How To Get Rid Of Your Chatting Addiction?

World is progressing at a very rapid pace. Every sector, may it be technology, business or culture is evolving very fast. This evolution has resulted in intense competition in every field. Like our local cellular companies, they bring new packages each forth day to stay in the market at large. All these low SMS and call packages enable us to communicate with others quite effectively.

Another quite popular way of communication is online chatting. As chatting is cost-effective and very user-friendly, many people prefer it most of the time. There are also many chat rooms online, some are free and others are paid. On these chat room you can talk to many people from diverse demographics. It is well said that nothing itself is bad, but the use of it decides whether we are going to get benefit from it or it is going to ruin our lives by becoming a curse. It is a bitter fact that chatting has become such a curse, these days.

Following is a brief overview on drawbacks of so much chatting addiction and at the end we may be able to have some key points on how to get rid of it, even not getting complete rid, but still we may have enough control over it to decide when and what is correct.

  • Most of us are living in an e-life, where we have lost our real relations, values and most importantly, family members. Try spending maximum time with your real mates, like your family members, plan an outing with your friends, or even go on a walk alone. Try to have a topic to be discussed on, discuss it with your siblings, or discuss your problems with your parents. This will make you realize the importance of real relations and you may get an inner feeling that you are wasting time over there.
  • Most important step in this regard, to get rid of chatting addiction is that, try to place your computer in some common place, like where one can easily have a look at what you are doing. I prefer to place it in your parents’ room that would be really effective, even more than you can think or may be your lounge. Placing computer in a common place will put an automated check on you that will not let you talk to those, about whom you don’t want to tell your family members.
  • Try defining a list of tasks that you have to do daily and do this by keeping in mind that you have to spend as much less time on computer as you can. Try to strictly follow your own made rules. At start, fix a hour or two for chatting, that you will be available only in those specific timings. With the passage of time, try reducing this span and eventually you will reduce it to zero.

This is not just about getting rid of chating, this will really have a great impact on our life in every regard. We see students chatting around in colleges and adults in offices. This has its effects, everywhere.

This is the need of hour to say good bye to this hitch, and this is only possible if one agrees to do so. No one can be your best well wisher unless you are your own. Be wise, understand the facts and try to spend less time on it.

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