Chinese Handsets are Ruling the Local Market

Chinese-Mobile-Phone-HandsetsThe China-made handsets have proved to be a nightmare for the business of other famous brands with their ‘china price’, advance technology and multiple features.

The sales of the Chinese mobile sets have been increasing constantly with its growing popularity among the middle- and lower-class customers for the last couple of years.

The second copy of branded cellphones has entered the domestic market along with its unique feature of dual SIMs system, which has attracted a lot of customers.

According to dealers of Empress market, the Chinese handsets of different brands are available from Rs 1000 to Rs 15,000 depending on variety and quality. The number of Chinese brands is more than 50, which are usually imported but there are some 15 brands that have captured the local markets.

A dealer, Mohmood Querishi, said the middle class customers are attracted by the handsets, which cost between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000 and have features of branded mobile sets costing Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000.

Initially, some Chinese brands were short-lived and equipped with poor battery, which retained the sale of branded mobile sets in the local markets. However, the dealers gradually started importing good quality gadgets from the same country that lead to a staggering spike in the sales, he added.

He said sharp mega pixel camera and improved memory capacity have also added its popularity among the customers who can purchase these handsets easily. The one-year warranty offered on more than Rs 5000 handset has also increased its reliability among the customers.

A retailer, Adeel Ahmed, said the mobile sets appeals to the masses who cannot buy Rs 30,000 original brand of iPhone but they can afford Chinese made iPhone in just Rs 10,000 to Rs 12,000 only with one year warrant.

He said the sales of Chinese brands has remained more or less the same despite after-effects of economic slow down and poor law and order situation of the country.

The indigenous gurus of handset repairing have also learned the art to reinstall different software, which is facilitating a number of Chinese made customers particularly in Karachi.

A number of Chinese made different mobile phone accessories of lowest cost have also dominated in the local markets. Besides low cost of handset, the illegal ways of imports of handset also have soared in the country particularly in last two years after the government imposed duty on it.

In the last fiscal year, the handset imports witnessed decline of more than 75 percent compared with its previous year.

Although the government cut the duty on handset from Rs 750 to Rs 250 per set but its imports through legal channel were not revived.

By the end of first quarter of the current fiscal year, it further witnessed a 28 percent decline. Overall $60.461 million worth mobile sets have been imported in Jul-Sep 2009 as compared with $83.83 million in the same period a year ago.

However, officials of other brands said that mobile phone handsets had maintained their own specific markets in brand conscious customers and the sales are improving considerably in the domestic markets.

They said the demand of handsets has declined in the lower- and middle-class customers since the government had imposed duties on its imports.

Apart from this, cellular phone companies have also introduced their own branded sets but failed to attract customers, as they were lacking the major features, which are provided by Chinese handsets.

  • what about resale man.
    a person owning a china made cellphone will feel dizy when he will visit the market to sale his handset, shopkeepers will behave in that way that the cellphone was theft not purchased by the owner(loll)

  • well obaid the things are not like that. i mean people china mobile as a diposable thng,yar if u purchase a copy of i phone of just 12000 and its wors for an year,then think it pays off u,it has a life of such perios only,so china mobiles are getting very positive response from the market.


  • i don`t like china mobile… as you see that A200 & G5 both were at high sale point… then company down its standard and now both mobiles having alot of problems….in fact in Chinese set we can also see A category & B category

  • in my talks with the marketing and activation head of Nokia .. what we got to know was that this is a very small market … which does not hurt them at all the biggest fear to them was the smuggling of mobiles that started a year back when the duty was enhanced to 750 rs per mobile which has been reduced to 250 now … and other taxes that were being set.. we must understand that pakistanis do not like those mobiles .. its simple as that tag line .. khareedne mein mehnga istamaal mein sasta

  • The China mobiles available in Pakistan are just garbage. Their software, finishing, durability all things are very poor. Now a days branded mobiles are also available in same prices, so why don’t go for them. If you can’t buy a Nokia, Sony ericsson then go for LG or Samsung, but never go for China mobiles.

    • apparantly i bought LG twice and had a really bad experience, then accidently NKTEL A200 came in my use and all is going great so far.

  • Zohair there is no difference between LG and China Mobiles both have same OS, same Hardware and same Features.

    • Well, i doubt that, i have used many LG mobiles, KG 270, Chocolate, Fashion, Viewty, Renoir etc. . . .they all are great… You can never compare them with china one . . . One more thing always buy LG products with warranty of New Allied (Don’t know that LG service center in Karachi issues warranty or not) because other ones are china made.

    • well anyhow there is difference in LG and china mobile:-)LG is a multi national company,though LG didn’t get fame in pak but still its hand sets are far better than China mobiles…

  • I think all of the chineese manufacturers worldwide is capturing market and quality is on the basis of the cost and warranty is not offered by business mans who are importer but dont have capacity like MZ AND CHIMERA to offer counter repariring/replacement and infect the quality and standard and price and cost and features are absolutely too much high and durability of products of japaneese and german things people left due to chineese commodities and America is alos saving 17.8 millionusd a month to import chineese commodities.

    and laptops and things you need as for long long time as OLD AGE previously things are not sensitive lcds or technology equipped things have plastics and cards and ics and now durability of chineese brand and durability of original due to less cost of every material only.

    best regards,
    Dr Ibnemansoor

  • Aamir bhai, I want to buy a chinese handset, Which one i should buy that support symbian or java application?

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