World Call EvDO: Still trying to Compete

Its been more than 1 year now that World Call has started its EvDO (Wireless Broadband) service. The solution uses a USB modem to enable wireless broadband services for laptops and  PC’s. Service was first launched in karachi and then expanded to another 5 cities including Lahore.

World Call EvDO is much criticized since it hit the stores, most of customers are unhappy due to poor signals and high costs. Moreover in the presence of competitor like PTCL its very difficult to survive in the market.

But worldcall in a latest move company has reduced the price of device to Rs 1200, which was once sold in 4500, nothing has been changed in the packages though!

256 Kbps = Rs. 1,200
512 Kbps = Rs. 1,800
1 MB = Rs. 2,500

Anyway its good to see that World Call has joined hands with Shaukat Khanam against cancer as Rs 100 on every sales will be donated to Shaukat Khanam.

If we do compare Worldcall’s EvDO with PTCL’s EVO then PTCL is clearly on the winning stand, as Worldcall EvDO is more expensive, less speedy and has less coverage, whereas PTCL is covering almost 15 cities, with upto 3.1Mbps speed and options of post paid and prepaid.

In the era when we are shifting from Kb’s to Mb’s its really strange that why worldcall is providing such low speed packages at these high rates.

Below is the TVC for WorldCall Wireless broadband, featuring HP notebook commercials style animation.


  • monthly charges thoray say or kum ho jayen or islamabad and rawalpindi tak coverage barha di jaye to ptcl ki kisi had tak pungi baj sakti hy :) ..

  • I was also victimized by the said Device. But got refunded the entire paid amount. Further customer support of World Call is really bad.

  • the rates r still too should be low.and i’m sure it’ll be low when compitition will start. But the better thing is to low the rates without compitition.this is ur faithfullness with pakistani the boll is in ur court that what u do now?
    do it otherwise future time will not help u and u will have to run away from ground like paktel.
    keep my advice in ur mind and don’t mind my advice.i’m ur wellwisher.and these r real facts.u will have to face.bye.ur faitfull.

  • For a fair assessment it is necessary to see a complete picture, i have been using WORLD CALL for an year now and here is my assessment :

    – World call works EXCELLENT where signals are not an issue and where signals are an issue , its poor.

    – So basically it means YOU, the user should decide if you want it or not, and i think their 45 day trial period during which they refund you is enough for you to see if its for you or not.

    – One most important thing the writer did not mention ( and i request him/her to edit and include ) is THE DOWNLOADING is UNLIMITED in WORLD CALL unlike PTCL.

    – Considering the electricity issue in KARACHI PLUS mobility i think 1800 is almost (1400 would have been perfect) justified. This w.r.t other electricity-operating devices like WATEEN’s one i am talking about.

    – during last one year i had only 2 times an issue and they clearly told me that due to some maintenance some time will take and it didnt take more than a day on both ocassions.

    – I wont say their CS is poor but yes they are very less technical but this is the case with others as well. CS people are ususally more “topi-baz” then helping us at all places.

    – One more thing, WORLD CALL charges you per day which means if you are using the device, lets say for only starting 5 days of month, they will only cut the fee for 5 days and repay ( advance balance for next month) you all remainig amount, unlike other companies.

    In my conclusion i can only SAY that please test it properly in you area and see if the signals are good.

    I am lucky that i have excellent signals at my home as well as office so i always keep it in pocket and use it whenever and whereever i want.

    • PTCL provides unlimited downloads on the regular EVO MAX, with an addition to EVO LITE and Day PASS. But the purpose of the article was not to prove who’s superior. Many people are also unhappy with PTCL, Wateen and Wi-tribe. Anyway thanks for sharing your experience.

      • You need to make a correction, Worldcall EVDO is available in 6 cities and so is PTCL EVO, both provide roaming in around another 50 cities with CDMA 1x.
        EVO and Worldcall EVDO both depend on signal strength and no. of users, I have a fairly good experience with Worldcall EVDO living in DHA Lahore with a 256 Kbps connection for 1200 per month.


        • According to my info Worldcall wireless broadband is only available in Lahore and Karachi, that’s make it 2, not 6. Where as PTCL eVo is available at 15 Cities e.g.(Karachi, Lahore,Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi,Muree, Gujrat,etc) I don’t know about the roaming thing as i not travel that much :D
          Anyway its good to see that here are many fans of Worldcall also.

          • Worldcall EVDO is avilable in Lhr, Khi, Faisalabad, Multan, Silakot and Gujranwala (that is exactly 6), you can check with their customer services or website (FAQs) if you still have doubts.

            • Just confirmed from the Customer service of WC, they told that you can buy device from Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Faisalabad. Not sure about Gujranwala and Sialkot. Further they told that currently roaming is in 15 cities, which will be soon extended to more cities. Thanks for mentioning, post will be updated.

