China Mobile looking for Expansion, if Telenor is Still an Opportunity?

China Mobile-Telenor merger/acquisition rumors are on the rise again, despite China Mobile chairman had overruled any such speculations.

In a latest development, China Mobile, World’s biggest cellular company in terms of subscribers, has expressed its plans to expand its operations overseas, mainly in Asia.

Wang Jianzhou, Chief Executive, China Mobile Communication Corporation, in an interview with Associated Press said that China Mobile is contented with its earlier investment in Pakistan; however, finding another similar investment cannot be easy. “We try to find some new opportunities but it’s not that easy”, said Wang Juanzhou.

On other side, Telenor Group and Altimo (the telecom arm of the Alfa Group) announced an agreement to merge their common assets in VimpelCom and Kyivstar to create single mobile operator.

This recent development from Telenor’s head camp reflects that there are possibilities of combined business model in their hands, if they come across a feasible deal.

Apparently, deal is locked due to price tag, while Chairman China Mobile was found saying “Two years ago telecom assets in developing countries were very expensive but today there has been a very big decline in price, but there’s no reason for owners to sell their assets at the low price.”

Despite all such clues, we can not speculate exact status of Telenor-Zong deal, due to official denials from both ends – however, rumors still remain in place that means things are in pipeline.

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  • Deal is locked it seems and note one more thing PTA have n’t uploaded the data of mobile subscribers of August and September which means some merger are going on also warid / singtel deal is on the way

  • That then pushes Zong to number one position. Not bad after such a short period in Pakistan. Warid will collapse . . . . . . . i believe the deal also includes cash and shares and Telenor leaves some of its management in place.

  • No Warid will be taken over by singtel and singtel is also a big Group – i think Warid will be premium class (corporate) user company and rest may lead in prepaid
    As every one knows warid has best equipment and best network
    But abu dahbi Group doesn’t want to remain teleco business
    Waiting for Singtel…..

    (Also what about employees of Telenor if Zong / Telenor merges than Telenor employees will be………)

  • Telenor have so many plans such as mobile banking with totaly new strategy so it wil b difrent from al and 3G also in pipeline BUT MERGER WITH ZONG NICE JOKE no such plans

    • just for your information telenor has stopte all the network expansion
      But plans are still their for 3G and M banking, may this is a staregy B if merger will not work or this is to get a better Bid

    • Thats why Zong wants Telenor. it has good future revenues. Warid will go bankrupt before the year is out and will make room for Zong to take all their customers. Warid is dead in the water !!! Along side Ufone …….

      • Lets see and we will discuss this at the end of this year
        But Warid is the best network and operator i am not an emplyee of any telecom comapany but i have tested the services and my comapny have tested all operators and we found no match of Warid the best operator

        only problem is the employees of warid are not sencior FnF culture
        and no marketing
        But they have erricson the best and most expensive equpment
        I beleive if some have n’t used warid in PK he don’t know about the qualitly network (sorry to say)

  • ya as we can see some future plans from Telenor. It dosent seem that telenor group will be interested in any kind of merger.
    They are also worried about security situation in pakistan, and thats the only reason which may lead to a merger. hence lots of employes will be sent back to home :-(

  • Exactly nice joke … It’s a basic business strategy if a company is close to be acquired then it does not spend any money over their expansion and hiring new employees. Where as we can see that telenor Pakistan is performing both tasks.

    • no not at all
      some good company should take over these comapanies
      Singtel is good to buy Warid beacuse singtel will provide good service to pakistanis i hope.

      Telenor zong merger is not good as both companies have pathetic networks and only marketing is the major investment

      • This market only has space for 3 operators, Zong is the strongest for the future with the buy out of Telenor, Warid will go broke by the end of the year so that leaves Ufone and Mobistink . . . . . . .

  • Note one more thing PTA have n’t update the customer base of operators since last two months so it means some merger is on the way

    Usually PTA used to update the data with in 20 days of previous month

    • Also i spoke to my friend in telnor and he said something is going on and that there own internal website is not working hese days and he can see a few more than usula chinese people in the building

  • Telenor employees are talking about talenor-Warid merger .Means telenor is taking over warid.

    Is there any possibility of Mobilink taking over Warid.If this happens, it will be a stunning news for telecom sector.

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