Wateen Bags 100,000 Customers, Celebrations Announced


Wateen announces that it has got 100,000 Broadband Users, and on the occasion company will give a chance to “Win prizes every hour”.

Wateen said that Lucky draws will be held all through the months of September and October, in which you can win

  • 5 Trips to Malaysia (2 persons, 3 days); expenses paid (boarding and lodging)
  • 50 iPods
  • 100 Lenovo N200 laptops
  • 500 WiMAX Internet USBs
  • 500 UPSs (500w)

Entry into the lucky draw is based purely on usage. Each time you log on to the Internet or make/receive a phone call or recharge your account adding up to Rs. 500, you will enter the lucky draw.

The more you use, the more chances to win!

Ballots will be held every week and winners will be contacted by Wateen.

Call 111-365-111 for further details, or if you are a new customer, you can also fill out the PRE-REGISTRATION FORM , and a Wateen customer care representative will be in touch with you.

Special offer

If high speed broadband is not for you return your wateen device and get Rs.500 Cash back for the customer’s who haven’t use their Wateen connection from july 1st or before.

Added Thought, that Adnan Ali added on FaceBook Page,

I am confused with the ad. It seems they are celebrating 100,000 customers. But they are also trying to entice people with cut connections to reconnect and their previous charges will be waived off. Also they are enticing people to return their devices and get Rs. 500/- back. Lot is going in a single ad. It is clear to me all is not what the celebration line makes it seem.

How many of these 100,000 are actually connected, using and paying customers?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

    • it means that suppose if you you have wateen’s package with 10 or 5 gb data limit with any speed then your package will be upgraded to unlimited with no extra cost till 31st october. this offer is for its existing customers and as well as for its new subscribers.

      • i called wateen customer care center, they said every 5 and 10gb packages wont have to pay extra charges of using more then their respective package limit till 31st oct.

  • wi-tribe is not providing its coverage to all 3 cities there r some places in the cities where wi-tribe fails.I m in Lahore nd there is no coverage of Wi tribe in my area even with outdoor solution.

  • well…. to be very frank i really don’t like such fake offers, lucky draws… if you want to give any prize and bonus, give it on the spot not by fooling thousands of customers, that get new connection and enter into lucky draw… bla bla bla bla bla……. be practical
    give less but on the spot

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  • After reading the comments it appears that people are not really sure as what Wateen is actually upto. Yah its right and this is how it actually is. Most of the potential customers are not sure as how to take advantage of Wateen and its offered services. The gap is actually in communicating and communicating more clearly as of their offerings and tariffs. The only thing that any business needs to be successful is that your product is the easiest of all to experience. Wateen has actually made the history in the country and there is no doubt it backs its own bone because of being independent in terms of international gateways.

    I do wish to add a little comment as there is always a right time to start any business and Wateen has actually taken a proactive step and is developing a totally undeveloped market for the future. The customers Wateen has right now is not a success I believe but surly it’s a step towards success. Aiming the biggest of all in its type of Business Wateen is molding the future of country by servicing to such areas where it was never any progress seen before. I congratulate Wateen and its dedicated Team that is making a whole new market. The future is Wateen no doubt and from 2012 to 2015 it will be only Wateen known as most trusted and reliable service provider in the Market.

  • To me it seems that Wateen has panicked and tried to cover its base in anticipation of PTCL’s double play package. I doubt Wateen has 100k connections…the ad is unfortunately offering nothing to its existing subs as the devil lies in the details that are found in small fonts or if you call up their helpline…50 on-net minutes only offered during eid days as a one time offer….unlimited is also for september as i was confirmed from the helpline…however the ad makes one wonder if they have made it unlimited for ever

    i wonder when will we have ethical marketing practices in Pakistan

  • Wateen connectivity is awesome from almost more then 4 months, the speed they promise is really getting and telephone quality is also now very much stabled. but the price is still high and they should reduce the prices.

  • Wateen offer new unlimited 1 Mbps
    With telephone Free on net calls
    Rs. 1,000/- with zero security
    For new connection discount
    Rate 1000 R.s
    For more detail contact
    Cell no: 03226215138
    Email:[email protected]

  • I agree with the thoughts of Adnan and Junaid. Wateen seems to be confused and wimax has turned out to be an expensive proposition.

    Wateen is not exactly mobile like Worldcall’s EVDO and is only grt if you have a clear line of sight while surfing…not every house has that advantage

    unfortunately the customer service is just as similar as ptcl’s but with ptcl u have the advantage of unlimited download and no upfront cost….sadly u need a separate wireless router in both cases

    i don’t know but for me ptcl’s unlimited package seems like a big dent to other broadband companies

  • Wateen stinks…I got a connection and returned within 6 days, as i didn`t get signals(I live a little outside main city) I haven`t got refund even after 3 weeks…I would never recommend anyone to get wateen…And i simply don`t belive how they got 1 lac customers…Impossible..with this quality..

  • well can one suggest me which wireless broadband service is the best, PTCL, WorldCall EVO, Wi-tribe or Wateen . in terms of quality, price and speed.

    do help me decide.

    • i would suggest you wateen. many of my relatives r using wateen and r very happy with its services.And inshallah i will also take wateen soon.

  • PTCL is the leading player in Market with Price & Quality. They have their our own backbone, so no worries of bandwidth. you always get over from the expectation.

    I was the one in few users who got Wateen when they launched the services in Karachi. But i am not satisfied with their quality. It is shit.

