Jazz Continues its Digital Evolution to Become More Leaner Organization

Jazz and VEON Ltd. are continuing on the path of digitalization by not only offering state-of-the-art services, but also keeping in view global digital transformations by evolving into agile, digital and constantly learning organizations.

This digitalization process has seen the company make a shift in its organizational strategy to introduce more sustained growth. By adopting a leaner, more agile operating model, through automation of various processes, Jazz is not only looking to reduce its cost base, but also improve upon its service delivery mechanism and customer support operations.

Unfortunately, this direction will impact about 50 Jazz Customer Careemployees nationwide.

“It is imperative to understand that these decisions are never easy and are taken with extreme care and due diligence,” said Asif Aziz, CCO – Jazz.

“Jazz is continuously evolving and bringing increased automation into many of its processes in line with global digital shift. The result is that certain positions which were once critical, may no longer be needed because of an industry-wide shift. Keeping this in mind, the operating model of the Customer Care Organization will evolve and this unfortunately means a reduction of certain roles.”

“Such transitions can be painful and we are committed to treating the affected employees with utmost respect as they transition to new opportunities,” he further added.

All affected employees are being offered a sizable severance package that is in line with company and Group policies and above the industry benchmarks. Jazz has also extended the medical benefits to all departing colleagues and their families for 2019.

Furthermore, they can continue to avail their airtime benefit as per the ex-employee package and the same applies for their friends and family packages as well.

By consistently evolving its organizational structure, framework, and processes, along with developing new, innovative product offerings, Jazz is set to take on the challenges in today’s business environment and rising customer demands, constantly adapting to change.

  • Baseless cover story, there is no business/HR strategy involved in such ruthless decisions, i would explain the management incompetence in below TWO points:
    1- Converting whole outsourced based into permanent (huge influx on staff cost) for time being to give positive employer prospective across.
    2- Then reducing staff cost declaring the certified critical positions as redundant in just ONE year after restructuring, interestingly, they will again rehire similar redundant positions from market (more expensive but aligned candidates), happened many times in past.
    * JAZZ being market subscriber leader, killing the telecom corporate image by doing such actions for quite some time, PTA should intervene to monitor headcount situation of all the operators and device a plan for such action before it’s too late and actually started creating violence in the community!

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