4D Joy Ride Introduced in Rwp/Isb

motion rideAs the trend of outdoor recreation explodes among the public. New entertainment spots are opening in every major city of Pakistan. Recently, after the opening of Jinnah Park in Rawalpindi Cantt people flock daily to enjoy their time. The introduction of Cinepax and restaurants in the park made it a success in no time.

Now, a 4D (4 Dimensional) joy ride is introduced in Jinnah Park, Rawalpindi by the name of Motion Ride. It is situated beside Papa Sallis, an Italian restaurant. This 4D ride seats 8 people and gives a real life like thrill of a roller coaster.  This ride is situated in a dark cubicle room and the seats move in 8 different direction. A large screen is mounted in front of the seats and it feels like you are riding a real roller coaster. The screen displays a simulated ride and you feel every bump, jump and bit of thrill.

It is a great advancement in the entertainment sector of Pakistan and also holds a great importance as per Technology is concerned. The ticket price is just Rs. 100 per person. It’s really good to bring such state-of-the-art rides in Pakistan and provide for such a cheap price.

This will really prove to be a new kind of recreation for the residents of twin cities. And hopefully now more such rides will be introduced. Do try this ride and share your thrilling experience with us.

  • Don’t know if you have been to any but rides like these have been in Pakistan ever since I was a little toddler.

    Most arcades and amusement parks have them in Lahore, Karachi etc but then again it might be a first in Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

  • Zeeshan Bhai, this blog post looks more like an ad leaflet of Motion Ride. First of all, this thing has been available for a long time around the world and from at least 2006 in Sindbad Park, Karachi. Second thing, the price of “just” Rs. 100 is not too low to appeal to most middle class Pakistanis; especially if they’re going with there whole family, friends etc, the costs can quickly become overwhelming for the head of the family. Maybe the investor is initially trying to recover the heavy investment for this equipment and hopefully the prices will go down as more of these rides are introduced.

  • Salam

    Boss 4D joy ride is se pehlay b Rawalpindi k aik park jo k stadium k samnay hai main use ho rahi hai double road pe I think is park ka name Nawaz Sahrif park hai.

  • Good to see such rides etc in RWP/ISB. Previously people from Lahore and Karachi used to say RWP/ISB Bore cities but things are changing specially now here there restaurants and places which are open whole night.

    About this ride, first of its kind in twin cities, good.

  • Dear…
    This is not a first ride in Rawalpindi., this is the same ride as in Wonderland Park well known name is Nawaz Sharif Park.,
    and Brother this is Not a 4D ride, cause every educated person knows that We can only see 3 Dimensions of any Square area not all sides.., Thats Why the ride name should be 3D Motion Ride….
    but this is a good addition for the public of Rwp/Isb.

  • Yeah its really a gr8 ride and its for family too in jinnah park..u can go thr wid ur family….

    i really enjoyed thr….gr8 one

  • its really great to have such kind of things in twin city , its really new dimention to fun & it should be in other cities of Pakistan

  • anyone know how much the whole setup costs? i searched over the net but couldnt find any info about it.thankyou

    • dera rider

      if you are intrested in buyng the setup you can visit there personally and ask the people there to give you the the contact info of the manufacturer

  • Yeah it is avaible in Sindbad Park, Karachi.
    And i enjoyed this ride alot in Jinnah Park, Pawalpinidi.

  • I enjoyed it but it not first time in rawalpindi. In saddar near rahat bakers u can enjoy it

    • Im interested in buying the system . it will be more easy if you provide me with your cell number .

  • Hi Guys,
    I am new in Islamabad, Please anyone tell me that what is the price of ticket for motion ride?

  • Hi Guys,
    I am new in Islamabad, Please anyone tell me that what is the price of ticket for motion ride?

  • yeh sara system kitney peson main lag jata ha .mujhey kisii aur city main lagwana ha i sweer.mujhey zara qeemat ka andaza ho jaeye so plz tell me

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