    PTCL rocks!!

    • you r wrong that ptcl has good service quality. although its rates r the best but its service quality is worst. ptcl sucks. a group of idiots r running ptcl. In start i have heard that wateen got many issues with their services but now they have come over all their mistakes and issues and now its the best wireless internet service provider in pakistan

      • “service qualitiy is worst” lol


        For how long have you been using Internet ?

        You are open to give your suggestion, we don’t mind it.

        • i am using it since 3 or four months it disconnects very much . i called them many time to resolve my problem, their technician come and resolve my complain temporarily and again after two to three hours the problem starts again. the technician who comes to resolve my problem said me that not to call again and again to 1218 but report my complain to his number. i also report complains to him on his number but once when his number was busy so i reported my complain on 1218 after wards when he come to resolve my complain to my house he said me that why i did not report complain on his number. he said that their head officer asks them again and again why r u not resolving their problem permanently. and he also warned me that if i complain again about broadband on 1218 and not on his number so he will disconnect my telephoneline also.

  • I think PTCL’s DSL is unmatched and now with the unlimited double play package PTCL will further strengthen its position.

    I wouldnt compare the two on customer care but the product that PTCL is offering is simply bombastic!

    Wireless is an expensive proposition in a country like Pakistan and it is unfortunate that the frequency given to Wimax operators can not reach longer distances nor can it panetrate like GSM frequency.

    In the era of convergence PTCL is the only company with the potential….but will they be agble to grab this opportunity is a question only time will answer

  • I went to wateen centre and i saw 99% people were not satisfied with wat they were getting..and wateen employees were helpless….

  • -My experience with PTCL was Bad, their Modem went Faulty after 2 – 3 days of usage, so i got rid of their DSL.
    -Maxcom is Very Good.
    -Go4B is Extremely poor.
    -Wateen Wimax is Great, working Great for a 256kb, Fluent surfing and instant connectivity.

  • Hi to everyone! Well I have taken the offer of Wateen before Eid days, I have to pay them Rs. 2500 for unlimited usage till 30th Oct. with the latest device CPE 35775i Motorola Wifi. I get only 1 signal but the speed is above 1mbps, in first week I have frustrated because of speed I only get below dailup connection 64kbps. And decided to return in first 15 days but after one week I got full speed of my required, before this I was customer of Wi-tribe, I left them with temperory disconnection, I stuck lonely with dailup connection after consuming my 12 GB on the day of 15 each month. Hope for the WI-TRIBE new tariff so that I could move to the better customer service. Wi-Tribe is the best option if they offer unlimited package.

  • There is a gap in each and every service in Pakistan, some says Ptcl is best and some says not, cause of their experience. and same for wateen, link dsl, witribe or world call or any other ISP.
    I’m the User of Wateen since 1.5 years, there were some problems in each month, but resolved and the biggest blunder was in last week of August, when my outdoor CPE (Jupiter) rejects my un and pwd. I Call them and they resolve it from their side and i was stucked after 10 days i tried to login from my friends device and i was successful but mine device still refuses to login. I complaint them a dozens of time and actually telephone bill of complaints was larger than monthly tariff of wateen. and on start of september i call ptcl to install ramzan package on one of my ptcl no. and then i inquire about the status of my order daily and nothing happens, after more than 2 weeks i again order them to install dsl my another no, and no answers from ptcl, and one day i go to exchange and after sometime i found out that exchange is more than 4 kms from my house so they didn’t install dsl that far, i wondered. then i call linkdsl (wol) and their service is quick, they pick the cash and send dsl modem via courier, and its been 3 weeks, no service. they blame ptcl lines, i change my line from pole to my room but still problem, no sink or bad sink modem. but in the start of october miraculously my wateen device start working again, and for the month of october they say we r unlimited. what after???
    so ppl their is pros and cons of every service and company, believe me……

  • Hey guyz I am the lucky Laptop winner of that Wateen Lucky Draw in Karachi. It’s a brand new Laptop Lenovo 3000 N200. I am happy to get this prize at the prize ceremony held in Karachi “Dawood Center” on 7 Nov 2009.

    Thanks to Wateen for given up that prize to me and those people who attended the ceremony.

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  • Wateen has done a hell of corruption and it has given loss to Pakistan in terms of investment! You all will hear soon cases against Backbone laying and the corrupt and characterless Pakistanis working for wateen and depriving the social sector of Pakistan from Jobs and Govt of Pakistan from Taxed and alot of dues!

    Wateen has the most poor service and it is clearly loosing its subscriber base in front of Witribe and PTCL. Wateen will be sold or foiled!!!

  • Well I’ve tried unlimited packages of PTCL broadband, Worldcall EVDO, PTCL EVDO(USB and PCMCI card), Wi-Tribe.

    PTCL broadband is good but in some areas due to old telephone lines PTCL service is not available;

    Worldcall EVDO has some signal issues and is not that good.

    PTCL EVDO and PCMCI card are good and they have very powerfull signals even throughout Motorway. but there is only one big issue in them that USB is of Rs.4000 and PCMCI card is of Rs.980 both are not-refundable.

    Wi-tribe is only good in Islamabad and pindi.

    I’ve been using Wateen Indoor device now-a-days, and it is giving me great results, on my notebook, my 2 PCs and even on my mobile. :)

  • ap ko koi wateen ke usb chahey tu muj say contect kary unlimted usb onley RS.900 me ok my name is sharjeel wateen wimix will be conected. me phone namber 052-8117454

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