60 % Subscription off, Full Security Waived & UPS for Rs. 1000: Wateen’s Limited Time Offer

In connection with Independence Day celebrations, Wateen is waiving 60 percent Subscription charges and full waiver for security deposits – till August 31st, 2009 – Hard time for WiTribe!

So if you are planning to get Wateen, this is perfect time to get the treat.

Now your first month deposit will be as following

iPower UPS at RS.1000 only with any package

  • The UPS will be subject to FED/GST @ 16%. (Price will become Rs. 1160 with taxes)
  • Customers will not be offered any warranty or after sale support for the UPS.
  • Only a single UPS will be offered against a single MAC. UPS must be returned by the customer at the time of refund, and Rs.500 will be returned to the customer, subject to WOPS report.

To subscribe you will need:

1-    Copy of CNIC
2-    Address verification document. (Like recent utility bill)
3-    CSAF & undertaking (available at all Wateen Business Centers and Franchises)

For Further Details

1.    Contact Center: 111-365-111 or visit your nearest Wateen Franchise


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  • Brother,

    I am still confused, suppose I want to purchase one connection of 5 GB limit with 512 speed. How much every month it will cost me. Please include all taxes and monthly CPE charges and with telephone line etc. I can not understand from their website.


      • thanks for prompt reply. It means 820 is line rent including every thing. thanks for info.

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        • Saleem we already have in-house customized theme (of originally a paid theme). But do suggest us things you want us to include in theme, we will consider them in next design.

          Use contact us form to reach us : – )

  • What is back-up of 750w ups if i run single p4 system and wimax modem ? And what is its price in market ?

  • 750w UP of good brand will give you backup of around 25 to 30 minutes witn 17inch monitor and more backup if you have LCD, attaching the wimax modem will effect the backup time you will get around 15 to 20 mins. cost is around Rs.5500 to Rs.6000

  • @ Faizan
    yar tht is package wich has 920 line rent

    wich also includes telephony line rent nd govt tax nd monthly rental of 99 of cpe

  • tou unlimited le lo na dude!
    ab yeh mat kehna k mehnga hai cuz ptcl ka 1200 ka hai aur inka 1600 par inki service hazar gunah behtr hai!!

    main ne dono use kiay hain 6 mths wateen kia tha thn left it cuz tb unlimited ni tha thn i shiftd to ptcl par inki speed bht fluctuate karty hai!!
    dude wateen is da bst although thoray paise ziada hain

  • They are doing nothing to improve their quality of services. What is the use of half upfront payment. If i don’t have a reliable service at my home. Coz every month i have to make the full payment not half of it.

    It seems like that wateen is having its last breaths.They are throwing every single card they have in their pockets, in the market.In few days they will go at some big company door to buy them and customer will remain their where it was with poor signals and poor services.

    • i agree with u Kikz….
      Quality of service is the main thing they need to focus and infact they failed to do that, that is why they are trying it by using limited 5-10 GB packages.

  • Wateen rox, Iam using wateen with static ip for my SMS server, uptime is superb PTCL / Worldcall Sucks as compare to wateen, PTCL me problem a jaye to 1 month to unko wire thek karnay me lag jata hai (In my case) aur worldcall ke EVDO ke coverage bahut kam areas me hai, eskay elawa jin areas me coverage hai wahan speed set nahi hai. Wateen 1MB ke speed PTCL se (Downlink) behter hai. eskay elawa enke support kafi behter hai mai apnay office me bhi wateen use kar raha hon ghar me bhi.

  • agreed wid faraz ahmed

    i m using ptcl nt at all satisfied speed kbhi 10kbs ho jaty hai nd kbhi 100kbs

    as i told earlier i used wateen for 6 mths nd m really missing it

    • Usman, i switched to Link Dsl after using wateen.
      Unlimited download plus 85-95kbps even in the peak hours.
      Wateen is going towards its end and soon they will be resting in the lap of a bigname. just wait and see.

  • I used WorldCall’s EVDO USB…its ultimate….who cares for power now….my laptop’s battery lasts for 2 hrs….so its non stop internet with WorldCall USB…advice everyone to get that…even technically wimax doesnt have reflective signal which makes is more vulnerable in even mild congested areas…
    who has time to stick to a place and ensure power whenever one wants to use internet…

  • yar may b da area u used wateen may hav lesser or lower signals bt in my case it provided quality services unmatchable wid anyone

    i belive warid nd wateen r the best service providers

  • My brother subscribed for Wateen services on Monday, Aug 17. They told him that the outdoor unit will be installed the very next day. But now its Thursday and still no news and no call from them. Pathetic Sales and pathetic Customer services dets. Im giving them till tomorrow (Friday), 5pm. After that they can stick their equipment where the sun doesn’t shine!

  • If some one wants to have wateen connection. you can contact us at following numbers for lahore, assure u that we will cater in a good way. One thing wateen is going to introduce WIFI CPE in a few days and USB DONGLE is about to lauch before eid.


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