have worked more on hit album then his hairs).. but still Telenor is proving to be a good sport.. That make Brand Novelty.. something which is lost in this Panjabi Theater type Slapstick advertising..

    BTW.. sources say Ainee is also “available” .. anyone care to buy her..lolz…

    jahan Paisay key liey Junaid Jamshed Lays sell ker sakta hey wahan kuch bhee ho sakta hey..!!

  • a brand ambassador gone…what the ?…Telenor keep an eye on your lot…Ali zafar has chosen to be where the weight is..i say its the right move..financially and career wise…this move will benefit jazz and ali zafar both…amanat is no comparison to ali zafar..the guy can’t even speak right..ainee..no way..ali zafar is a different world..like imran khan..like waseem akram…let’s see how this jazz/ali partnership turns out to be..the start is pretty impressive and has definitely created a lot of buzzword around the town…

  • “Brand perception” cannot be changed once established, same case I see for the mobilink. People will think “Telenor” whenever they will see Ali Zafar in Mobilink Advertisements. Therefore, what I predict, when Mobilink would not see any change in brand perception, Ali Zafar will try to go back to Telenor….

  • I was SHOCKED to see ali zafar in the mobilink ad today. i mean the association between telenor and ali zafar has been so long, theyve almost become synonymous to each other. but yes i agree with a lot of people here.. its actually a bad move on mobilink’s part. there should be a certain disassociation time with the previous brand before a celeb comes on board a competitor’s brand. it causes suspended disbelief in the minds of viewers. i feel in pakistan the contracts for brand ambassadors should be much more stringent.. completely banning competitor sponsorships for a certain time being. look what vaneeza is doing. she is bashing unilever’s lux in the dettol ad while unilever chooses to make her endorse sunsilk in an ad running simultaneously. talk about shattered credibility!

  • what an ad sir jee. the way ali zafar has said “bhai ka number…” is so natural and catchy and the way they have delivered that ali zafar has now joined a new company is brilliant.

  • Well i think Ali Zafar will surely help in boosting the consumers of Jazz ATLEAST upto some extent because ALi Zafar has alot of die hard fan following!

    But surely its High-Time for Telenor to think and think carefully about who will be there new Brand Ambassador?
    Because Telenor made a blunder by making Aminah Haq the so-called Telenor Girl(The title is a mere copy of Jazz Girl who was Zara Sheikh,it was the most successful campaign of Jazz ever and took Jazz to heights).But Aminah Haq couldnt create any magic and people even didnt called her once the Telenor Girl.So she was forgotten.

    Finnaly Telenor came up wid an Intellegent Marketing technique taking two more Pop Sensations to thier list of Brand Ambassadors-Amanat Ali and Annie.The team of Ali Zafar,Amanat Ali and Annie was doing wonders for Telenor that suddenly we now have Ali Zafar as the Brand Ambassador of Jazz!

    Well Telenor might take some model from the Jazz Campaign.Be it Iman Ali or why not the Original Jazz Girl Zara Sheikh?
    I have heard from a source tht on the completion of 10 years of Jazz they are going to re-assign Zara Sheikh as their Brand Ambassador and they will launch a massive campaign!

    It will give goosebumps to Jazz if Telenor does so!

    I must say tht now any other brand like Ufone or Zong will mention this Jumping into another camp act by Ali Zafar in their ads in a funny way!

    Time to Think”Smartly”Telenor!

  • Well……… branding, adds, brand ambassadors etc…….various comments state the art of making thing going these telcos way….honestly speaking…..all is temporary…making a product sell may be because of attractive adds and brand ambassadors but the real branding is how you treat you customers when they need support or answer to their queries…..I still think telcos including TP need to improve themselves a lot since the brand image only develops if you deliver and respond to how your customers expect you to. I still wait for my various emails sent to Telenor for which they dont even bother to reply….Though i made them respond to me when i complained to chairman PTA.

  • It seems that Mobilink has accepted that Telenor is doing best and they have very good resources.
    Mobilink must not take the people from other organization. We as Mobilink customer has the image that Mobilink is the source of inspiration and providing best trained sources to the industry BUT by this move all seem reversed. Now other companies are dominating.
    Dear Mobilink please generate your own resources and dont take the used ……….. You have your own image and leave your foot print in other companies but you have started to let the other companies leave their foot print in your ………

  • It isn’t unknown of brand ambassadors even abroad to move ahead and sign new contracts once their current obligations are over and done for, and not renewed. It’ll be weird to see Ali Zafar in Mobilink ads for a while but soon it’ll be forgotten.

