Trick – Get your MSN ID

Microsoft has been trying to change their products and service according to their new Live name. Like Windows Live messenger, Windows Live mail, Windows live search etc

With that they also changed their domain names and introduced Windows live email with domain, which later they expanded it to countries by giving different country domains for live users, for example for india, for UK etc but most of the countries are still in their pipeline.

In year 2005 when they were new with @live, reportedly some hackers hacked their sign-up site and everybody was able to create MSN ids of their own choice, everyone was able to create any country @live domain email id with the hacked link, those were not real domains but they were supported by MSN and their sites, messenger etc, any domains like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc, Microsoft suspended such accounts later which were created by that hacked sign-up link.

And now currently Microsoft is not allowing users to create domain ids for their live email and live messenger services. By the way, in past Microsoft had allowed but now  they are not giving these localized ids.

But here through ProPakistani I am going to teach you a trick how to get your your ID.

Step 1: Go to web, and click on Get started now on Use an e-mail address you already have.


Step 2: A sign-up page will open, write your NON hotmail, MSN, Live email address here in the email address box and fill other fields and click on Continue button at the end of the page.


Step 3: If no error occurs then it will take you to the next page where you will be asked to write your email once again and click on I accept after reading Microsoft terms of use and privacy.


Step 4: Microsoft will send an email containing confirmation link to your email address which you have given in the sign up process. Confirm your registration by clicking confirmation link in your email inbox by Microsoft.

Step 5: After you have confirmed, go again to and click on Sign in link from the top right corner.


Step 6: Login using your Email address which you registered few minutes ago with Microsoft credentials.


Step 7: After successful login, Your will see a screen as shown in the image below, with a Change option next to your Email address. Click on change.


Step 8: Next you will see your Windows live ID change options.

There are two options “Use new Windows live email address”, second is “Use your own e-mail address”. We will select Use a new Windows Live e-mail address and it will show New windows live ID box below with domain.

Here you can choose your ID of your choice and then click Save :) ( ID registration will not show if you were trying to register your credentials ID outside of Pakistan, if then repeat the Step 7 and instead of clicking Change, click Registered Information link to change your location)

Note: In some internet browsers after Step 6, the Step 7 may look different from what it is mentioned above. If so then you can use Microsoft IE, FireFox in Windows, and In Linux Firefox, Empathy browser. Shiretoko FireFox Linux browser will not work.

    • It is working I have gotten my ID two times :)

      Read the step 8 carefully. And change location to Pakistan. Sometimes after you change location, Microsoft sites will take few hours to update your location settings in their database.

  • Its not working here… i am getting this after step 6


    Please Help Me… :-(

  • I think the part other guys are missing that the first id should be from some other e-mail provider. In my case, I used a g-mail one. Give it a try, it will work for sure.

  • step number 7 main jo aap ne CHANGE ka likha hai, ye option kahi nahi mill rahi, please give its detail

  • Dear it is giving me following problem upon sign up

    We’re unable to complete your request

    Windows Live ID is experiencing some technical difficulties while creating your account. To start using Windows Live today, get support now, click here ,choose Windows Live ID and copy paste the code below into the form.

  • I am also unable to get any success. I used IE, FF & Chrome but getting same screen as Bilal’s. If I provide [email protected] in the given field, server responds with this error:

    The portion of your e-mail address that follows the @ symbol is part of a “reserved domain” such as,, or Please type a different e-mail address.

    Anyone can help!

  • yar agar aap ka acoount aik daffa per ban gya hay to…..
    phir hotmail pr jaayin or usi account se sign in karin
    ye app ko eror de ga lekin app account pe click karin.or wahan se change kar lain….

  • Hello Friends,
    i tried with yahoo, gamil ids and on different browsers i.e firefox & chorm but i am getting the same Page (Muhammad Abbas got 1st time) everytime..plz help me out …or THis trick is not working anymore?????

  • yes it worked, but only once, second time it didn’t work. I’ve another option, try and get a personalized id i.e. [email protected] you can even choose [email protected] I personally using it, its free upto 10GB space. 50MB attachment the most important feature is delivery’re informed whether the receiver has read the msg or not.

  • Windows Live ID symbol

    We’re unable to complete your request

    Windows Live ID is experiencing some technical difficulties while creating your account. To start using Windows Live today, get support now, click here ,choose Windows Live ID and copy paste the code below into the form.


  • strange! it still works (since the trick was posted in 2009). looks a bug to me. wondering why the Microsoft guys didnt fix it??

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