Possible Action against Celcos For Suspending SMS Packages During Eid

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) is considering action against Telenor and Mobilink over a reported withdrawal of SMS bundle offers during Eidul Fitr days without prior notice to customers, reported Dawn Newspaper.

“We have taken note of the withdrawal of the SMS bundle,” said paper, while quoting PTA chairman Dr Muhammad Yasin.

“We are probing the matter before we take a decision to initiate a legal action. The authority will protect consumers’ rights.” He said the investigation would soon be finalised.

The two operators reportedly suspended their package for three Eid days and charged their subscribers between 20-paisa and Re1 per SMS.

About a possible refund of the amount paid by the customers on Eid days, Dr Yasin said the matter would be decided after investigation.

By the middle of this year, according to the PTA, the number of mobile phone users in Pakistan had reached over 95 million. Mobilink was leading with 29.5 million customers, Telenor 21.2 million, Ufone 20.5 million, Warid 18.1 million and Zong (CM Pak) 6.4 million.

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  • thanx to PTA. PTA is really active to protect consumer rights. i applaud it. telenor and mobilink did it without one month notice which is against the agreement they have signed with PTA.

  • Telenor and mobilink should be fined heavyly that in future they can not even thing in this direction and both compines know they have bad network and their networks can not handle heavy traffic
    Zong is also having worst network
    only left

    Warid at top quality network
    Ufone at second

  • u know guys 660 million text messages were exchanged during eid days. telenor and mobilink financial experts showed them bad way to earn more. these companies earned millions of rupees with the suspension of this service. u know people had to exchange messages on this occasion so both telcos exploited customers and earned a lot of money with a bad intention and a bad ways and backed out of their commitment with their clients.

  • khair kehtay hain dair aay darust aay … but they should have done something before EID ….. I guess now as these companies have earned a lot during EID so now PTA is only doing it to get his share :-) …. yes I am negative but its Pakistan …. sub ho sakta hai

    • shahzad bhai aisa nahi hai. many times i suggested to PTA and PTA accepted it. i think PTA is doing best to protect customer’s rights unless some upper level interference is not done. i know PTA is determined to take all the money back from telenor and mobilink and give to customer who did sms during eid.

      • I hope what you say is true :-)
        woah boltay hain na saNp (snake) ka dasa rassi (rope) se bhee derta hai … to hum pakistanioN ko her kisi ne itna loota hai (aur hum bhee khushi khushi lottay aay hain) ke kisi se koi umeed nahi rahi hamain :-)

  • If and only if both companies fined by PTA, it will be only a small portion they earned by that dirty way during eid days. Obaid how they can take action against themselves (govt + opposition). 50+ out of 70+ sugar mills are owned by either govt or opposition members.

  • Let’s see what happens, I remember long time ago mobilink was penalized for some reason, and mobilink credited all it’s customer a free balance of Rs.50 :)

    I think PTA should enforce a similar penalty this time as well :p or atleast force these telecos to offer sms bundle free for one month to all subscribers.

  • Very good decision by PTA.telenor aur mobilink ko iski saza milni chaheye keh ayenda aisi harkat na karay.

  • Mobilink Is Enjoying It’s Deep Sleep. Rather Then To Provide Services To It’s Subscribers, Complains Are Rising Day By Day Against Mobilink.

    Other Operators Are Bringing New Ideas And Services, While Mobilink Is Stuck In Providing Old Services With New Commercials. Even Mobilink Is Unable To Launch Call Block Service.

    Also, Except Two Or Three Web Based Services, They Don’t Have Any Web Based Services Too For Their Subscriber Interaction.

    Only Mobilink Customer Related Services Are Better, As Compared To Telenor Customer Services.

  • Telenor to ghatia tareen network hai,customer support bhe ghatia hai.,warid is awsum.. Pak arab dosti zindabad.

  • We Pakistanis make sure that any sector doing well should be penalized till it also goes down like rest of the country. No one will ever question why prices shoot up every Ramadan ? Or what happened in case of sugar or wheat crisis, I think its only a way to extort money by the PTA to meet government expenses.

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