Syed Hasnat Masood, Spokesperson Telenor, Steps Down

File Photo: Syed Hasnat Masood
File Photo: Syed Hasnat Masood

In a recent, and unexpected development, Syed Hasnat Masood, Director Corporate Communications & Responsibility, and spokesperson Telenor, has resigned from his position today evening.

There came a company statement right away, declaring Affan Haider, currently Manager Corporate Communications & Responsibility to be the company’s spokesperson for the time being.

Chief Strategy Officer and VP Corporate Affairs, Aamir Ibrahim, in his comments said, “Hasnat has been a wonderful team player and his contribution to Telenor Pakistan cannot be overstated.  We will definitely miss him and wish him best of luck for his future endeavors”.

Syed Hasnat Masood expressed satisfaction with his tenure at Telenor Pakistan, “I have decided to move on from Telenor Pakistan to pursue personal ambitions. Telenor Pakistan has provided me with growth opportunities and has a huge social contribution to its credit, some of which I am honored to have been a part of. I am grateful to have worked with a great team and will miss them.”

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    • Stop dreaming. All of the Telenor mgt has a higher credibility rating than any of the other companies. Name one of the top execs that have not moved on to bigger and better things. Always on high and not jumping ship like some of the rats from Warid

  • It was time he left – he was not bringing anything new to the table and never had a good opinion of his collegues.

    • he screwed up on the e paisa compaign, never came up with an orginal idea of his own, complained all teh time about his back, and had teh vision of a blind man in a darkend room. other than that he was a okay guy.

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