Wateen Possibly Looking for Potential Buyer

There is a rumor circulating in the market that Wateen is looking forward to a potential buyer to get the company rolling. Reportedly, they had allocated huge budget for TVC in recent past, but they haven’t come up with anything in the market.

It merits mentioning here that Wateen had used its last card by offering un-metered downloads for some of its packages, which gave them the opportunity to get maximum numbers of customers. But even this promotion was not advertised heavily on TV.

We are told that they are also incorporating tele-sales to boost their subscriber base, however, results of such practices are yet to appear.

Lets see what Wateen has in the pocket…

We were unable to contact any company official.

Update: We are just told that Wateen is planning TV campaign from Saturday, which was on hold for long. Aimed at high sales, this electronic campaign will mainly focus on unlimited download capacity of Wateen WiMAX connections.

  • The need god\kd marketing team. I wonder whether these Arabs know what is Marketing. Neither Warid nor Wateen has it.

  • my dear Friend

    in the time huge financial crunch, worsen national security, and mind less price wars, every one is looking for buyers.. wateen is waiting for over six months.. singtel REFUSED to buy it.. along with warid….

    so lets see when telecom gets consolidated.. finally

  • Not surprised at all… believe very few people are even aware of their services… world call who I initially thought are not very professional are far better than Wateen now. World call is acquiring small cable networks in small towns of Punjab and sindh and wateen is not successful in DHA Lahore. Not a bad deal for World Call

  • Hi..
    wateen is going to have Right sizing also of almost 200 employees.Wateen should provide its services to local cable operators.. should launch Wimax in every city. But i think nothing in hand now.

  • What i heard: is that after a successful launch that actually ended up as a disaster for Mobilink Infinity due to departure of the core team and transfer of Naeem Zamindar , it is observed that Mobilink is looking for a buyer to sell their 3.5GHZ spectrum along with the customer base in Karachi. The major reason for this shift seems to be the merger with LDN which is a known failure in the Broadband market and in actual has brought troubles for Mobilink Inifnity. With WiTribe in full swing and Wateen planning to hit back hard , let’s see what Mobilink Infinity has in its pocket to survive.

  • Mobilink seems to be very reluctant to invest more into Infinity division as they have just launched Karachi and other cities are stills awaited for busgets. Looks like moving to stone age with promotion of DSL products of LDN rather than infinity. I agree with Hashim about LDN failure which is actually bcz of PTCL ownership in DSL based products. Ofcourse you can’t make marriage in other’s home:) So following the rule (fight or leave) is not a bad idea at all.

  • Im a subcon of wateen and I have 6 million rs. pending to be paid. wat i heard is that 1.2 billion of local subcon payment is pending.
    wateen has two probs :-
    a) 25M USD is pending payment from warid congo n uganda
    b) ADG almost finalized and then refused to pay 10% equity.
    wateen is not alone though, Mobilink has 6 billion pending to local subcontractors.

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