              • WC is available in the 6 cities mentioned above. And I would like to mention one thing regarding PTCL Evo.. Though they may claim to provide the same speed of 3.1mbps to all customers; what users dont understand is, that in reality it comes down to less than 1mbps per user when traffic heads in. Since PTCL claims to offer the same speed to everyone, the bandwith that they have in totality is used to its maximum which automatically brings the speed down! For a man who has no source to this information, 3.1mbps sounds amazing and out of this world, but for people who know the reality, would know that PTCL is also using their advertising techniques to get the easy ones in! :)

          • bahi ptcl already apna boster instal ker choka ha is lia wo service other city main b da raha world call best ha is ki cs b achi ha fast ha and signel b acha ha twofifty six ka package itna fit ha ka kisi or conection ki zarorat nahi

        • I strongly agree with hashim only worldcall is best service provider i FSD i purchse EVO but it didnot work in my office and nor at my home and PTL also not refund it Back and there is Hell of diffrence beteween prices

          Device Evo 4000/-

          Decice Worldcall 1300/-

          Monthly EVo 2000/-

          Worldcall 1200/-


          Worldcall is Excellent

  • guys use qubee service its very amazing. mein bhi qubee use karaha hon boht acha chal raha hai. mera package 512 kbps ka hai aur woh ptcl k 1mbps boht acha hai.

  • Worldcall little expensive and from me thumbs down
    having signal issue and there billing department sucks support is Ok for me but i feel they need to decrease there rates

  • I think WorldCall needs to decrease thr tariff not thr Device price….Well for Lahoris it works Excellent i dunt know abt other cities.

  • I would like to share one of my reletive’s experience who is working in gujranwala, he came to peshawar a few days ago. He was amazed with the speed of Worldcall, which he thinks is far better than EVO. as per him there is no buffering while watching real times videos. downlaoding speed in outstanding. we very next day visited to worldcall office for it. I am in queue for buying said device in peshawar. as they are soon launching the said product in Pesahwar. eagerly waiting and hope it will give me the same surprise as it has been doing in Gujranwala.

  • is there any World call Wirless LG 3500 set , Free internet using trick out there ?

  • i have used both Worldcall Evdo and PTCL Evo and found better worldcall EVDO much better in all aspects, firstly i purchased ptcl evo and it rellay sucks and when i went over their one stop shop got no response on the other side when i purchased Worldcall EVDO my life become easy and about customer service i will advise all of people related to worldcall evdo, in case of any problem you may contact MR Imran Khawaja, Senior manager North and his team for any kind of assistance as he is rellay a compitent person and cares about customers (based on my personal experience) his no is 0300 8479786.

    • I too have personal experience to deal with worldcall Faisalabad Team and found them really very professional though their office is situated at much upstairs but if u r getting in time solution u can afford.
      i think that worldcall is lucky one to have team who cares about company’s name. i don’t know the exact name (But have his No saved on my mobile with name worldcall 0300-8657925)of the person to whom i met but he has excellent comand our product knowledge and the way they are dealing is excellent.
      for those who have problems may contact at their office situated at 4th floor kasab bank, kotwali road.

      • mohtrama rabia ap na sahi kaha world call is best then others cs fasth speed good service good
        etc llakin in ko price b low kerna hon ge

  • bahio world call is best 3.1 mbps ap ki browsing speed ha ya kasa ho sakta ha ka ap ko 3.1 mbps download sped mila ap ko download speed 170 kb milti ho ge dakho kabho goar sa 3.1 mb jo speed ha wo ap ki device ki conectivety speed ha ka kitna jaldi wo usb sa data ap ka lap ya pc main send ker rahi ha ap is ko usb ki speed kah sakta ho na ka net speed i m sure gurnted ap scren short la ker send kero dakhta han jis main ap koch download ker raha ho ok koi movie ya koch or ok

  • Dear I would like to share my experiance about Wateen i purchased wateen from faisalabd but its signal strength is so patahtic and it did not work in my house it only works on top roof, then i purchased world call no doubt world call is offering excellent services not only in Faisalabad but i also used it in sialkot its reaaly amazing.

  • Dear i all i would like to share my bitter experiance about PTCL EVO i purchaed it from faisalabad but it did not shows signala in my house in peoples colony next day i visit one stop shop but i cant express in words the patahatic way of customer handling by PTCL staff then my friend suggested me to purchase worldcall , i purchased world call , i booked my order on 111-111-965 and after booking it was diliverd to me exact with in 30 minutes . now iam using worldcall with tremendous services and cutomer care,once i re instal window in my system , and i was facing problem to instal worldcall usb, i called to related Manager and with in 20 minutes his staff respond me and problem was resolved, i suggest evdry body to use world call.

  • usb signal is 60% and downloading speed is only 25kb/s kia koi tareqa ha kay usb ki speed ziyada kar di jay plz help me

  • w/c mandi bahauddin city work only on gepco/pepco power during e/shutdown/load shedding go dead

  • wireless broad band in mandi bahauddin the net traffic is zero from early june about one month world call is a very poor service provider

  • Bad EVO PTCL, not good signal nor good speed Bad customer care service and complain Dealing strategy masla tu hal hi nhi krty Fittay Monh tera PTCL!!!

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