EZY Launches Slim and Affordable PCs in Pakistan

EZYEZY Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (part of EZY Group Holding) launched the Atom based Slim Top PC (new range of personal computers) in Pakistan just for Rs. 21,500 with LCD.

The EZY Slim Top PC is both Slim in price and Slim in Size. The Launching Ceremony held today at a local hotel in Karachi. Present on the occasion, Mr. Saeed Sheikh, CEO and Country Manager eSys Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. and EZY Infotech (Pvt.) Ltd. and Mr. Ashar Zaidi, Country Manager Intel Pakistan.

Mr. Ziadi said, “The importance of basic computing using Intel Atom Technology will provide benefits for consumers of Pakistan.” He added that EZY Slim Top is such a vehicle that would benefit the user.

“EZY Infotech introduced the Slim Top with an objective to offer affordable computers with high quality Computing. We believe that this will benefit the domestic and student segment as well as corporate sector,” said Saeed Sheikh.

Speaking on the need of the market and consumers, Mr. Saeed Sheikh said that beside EZY Slim Top PC, it would also offer wide range of EZY Notebook and Desktop PC in near future.

“Today we are proud to bring a uniquely designed and uniquely packed computer to Pakistan at the most affordable price. Now you can get a branded computer for only

Rs. 21,500 with one year limited warranty.  Moreover, it comes with a 15.6″ LCD monitor, space saving designs and most importantly, a unique packaging system,” Mr. Saeed added.

This Computer is powered by Intel Atom technology, with increased energy efficiency and advanced thermal control solution.

EZY Infotech believes that the EZY Slim Top is a perfect start to its endeavor of providing a computer for every Pakistani. The EZY Slim Top that is just 11 inches in height, 3 inches in width and just 1400 grams in weight, is the slimmest desktop computer in the market. Its unique colors make it more appealing than other traditional computers and would make the owner proud to own a Slim Top. “Those days are gone when you had to hide the computer under a desk and it acquired too much of your desk space. The EZY Slim Top provides you with three different placement options to optimize your desk space, making it more smart and stylish to use,” said Mr. Sheikh.

The Slim Top is now available for the Pakistani consumers with the retail price of Rs. 21,500 with Open source OS (Linux Ubuntu 2.6) and option to bundle with Microsoft Win 7 Starter OEM at Rs. 3,000 only.

EZY Infotech has appointed two distributors for Pakistani market ‘Decent Computers’ for Northern region and ‘Optimum Technology’ for Southern Region. Besides that 100 different retail outlets will have the product on display throughout Pakistan.

Via Apna Time

  • Faisal

    Can anyone inform Specs of this PC, as website says “coming soon”. http://ezyslimtop.com/

  • Muhammad Ali Bohyo

    I see the marketting gimmick here… but you have to be known about its flaws too. lets evaluate….
    this PC looks like its bundled with a weak atom processor from Intel which is embedded on the motherboard so dont think about the processor upgrade if you want to upgrade in future..
    it motherboard will be small form factor so there will be no mother board upgrade I suppose….
    offcourse it is weak to run demanding applications or games so if and only if you want to run a standard version of operating system and dont want to upgrade in future and hate good graphics oriented games and HD video go buy one…

  • orkut scraps

    good move by Ezy

  • great computer

  • Aslam Khan

    WAO ! بوٹ ہی گریٹ سروس اے یار کوووول !! بیسٹ تھنک یو ..

  • extremeop

    My remarks and information is web based and I am not trying to devalue this product.

    I am 100% sure these pc’s are not upgradeable. They are just like other branded systems like Dell, HP, Compaq, small form factor pc. Because I never saw any small form factor pc upgradeable. And if you try to upgrade your pc you just cant. You go in market and desire to buy a graphic card, you got one in a good price but when you try to fix it in pc oh damn your pc kept restarting, and finally you came to know your power supply doesn’t support the card. So next step you will think to replace a new power supply. These are common issues we see after buying a small form factor pc. But yes somehow they are good for home and office normal use. If you are not into gaming you can buy these for your normal use. I am not rude but don’t you think it sounds like a Uncle’s PC :d just kidding.
    The main issue is Warranty. EZY info tech giving 1 Year Limited Warranty. Hope you guys are aware of what limited warranty means. But for those who don’t know what it is. I am giving a line for their info. Limited Warranty means they can cancel the warranty at any moment. It could go for 1 year or it could be cancelled after 2 weeks or 2 months nothing specified. Sometimes they wont but that’s what limited warranty means.
    And if you look over this page you will see EZY slim top giving 3 years warranty then why its just 1 year limited in Pakistan? Must visit this page if you are interested. http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs48/f/2009/224/f/5/EZY_Slimtop_Leaflet_by_fazaal24.jpg
    And one thing more I doubt that you have to buy a copy of windows 7 or Linux an extra 3000 Rs. expense???
    You can buy this pc.
    As for as the specs are concern, here is what I got after half hour search.
    Here are the specs.

    MOBO & Processor = Intel Atom 945 GCLF 1.6 GHz
    Hard Disk = 80 GB SATA
    Memory = 1 GB DDR2
    VGA = In – Built
    Monitor = EZY 16” LCD
    Power Supply = Mini ITX A200M
    Multimedia = Mouse & Keyboard

    Hope that’s enough for today :)

  • Atif

    you can easily upgrade this system whenever you want…. its a must see product… you guys should go and visit anywhere in Karachi like, Bahadurabad, Gulshan, Tariq Road, Techno city & etc….

  • Aziz Ur Rehman

    I read out that Govt. wants to ban on used computers. I think it will be more problematic issue for Pakistani people from this government.