Confirmed: Walid Irshaid Becomes Group CEO of Ufone and PTCL

File Photo: Walid Irshaid, Group CEO, Ufone and PTCL
File Photo: Walid Irshaid, Group CEO, Ufone and PTCL

As we earlier reported, it is now officially notified that Walid Irshaid is the group CEO of PTCL and Ufone at the same time.

In this case, Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone will report to Walid Irshaid instead of Etisalat, while recently appointed Ali Ahmed Yarouf Al Naqbi, Deputy CEO PTCL will also report to Walid Irshaid.

It is told that Walid Irshaid will retain his office at PTCL’s headquarters while heading the both companies.

It is learned that Ali Ahmed Yarouf Al Naqbi, Deputy CEO, PTCL, may get additional power to control management in PTCL, in order to assist Walid Irshaid, while VPs will report to deputy CEO from now onwards.

Telecom experts are eyeing this change in managerial hierarchy at PTCL and Ufone very closely, however when asked, they were clueless about the move.

On other side, mid-level and top level management in Ufone are not comfortable with the change.

PTCL and its wholly own subsidiary Ufone are publicly held companies, while 26 percent controlling stakes are in Etisalat’s hands.

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