Legal Status of Websites that Host Pakistani Talk Shows and Other TV Progrmmes

We have plenty of Pakistani websites that host Talk Shows and other TV programmes on their servers to serve their visitors. The idea was actually liked when ex-President Musharraf banned many of news channels in his regime, and internet became only source of electronic information.

One of such website has more than 2 years of TV programmes archives from different TV channels. I didn’t get any reply when I asked the admin (through their Contact Us form) about the legal status of the videos he/she /they are hosting.

When I asked Geo TV’s distribution department in Lahore and Karachi, first they said they even don’t know if someone is copying their videos and putting on his/her website. When I asked, okay let’s suppose if someone is showing your talk shows (without ads in it), how would be your reaction “Of course it’s illegal, we never allowed anyone copy our videos – they are doing so without rights”

I do agree that these websites are very beneficial, as lot of internet users watch their favorite Talk Show at their own convenience of time. But question remains the same, if providing comfort change the legal status of content? And above all, these websites charge their visitors to view TV Shows.

By the way, we all are familiar with lawsuits that YouTube faced due to violation of copyrights for the videos it is hosting.

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  • In the end, these video based websites does the marketing round-about for Telecasters… They won’t be dying to take action against them.. If they provide streaming online, they should have kept this thing in mind…

  • Yes it is strange that pkpolitics dot com not only uploading but also selling these videos?

    I wounder why TV channels are silent on this?

  • When the actual websites of these tv channels won’t provide service to their visitors then some one will come with same idea.

    Why our TV channels are unable to provide quality websites will all stuff. Just visit websites of CNN, BBC, VOA, NDTV etc etc… you will find every thing on them. You can listen direct live news, can watch news, can download from their websites etc etc. But unfortunately, our TV channels dont have all this. And if have then international visitor cant access those live videos..

    Our media often complain that Indian media is bigger then us thats why we cant convey our country message abroad… I simply laugh on this lame excuse because when I as a Pakistani cant access free Live TV on website of any Paki TV channel except Dawn (with poor quality) but can easily watch NDTV Indian News channel so who is on fault. For few bugs these TV channels sold their webTV rights to paid companies and now they cry that we are smaller than India etc etc.

    Dont believe then visit aborad and check live Geo TV… You will get answer.

  • The sites that show Pakistani shows are doing a great service to those of us who want to and did pay for the Satellite services but can no longer receive the shows becuase of “line of sight” issues.

    How many times has this site copied material from other sites. Same thing!

    Cheap threats to these sites simply hide the agenda of the writer.

  • In a country where “Jis ke lathi, us ke bhanise” is the norm and where rules and regulations are flouted by members of the parliament as if they own Pakistan, its almost impossible to implement any policy/legislation which will control websites showing Pakistani talk shows and other programs.

    By the way, just below the story “Legal Status of Websites that Host Pakistani Talk Shows and Other TV Progrmmes”
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  • I think hallagulla and friendkorener dot com showing programs even after just 30 min when Program goin to On Air

  • @ Aamir Attaa: Also need to highlight the state of legal systems inplace to stop this kind of activity. Good article thou, highlights a very important aspect for the media managers.

    Most of the media networks have failed to provide the right kind of online platforms so these websites are taking advantage of this. Channels should be more proactive in this case, but at the same time copyright protection should also be enforced in it’s true spirit.

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