Wateen Possibly Looking for Potential Buyer

There is a rumor circulating in the market that Wateen is looking forward to a potential buyer to get the company rolling. Reportedly, they had allocated huge budget for TVC in recent past, but they haven’t come up with anything in the market.

It merits mentioning here that Wateen had used its last card by offering un-metered downloads for some of its packages, which gave them the opportunity to get maximum numbers of customers. But even this promotion was not advertised heavily on TV.

We are told that they are also incorporating tele-sales to boost their subscriber base, however, results of such practices are yet to appear.

Lets see what Wateen has in the pocket…

We were unable to contact any company official.

Update: We are just told that Wateen is planning TV campaign from Saturday, which was on hold for long. Aimed at high sales, this electronic campaign will mainly focus on unlimited download capacity of Wateen WiMAX connections.