Mobilink Provides Push Email Solution for Jazz Customers

jazz-Mail Mobilink offers POP3 bases push email solution for its Jazz customers, which uses MMS as communication medium. Once your MMS is activated, and you are subscribed to “Jazz Mail” services, you will start getting emails on your mobile phone, in shape of MMS.

The good thing is that receiving email is free, meaning that there are no charges for receiving MMS, however, standard MMS charges will apply when you will send an email.

As, I mentioned its push email solution, so you don’t need to check your email again and again, as it gonna pop up as soon as you will receive any email in your gmail/yahoo/hotmail inbox – that’s amazing. Though attachment size should be lesser than 300 KB in order to get them downloaded on your cell phone.


  • MMS Short code 889 @ Rs. 25.0 + tax per MMS (you need to send this code once a month – so consider it monthly subscription).
  • SMS/MMS Short code 888: free of charge
  • Outgoing e-mails (MMS): Standard MMS charges i.e. Rs. 6 + tax per 50 KB
  • Incoming e-mails (MMS): free of charge.

How to Subscribe and Configure?

If you are going to use this service, download this PDF file, which has very detailed description on all steps to be taken in order to get Jazz Mail service activated – brief mechanics are as following

To subscribe follow the steps mentioned below or download this file

  • MMS ‘Mail’ to 889
  • If the MMS is not enabled, you will not be able to subscribe to this service. Call 111 to get MMS settings activated.
  • The subscription will be valid for one month. You will need to MMS ‘Continue’ to 889 to renew subscription.
  • The welcome message received after the successful subscription will contain a WEB link ( for creation of the account on the Jazz Mail server from where you will be able to configure the account settings as well.


  • After a period of 1 month you will receive a reminder message asking you to renew the subscription by sending “Continue” by MMS to 889 in order to extend subscription to jazz mail.
  • In case you do not renew the subscription, your account will become dormant for a period of 10 days i.e. the settings of the account will remain unaffected but you will not be able to access your account and will not receive any e-mails on your handset.
  • If you do not renew subscription even after the dormant period, then your account settings will be deleted and you will have to recreate the account if you want to use it again.
  • You can allow/block different senders by sending the following commands to 888 via SMS/MMS.
  • Allow or ALLOW ALL
  • (e.g. ALLOW ALL
  • (e.g. BLOCK ALL
  • You can also obtain a list of commands by sending ‘help’ to 888.
  • All the e-mail attachments (including sounds and videos) will be received on your handset if they are within the 300 KB (the MMS limit). If the attachment sent (plus the text body) is larger than 300 KB, you will be notified that the attachment got removed. You would be able to view it in the normal e-mail Inbox.
  • You can unsubscribe by sending “Exit” to 888.

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  • Is it a big service when you have push gmail free of cost and not takes even a minute to open it. When 1st party (Google,Yahoo etc) are providing good services then what is left for service providers to offer such services. Service provider should concentrate on their telecom services.

  • yes with most poor data network of mobilink in PK simply no quality in Mobilink data network telenor is little better but

    No match of WARID’s NETWORK in DATA as well as in Voice

  • I use mobilink unlimited data plan they offering oficaly minimum speed I mean mobilink still ofering normal gprs some areas with edge but after I using all companies they all ofering edge service but I think mobilink is best because I using regular from one year intresting that’s why I port in mobilink from telenor

  • I am unable to understand that if it used mms for push email then how will incoming email will be free of charge as every time it will be connected to GPRS and on every incoming email bytes sent/recieved for gprs would consume account balance, correct?

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