Website Of FBISE Gets Hacked – Result Of 1st Year Leaked Out

Just an hour ago the website of Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) was hacked by some hacker named TZ – GEO Tv reported. Tomorrow at 11:30am FBISE was going to announce the result of HSSC part-1 examinations. The hacker stole the entire result data from FBISE’s servers and uploaded them to this fake site. The news spread like fire and shocked the administration of FBISE. Almost every student saw his/her result before time. This has happened for the first time that entire result was stolen and uploaded before time. But now this fake site is down may be due to the traffic load or have been taken down by FIA. FBISE is investigating the security breach but the result is still scheduled to be announced in the morning at 11:30am. It shows how poor security measures they had taken to keep this data secured. I think its time that they should hire some security experts and get their website audited by them.

We will keep you informed of any updates.

Share your thoughts and marks if you have come to know about them. So we can compare tomorrow with real results to see if it was actually a real hack or just a prank.

  • WOWZA. That hacker has got ball bearings for testicles. SERIOUSLY.

  • Abrar

    i noted that the result of FSC part 2 has also been available no the website . even the result was shown on original fbise website and some of the links were renamed to DIE

    • No brother that is no hack. DIE stands for Diploma in Education. It is just a category on FBISE’s website.

  • Brr

    That website isnt working anymore. Seems liek they resolved the issue.

  • Dark Scorp

    Hacker named TZ is h4v0c- of PAKbugs-Crew Member! this illegal Operation was performed by not Even fbise BISERWP was owned by Same Crew here’s proof!

    • anonymous

      stop marketing your sites and your business all people know you guys already

  • Abrar

    thanks for correcting me

  • Dark Scorp

    Hello sorry the correct mirror for Rawalpindi Board is here

  • Ahmed

    Result was all fake which was hacked and showed . Its all rant . ALL the bright students were showed betewwn 300-350 . the result which FBISE is going to annunce on 8th August will also hace several errors.So dont believe in result.Just protest and get ur papers rechecked . Because the result was awful and no one expected that.So b sure to get ur papers re checked . ITS ALL FAKE . Fbise has lost all its result data . Now they are just gonna fool us around . Thanks and dont believe in FBISE result which is going to announce on . Take Care

  • Basit

    that fake web site is not opening.

  • :O

    I know this Hacker his Name is Taimor Zafar TZ and hes from Islamabad I also know his mobile number :) if anyone want can contact me :) And 1 more thing TZ is only 17 Years old lol :P

    • ;)

      gv me hz mobile numbr….
      anxiously waiting for ur reply…

    • anonymous

      cery bad thing to mantion some one names here really bad thing and why you aer hiding your own?

    • prestigious

      if he hacked da website jus gave him 1 suggestion dat stop all ds rubbish and concentrate on studies.cuz he got pathetic number……

      • prestigious

        dese hackers jus wana impress whole all in vain….

  • Syed Sajjad Ali

    As far as my concern i suggest that FBISE must Installed SSL certificate on that website to avoide that happen again i am working in that company who affiliate of VeriSign Inc.(USA) we deals with two products like SSL Certificate (Secure Soket Layer) SSL Certificate is useing for Website Security and MPKI Certificate (Managed Public Key Infrastructure)is useing for e-mail Security so that’s why i recommend that.

    • anonymous

      you give 100% security you think SSL will stop attaks ! if thats the case then why every day sites get hacked. !?

    • Alam

      SSL is used to encrypt communication. Its not a firewall or to protect attacks on server side.

      • anonymous

        yes and its got breaked the encryption algo is not secure anymore c’ya

  • M. Zubair

    Instead of “they should higher some security experts “; it should be “they should hire”

    • Thanks for the correction. :-)

    • ghufranullah

      They should hire that tz person for the security of their servers because the one who hacks also knows how to secure the information . Like Kevin Mitnick,the best hacker in this whole planet is now working for securing the government computer lol ..

  • miraclesoul

    @ Sajjad……You are marketing your company, its good but make sure your words portray not only your strength but the strength of your organization, Spelling mistakes such as “useing” instead of using and if made twice makes the other person have a bad impression, it was just a suggestion.

    federal board website cannot be accessed using Firefox, the currently hosting supports IE only.


    • Ali

      No, the results can also be checked on Google Chrome browser as well. But not on Opera browser.

      • dear why there is a virus in the web site of

  • Syed Sajjad Ali

    Dear miraclesoul, Thanks for your correction and suggestion but it is my also suggestion for federal board or i thing i clear you i am not a marketing of my company i just introduce my self and my company and please this i my also suggestion if any one have not enough knowledge about that products who avoid to suggest any thing regarding SSL or MPKI because SSL also install on Internet Explorer, This is regretly to say that when ever these changes are advised to protect we found the hinderance.We keep criticising the people but never consider that person may be sincere moreover this is the diabolical situation and the matter of compunction for our country that the site of the federal board has been hacked.

    • miraclesoul

      I can’t understand what u said. Please translate it to English.

    • Ohh Gosh man!!
      @Sajjad: for god sake stop torturing every one.. :s

      @miraclesoul: LMAO… :-p u are absolutely right.. neither did i understand what he wrote. please translate into english.

  • hamza

    i have msg 4 hacker!!
    yar sb k marks bardha dene the!!!!!!!!
    kch tou duayin miltyin!!!!!!!

  • hamza

    i want his number!!!!!

  • hamza

    send it as mail to mangoes [email protected]

  • Mazloom

    Hey guys is again down it directs to the hell is going on with public sector websites.

  • Salam to all
    FBISE site was hacked, due to this i think some data were lost by them. I got 359 marks (65.2%) in HSSC-I. but i was hoping my percentage in 70’s. I dont know why and how this happened? And what the action is taken against that TZ hacker?

  • DS

    hello guys
    i am DS :)
    and the TZ that hacked the site is one of my friend
    and its true that we hacked the fbise site
    i am planing to take down the rawalpindi board site so we can get the first year result in advance :P anybody intrested in knowing the result ?

  • Waleed

    Where can i get the resuult.

  • :O


    NAME : Taimoor Zafar
    Location : Islamabad
    Mobile Number :03455443771


    • Imran

      Mobile is switched off

  • Arslan


  • Aamir

    :o lolz… Have u any proof that this guy Taimoor frm ISB did that..

    if i say:
    name: Taha Zain
    Location: Lahore
    Mob Num: +923462214589

    Go Get him.. :@ and punish him :@

    its senseless..

    0 out of 10 post.. :| not impressed.. :s

  • Yup they should spend some budget on security which is quite poor right now.

  • danish

    pakbugs has been hacked twice now :) soo called pakistani hackers got their website hacked twice and yet they havent figure out how their website got hacked :d script kiddies.

  • the hackers have balls and FBI can’t stop us.
    keep it up boys.

  • Annonymous

    Hackerx Rockx :))

    These are the guyx which make we users to access all paid content for free! Awesome PakiBugx :) x)

  • munir


  • Haseeb

    Hye,what about Hssc2 result,plz tell me,M waiting

  • why there is a virus in the web site of fbise?

  • I need the clearence of opening I mean that why it is not opening during searching on it?

  • Website Of FBISE Gets Hacked – Result Of 1st Year Leaked Out post for thanx.