Nokia Launches X Series at a Musical Event in Karachi


By Danish Hassan

Capturing the magic of music and touch, Nokia recently held its Music Event in Karachi. The event setup exuded tons of lively colors and disco appeal. The guests at the event were first ushered into the XpressMusic lounge where they got to experience the latest touch and music devices from Nokia. The guests were then led into the main hall where the event kicked off.

The two Nokia spokespersons for the evening were Imran Khalid Mahmood, Country General Manager, Nokia Pakistan and Christophe Corsi, Head of LIVE Category, Nokia Middle East and Africa who talked about company’s strategy towards its music and touch phones business.


First to speak about Nokia’s Music and Touch Portfolio was Imran Mahmood who talked about Nokia’s leadership in music technology and customer-centric approach. Nokia’s commitment to music is evident from the fact that it understands people, the passion of their heart and the music of their soul. Nokia has the most comprehensive Music and Touch Portfolio across many price points. Nokia is making it possible for people to touch the music by bringing to the market more and more devices with touch and music optimization.

Talking about the future of music, Imran Mahmood said, “Digital music is the future. In today’s world, the way we listen to music and enjoy it has changed completely. Nokia has been leading the music technology all the way. We are partnering with the leading artists and musicians.”

Nokia is the 5th most adored and loved brand in the world. As a market leader, Nokia understands that it has a responsibility to meet and exceed consumer expectations.

With millions of music optimized Mobile Phones sold to date, Nokia knows that it needs to take special care when it comes to delivering new devices.

Nokia wants to progress towards superiority consistently. For this reason, Nokia pays special attention to consumer behavior. Nokia know their likes and dislikes and understands their lifestyle. Based on the consumer insight, Nokia will bring most optimized devices to its valuable consumers.

Nokia strongly believes that change is the only constant. Nokia is driving this change as a market leader. Nokia has entered into several partnerships with most popular artists, musicians and record labels to set new industry standards. Through these partnerships, Nokia will provide its consumers with the most convenient music services because Nokia is aware that making music optimized devices only is not enough to ensure a complete music experience.

Music is the single most important need of today’s youth. With passing time, new ways of music consumption are emerging. Youth doesn’t just want to play the music; they also want to play with it. Keeping this in mind, Nokia has made both music sharing and music management convenient and easy to use features in all Nokia devices.

Nokia ‘Comes With Music’ is an exclusive service available in select markets. It makes locally relevant songs available to people via their mobile phones making all you can eat music easily accessible. Nokia currently has 12 Nokia Music Stores globally and is striving hard to establish it Music Store in Pakistan in near future. To ensure that managing music is a streamlined and comfortable experience for music lovers, Ovi also makes easy music management possible for Nokia music optimized mobile phones

Nokia leads the music devices share in Pakistan. To continue innovation in its Music & Touch Portfolio, Nokia will introduce Nokia X6, Nokia X3 and Nokia 5230 in Pakistani market during the start of the next year. Nokia’s consumer research indicates that 24% of the market is willing to pay PKR 8,000 or more for touch-screen devices. Based on these numbers, Nokia will bring touch devices at lower price points to allow maximum number of users to enjoy music. All information about Nokia Music is available on

Christophe Corsi talked about the changing trends in the way we listen to music and Nokia’s strategy through which Nokia will stay at the top.

Most of the people enjoy listening to music. In Pakistan specifically, youth enjoys music a lot. Nokia is in a strong position to lead music phone market. Mobile phone is the new platform for digital music.

New technologies are driving the music industry. In the 80s, people enjoyed music on Vinyl Disks, then came Cassettes which were replaced by CDs in late 90s to bring more music. CDs were followed by Video/DVD as people wanted to view and listen to music at the same time. Today, music has gone digital.

Speaking about Nokia’s leadership in music, Christophe Corsi said, “Our technology will drive the music industry. Our consumers want everything in one device. Digital convergence is happening now and Nokia is at the forefront of it. Nokia’s customer centric approach renders it in a strong position to combine the most wanted features in its music and touch devices.”

Nokia will bring Nokia 5230 to Pakistani market. This device will touch you with its appealing design and vivid color skins. Nokia 5230 is an affordable touch device. The touch interface comes with Nokia’s intuitive UI. Packed with crisp 3.2” widescreen and resolution of 640×360 pixels, Nokia 5230 features a Media Bar with quick access to your favorite media and applications, such as music, photos, YouTube or Ovi Share.


You can stay tuned with music experience because Nokia 5230 has all the S60 functionalities. Access to Ovi Store allows users to download plenty of games and fun applications to personalize your Nokia 5230.

Nokia 5230 is an integral part of Nokia’s music story. Continuing the music story and expanding Nokia’s wide portfolio of touch and music devices, Nokia X6 and X3 are two new fantastic devices to look forward to.

Picture-ReleaseNokia X6 is the ultimate touch phone with capacitive touch, metallic accent and a sleek design. It is a powerful entertainment device, combining 32GB of on-board memory with a slick 3.2” finger touch interface. The ultimate device for music lovers and social butterflies, the Nokia X6 has a 16:9 widescreen optimized for photos, videos and browsing. With direct access to Ovi Store, the Nokia X6 is a hive of activity that brings 20 friends and virtual communities, like Facebook, to your homescreen.

When asked about the difference between an mp3 player and Nokia’s music-optimized phone, Imran Mahmood responded, “There’s no difference between the quality of an mp3 player and Nokia music optimized phones. If you would check the specifications of a music-optimized Nokia phone, you will find out that music quality of Nokia’s music devices are at par with stand alone mp3 players.”

Answering a question regarding compatibility of XpressMusic phones in the market, Imran Mahmood stated, “Those who have XpressMusic phones can also benefit from Nokia’s Music Store when it will be available in Pakistan. Nokia Music Store provides music on the basis of subscription that is compatible with all music optimized Nokia phones.”




Evolving its products with the latest available technology is a practice that Nokia will continue in a foreseeable future. Setting new industry standards with its Music & Touch Portfolio, Nokia aims to make music and touch available to the masses with the most enriched music experience at different price points.

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  • i would say that if they could have called in some music celebrities to adorn the phone and to support its use it would have been a better marketing tactic than girls who are not at all attractive .. keeping in mind the higher class market that these phones will be targeted to

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