Rumor: Ufone Likely to Get a COO

Chief Operating Officer’s slot at Ufone is currently vacant and it may get filled soon. As told by our sources, Younis Sheikh, Vice President Sales and Distribution at Ufone has got good chances to become the new COO of Ufone.

Sources near to Mr. Younis Sheikh have confirmed us that VP is mobilizing the available channels to get COO’s slot, and he may succeed especially in a situation when Asher Yaqub Khan, Ex-VP Marketing has left for Bangalink couple of months back.

If Mr. Younis becomes the COO of Ufone, then he will be directly controlling both the Sales and Marketing divisions, as VP Marketing directly reports to COO.

It merits mentioning here that prior to Ufone; Younis Sheikh served Mobilink, as Regional Commercial Director back in 2004.

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  • Below are the GSM subscriber numbers from PTA’s website comparing Ufone and Telenor’s sales numbers:

    Ufone Growth Telenor Growth
    2007 14,014,044 10,701,332
    2008 18,100,440 4,086,396 18,125,189 7,423,857
    2009 20,004,707 1,904,267 20,893,129 2,767,940
    Jul-09 20,057,079 52,372 21,299,334 406,205

    These numbers show that from january 2008 to july 2009, Telenor added 10.5 million subscribers whereas Ufone sales added only 6 million subscribers, almost half the number for Telenor! Such a VP of sales should be fired instead of being promoted to COO. Unfortunately, ‘khoshamad’ works more in Pakistan than performance! just like the whole society.

    “Sources near to Mr. Younis Sheikh have confirmed us that VP is mobilizing the available channels to get COO’s slot …….”

    and what are these channels? some connections within govt, PTCL, or Etisalat? How sad.

  • COO generally heads all the departments except finance. If VP Sales & Distribution is going to head S&D and Marketing, then it should be CCO.

    let’s see what happens.

  • Younus Iqbal Shaikh is a seasoned person, having vast experiance in Telecom. I didn’t work with him but various professionals inculding myself are inspired on quaility of work made by Younus Sb.I think, YIS is best choice for COO in Ufone.

  • I have worked for years with Mr Younas Iqbal
    He is blessed with alot of qualities and enough experience as well
    He is expected to be the COO of U fone Before September 2010
    Might be in July
    Now this message has been posted months ago
    Sorry to type the incomplete name.

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