Warid Expands its Network to 480 Cities

Warid Telecom (Pvt.) Ltd. the country’s most reliable & fastest growing cellular company has achieved another landmark by expanding its quality network reach to 480 cities with over 6000 destinations across Pakistan.

Warid has rolled out its quality network services to 480 cities. As a result Warid has been able to provide GSM services throughout the country covering more than 12000Km. Warid’s mission is to maintain and deliver unmatched high quality network experience to every nook and corner of the country. It has pursued an aggressive expansion strategy to spread its network coverage from cosmopolitan cities to smaller towns and villages with the commitment to cover diverse landscape of Pakistan.

The network is expanding globally as well, offering roaming facilities in 140 countries through 225 operators globally.. Warid has one of the largest coverage networks available in Pakistan offering the best, economical and most innovative services in the telecommunication sector through highly skilled resources and some of the leading vendors in the global telecom industry.

  • name ayaz ali from balouchistan warid is best service but it is away from our village here is many user plz install a tower in our village plz contact with me

  • Its good to see Warid expanding its network.
    I have a question for Warid company: If it has funds for expansion, then why we franchisees are being crushed and deprived of our genuine claims, and why are we be being so much burdened ?
    a. Tax on signboards of franchises, is deducted from our delayed commisions. WHY ?
    b. Commission is paid after 3 to 4 months . WHY ?
    c. Commission is always paid less than actual. WHY ?
    d. Pending commissions of previous years still not paid. WHY ?
    e. Rate of commission on new connection sale reduced so low, that its not viable to sell . WHY ?

    Does Warid wishes to finish its franchises ? If this is reason, then cancel us now, and end our misery for all times.

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