    HOWEVER! It’ll be fun to watch how Telenor marketing reacts and if the latest TalkShawk ad gets pulled. The irony? Ali Zafar asking the other two: ‘iss add mein nahi liya kya?’ :D:D

  • It’s just same what Vaneeza did with lux when she appeared in Dettol soap’s ad saying that beauty soap is not enough so i have switched to Dettol. This way the brand ambassadors have increased there price and the trend started.

  • yesterday i happaned to see the commercial, what mobilink want to depict is “Welcome back to mobilink”, and Ali Zafar has been taken as the returning customer. This may be the right tactics. It will create a different preception about the mobilink and Ali Zafar itself…

  • Hey What U thnk Guys Jazz should sign a contract with ATIF ASLAM?????????………….I thnk it can be a great thng for JAZZ………..Wasy b Jazz tora down ja raha ta but nw it will helps them little….SO MOBILE COMPANIES SHOULD THNK ABOUT ATIF ASLAM…..THNK THNK THNK : D

  • Readind the above views it seems a debate between Mobilink & Telenor customers, The former appreciating while latter critising the decision. I don’t think it will have drassitic effects on either Mobilink or Telenor. As I have noticed the basic difference is of the policies of both Telcos. Mobilink used many models over the years with less focus on Packages & Offers where as Telenor focussed more on Packeges & Offers with fewer models. That’s why Ali Zafar is highlighted more and more.

    But people needs quality of service at competetive rates. One can remember the poll of PROPAKISTANI on number of sims people have. So all good packages & offers are appreciated & used by the people irrespective of the company or ads. When one can send unlimited SMS @RS4/day then how many people will be ready to send SMS @RS1/SMS on advice of ALi Zafar or any other model?? What do you thinks??
    To have a major effect Jazz need good offers not good models or ads

  • Its Just Love for Money :)

    Anything is possible when you have money and when you want to get money.

    Interesting Post. Thanks to share it

  • This is all Ali Murtaza’s move. He had some issues with Telenor and he left them and took Ali Zafar as a revenge. Good thing was that Tp had two brand ambassords as backup. Bad move by Mobilink. we will have to see as to how they work to change the consumers perception about Ali Zafar. Jazz team is not very excited about their brand manager’s decision to take Ali Zafar on board. they are highly demotivated by the firing thing going on.

    Telenor will have to remove him from the billboards all over Pakistan and from their website too. BTW Talkshawk helped Ali Zafar grow tremendously. he wouldn’t have been here without his brand.

  • I think both the companies have commited a mistake.
    where was Telenor when the contract was ended. And, y mobilink need to play cheep ?
    Mobilink should not start the media war, No one can stop mobilink to generate the revenue by 80/20 rule.

  • first this was started by Warid when they brought Abrar ul haq from telenor

    So now telenor have to rethink……………

  • a very good move by Mobilink but a worst move by “ALI ZAFAR” i must say Ali “DUFFER” .. he looses all his CREDIBILITY by doing this. its like he can do anything for money and i agree wid REHAN that the kidnap was a drama portrayed by ali zafar but one thing is ALi knows how to keep himself in news. he has nt released new album from years so he want to be in spot light.. but still a cheap move by ali zafar.. good luck mobilink

  • and one more thing if u remember in the earlier days ali zafar was with mobilink in the same way waseem akram was with ufone than ali zafar swtiched to Insta fone and then to telenor.. he is a swinger

  • The thing is quite simple now mobilink is offering more. But artist shouldn’t react like politicians they should atleast care about good time they spend with the brand.

  • Is this a forum for kids ?! guys grow up . Kidnap drama and these type of comments are very immature .People move on in life . He did too . And thank God that in such a way coz the jazz add is really nice . His contract expired , he got a better deal , so big deal . Wouldn’t we do the same thing if in his own shoes . Don’t we change brands everyday ? and people change jobs , leave companies for something better . and when a celebrity does it we blame him . This two faced policy is hypocracy . We all do it . Atleasy us nay seena thonk kay kiya hai aur sab ko bata kay . .no lies nothing . all done legally and professionaly and tastefully . way to go Aliiiiiiiiii . ALL THESE PEOPLE R speaking out of jealousy . chuk kay rakh !

  • all over the world brand ambasdrz havt dne any thing unique like mr ali zafar did.do wht u wht 2 do .why are u teasing the previous company.a cheap thng by mobilink and ali.once again a single person gave a wrng impresn of Pakistan. mobilink is gne.TELENOR ROCKZ.Keep ur focus telenor.let them do ths cheap thngz.

  • nothing abt Ali n his ethics from myside…but mobilink!! dat was a bad bad bad move from a brand like mobilink. period.

  • close