Telecom Sector and Paisa

Paisa_pakistaniGuest Post by Nayni

‘Paisa’ is important for everyone in Pakistan but it has been given due respect only by Telecom Sector. As you look at the front page of your newspaper early in the morning your eyes meet with ‘politicians’ and the ‘Paisa’. Only names of political parties and telecom companies are changed, politicians and Paisa remain the same.

Your ability to do mental math is checked. Actually you are taught the importance of keen ‘reading’ – you are reminded that you cannot reach at a conclusion of a story unless you read it thoroughly. If you just miss a * sign, you miss the very FLAVOUR of that particular story.

That’s not the whole story; you must keep on checking the stories in paper on periodic basis to find the best story of the month.

These telecom companies are really doing social services. They do realize that, in Pakistan, a large amount of money is ‘preserved’ in few pockets. They are giving psychological relief to their users / common people to not to count money in rupees.

Count it in ‘Paisa’ and you will come to know how much ‘Paisamand’ you are.  I think paisa itself is embarrassed for the fact that it does not exist in fractions otherwise these telecom companies could have used ‘paisa game’ at a relatively large scale. In future in job descriptions of these companies it will be duly mentioned ‘ a person with amazing skills of designing ‘Paisa –Maze’ to make OUR lives easy.

Theoretically there is no difference between 40 SMS in 20 Paisa and 20 SMS in 10 paisa. BUT there is a great difference if you use ‘angle’ of mobile companies, they can dare of call both of above mentioned packages as two different offerings.

It is different for Salman and for Aalia . Sometimes it seems as a riddle. As we cannot say for sure that who is the PM of Pakistan, because of this Paisa we cannot ‘easily’ find out which company is cheaper today.

One day we repent and the other day we celebrate our wisdom. However, when we see a pretty face on a billboard question arises in mind that how life can be easy with this ‘shock’ in life no matter how much easy paisa is there.

Paisa can make our lives easy but we should not take paisa that EASY. Electronic and print media through advertising campaigns is only earning Easypaisa on the other hand life of a common user has become pretty difficult.

In such a fast life you have to keep an eye on ‘seconds’ to save paisa. If you have 45 paisa then you need really good listening and speaking skills to make a call of 20 seconds.

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