Interview: Tariq Gulzar, CFO Warid Telecom

This interview of Mr. Tariq Qulzar, CFO Warid was recently broadcasted by CNBC Pakistan. We are putting this video interview here for our readers, with permission from CNBC Pakistan.

In this detailed interview, Mr. Tariq Gulzar discussed various issues including

  • Warid’s Performance over the years
  • Growth of Telecom sector in Pakistan
  • Services provided by Warid
  • Price War
  • Cost of Telecom business in Pakistan
  • World Recession and Telecom Industry
  • Cost cutting
  • Warid’s Network Quality in urban and rural areas
  • Foreign Direct Investment and market potentials
  • 3G prospects
  • Green Technology

Here is the profile of Mr. Gulzar (Taken from Warid’s website)

Mr. Tariq Qulzar,
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Tariq Gulzar brings with him a combined professional and industry   background gained from over 15 years of experience in assurance, internal audit, accounting, risk management and general consulting in telecom and media   industries.

Mr. Gulzar is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (Pakistan, a Certified Public Accountant (Colorado, USA) and a Certified Internal Auditor (New York, USA).

Prior to joining Warid, Mr. Gulzar was working as the Assistant Vice President in Risk & Regulatory Advisory practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers   (PwC), Canada, where he was responsible for delivering internal audit, sustainable process improvement and risk management services to organizations in   terms of increased revenues, decreased costs, improved efficiency, control and   organizational and process agility in a range of industries.

Mr. Gulzar has also   worked with Mobilink (Pakistan), Millicom International Cellular S.A. Luxembourg) and Modern Times Group AB (Sweden) before joining PwC in Canada.

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