PTA to Provide Free SMS Based Alert System to Educational Institutions

PTA will be providing Free web-based SMS alert System to 60 Educational Institutes in the country. This SMS alert system will be used by schools to communicate with their students/staff.

PTA selected total of 60 institutes, including 21 colleges, 10 cadet colleges, 4 universities, 1 medical college and 5 special colleges for deployment of this SMS alert system.

Below is the Press Release for further details!

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started a project  named “SMS-based Information System” for educational institutions,  to equip them with an interactive mobile application for broadcasting important information to students and their guardians on their mobile phones. It is a system of sending SMS by using computer software developed by PTA. It has been noted that usually management of educational institutions relies on mail-correspondence with guardians, which is costly and time consuming. PTA would provide this software free of cost to educational institutions across the country.

A formal launching ceremony of the system was held today at PTA Headquarters. During the occasion Mr. Naguibullah Malik,  Secretary (IT) handed over the software application along with its operating manual to Mr. Abdur Rauf Chaudhry, Secretary (Education). The application was presented to Ministry of Education for onward provision to the among public-sector educational institutions. Both the secretaries also exchanged PTA souvenir with each other.

This software would help recipient to be aware of events like lecture venue, coursework deadlines, result announcements, attendance details and upcoming school functions or meetings. Since majority of students and parents nowadays own Mobile Phones and most of them are familiar with sending and receiving SMS text messages, this solution for information dissemination introduced by PTA in educational institutions of Pakistan through SMS would prove to be an important information and communication source.

It may be mentioned that PTA was engaged in proliferation of mobile-based applications to facilitate information-based society culture in Pakistan. Today the mobile usage in Pakistan is growing exponentially, both in terms of number of users and the amount of activity.

Pakistan, through the Ministry of Education and various provincial departments, has been focusing on using ICTs in accordance with the millennium development goal of ‘Education for all’.

Talking on the occasion Secretary IT &T appreciated the efforts under-taken at PTA for proliferation of ICT-based solutions in the country. He endorsed the Chairman PTA’s efforts for enhancing ICT infrastructure and services. Secretary Education also commended the initiative and expressed his gratitude to Secretary (IT) and Chairman PTA for developing a valuable solution for educational institutions in Pakistan. Dr. Muhammad Yaseen, Chairman PTA highlighted various ICT projects being carried out at PTA.

  • Assalaamualaikum;

    That’s very good initiative. Well done PTA. And we already receive sms from Virtual University for payment of dues only. It should now cover all events in favour of students.

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  • The software provided free is understandable, but the operation i.e., sending sms cannot be free… UNLESS the service is defined at the backend with all cellular operators on a free short-code…and there is very little probability of this happening.

  • Wow I cant fathom who is computing all these silly posts. Your content is on topic and it attracts many amounts of these types comments. Good luck and continue for the work!

  • To whom PTA provide the SMS Based Software, Do anyone know the colleges and from whom the PTA purchased on what cost?

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