Any Video Converter – Inter Convert Any Video File


Purpose: It is an application to inter convert video file formats
License: Free
Operating Systems: Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98
Additional Requirements: No additional requirements
Limitations: No limitations
Date Released: May 22 2009
Download Link: Download

There are various applications that can be used to play video files in all the possible formats. For instance some applications can play real media and MPEG files both at the same time in the same play list. However, this compatibility is not mentioned in compatible playing devices. For instance in MP3 players, real audio files are not supported. Hence this requires file conversion.

Any Video converter is a very handy application. It can simply convert video files from any input format to the desirable format. The user does not have to do anything irritating and tiring like the inclusion of a file path. He simply has to click the browse option and select the file from the desired location. After the file has been selected, it is required that the desired output format is selected.

Now let us have a look at the negative results that the application has: At times, very long duration is required to convert the files carrying a complex format. Some times the conversion process does not complete successfully and the files cannot be played as well.

This is not a usual process but in the conversion process of complex formats, the user is not that satisfied. The files converted do not have a very high quality standard. The conversion speed for simple formats is very high. Some of the files are even converted in less than a minute. However this is not the usual case.

Now let’s discuss the interface of the application. The interface is not that good of colorful. It is a very basic application in terms of design. There is nothing hi-tech or exceptionally appearing.

MOV is a format that takes a very high time duration and other than that also has a low success rate. MOV is not a wide supported format. Most of the players using this format are heavy in terms of file size. They are also hard to download and play. We can say that the application supports only limited formats in a comfortable manner. For instance, DIV X is a format that troubles the most. As it is a video format for DVD files. Hence the conversion duration is very long and time consuming. The user has to wait a lot for the file to be converted.

In most of the cases, an error is generated saying that the file is corrupt. The memory space required by the application is an advantage.

This is a very light application and does not require a high amount of memory space as well. The download process is simple and the user only has to follow the instructions provided. There is no requirement for entering the file path manually. By default, the selected location is the user desktop. Hence the user can change the location when he does not want his desktop to be over occupied


The application is good but not a selection option if a better substitute is available. The only positive aspects are simple file conversions.

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