Musharraf happens to be the Most Successful Campaigner on Facebook


Do you know that former President of Pakistan Gen (Retd) Pervez Musharraf created a Facebook page just a month ago and he has collected 36,000 fans during this period?

This is no doubt, the most successful Facebook campaign by any politician in Pakistan, which is apparently backed by social media experts.

First of all page ad is very powerful and appealing, that is one reason of success of this campaign – but the most important thing is that Mr. Musharraf interacts directly with fans, makes videos especially for Facebook, answers questions himself and lot more.

This campaign can be taken as a case study and as an inspiration for not only the political parties but the businesses in Pakistan. This Facebook page by Pervez Musharraf reveals the potential that Facebook has for celebrities and corporations.

So if you have got a Facebook page, study this campaign closely – and try to follow what Musharraf has done. Not to forget, don’t expect this much, because he had been the president of Pakistan, while you are not. But you can better your results to some extent by following him.

By the way, in parallel, there are other politicians on Facebook too, but not with this amount of success. (Please let us know of more politicians on Facebook in comments)

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  • Munezza Khan

    Does anyone know which marketing company is running his campaign?

    • Michelle Khan

      I think Edelman PR is running his campaign from New York offices. He also has the Harry Walker agency for his lecture tours.

  • eAhmadNawaz

    ye sab fraud hai….

    • Muhammad Zohair Chohan

      He himself tells about the facebook page in one of his videos, By the way this Old man is free now a days, so using facebook is an easy way to kill time.

  • Shahid

    Through three pages,Imran Khan has a big following as well:

    These are run by workers of PTI

  • Hi Aamir,

    Apart from the Musharraf Fans, I would like to Congratulate you on getting over 10,000 fans of

  • kamran zaki khan

    The great Musharraf is 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times better then the Zardari

    • Naushad Sami

      Kamran is right he was better than zardari

  • nabeel

    yah millions of time better than zardari

  • M. Shaheen

    As a young Pakistani, I am completely disillusioned with our country and politicians. Its nice to see former President Musharraf reaching out to the youth and interacting with them. Perhaps others can learn from him, at least we have a chance to give feedback.

  • Mohammad

    Thats the most vote this jackass can get if he runs in elections

  • Fahad

    Wow i hate Musharraf so i can abuse him directly….

    • Ali Mirza

      good Idea! :p

  • Altaf

    Musharraf is a sharp guy. He knows the key people for his success. He did the same for his political career with great success, then for publishing his book and now for his own popularity.

    This means he is coming back to politics soon!

  • Kashif Bashir

    Kamran R u fan of Mush Uncle on facebook? :-) (No offence). I cannot count so many Zeros but dont U think U have inserted one extra zero in 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 figure? (hehehe)

  • Fakhre alam

    I hate him due to lal masjid operation. He’s killer. Now old man sit in front of your pc and kill your time.

    • Kashif

      I don’t oppose lal masjid operation. It was great success for pakistan.

      • Ali Mirza

        A “Success” ?? xcuse me! Can you kindly elaborate how can you put the operation in this category?

  • fiza

    Musharaf,s chapter is closed.he was not in favour of pakistan.he created many problems for present and future of Pakistan.i respect my elders but i wanna slap on his face.he is a lier,killer,Blood-guilty,proditior and many many wrost words are for him..plz dont say him better tahn anybody and Zerdari is his son and follower.

    • Bangash

      Indeed Musharraf killed many terrorists like Lal Masjid gang and criminals like Akbar Bugti. Musharraf is the best.

  • Ali Raza


  • Sherali

    Cool Facebook page

  • Hello Xam

    Dont know much of economics but remember that during his tenure no load shedding (only a very limited), Dollar and Petrol prices were not changed.

  • KiMo

    MUSHARRAF is not good for PAKISTAN
    PASKITAN its a great contry
    the peoples of PAKISTAN its a great peaple
    but all politics in PAKISTAN is very Bad
    PAKISTANT Has missed INDIA
    INDIA its The true dongeros of PAKISTAN
    Black WATCH and amiricain AMRMY want Take a nuclear weapons oF Pakistan
    excuse me because i don’t speak good english
    but i can told : PAKISTAN Need a Good President to save a contry
    be carfull PAKISTAN

  • Muhammad Iqbal

    In the past “I love Musharraf” it was my slogan which now converted by “I hate Musharraf”. Why? Think it, because of the worst operation at Jamia Hafsa taken by you. It was the worst sin. Being a Muslim no one can dare to do such action and it might be possible that you are also repenting on it. You can compensate it and satisfy your conscience by doing one thing and that is if you will be able to abolish the drawings of our holly prophet Muhammad (pbuh) from the Facebook and some other websites. It’s a marvelous deed and may almighty Allah forgive you by this golden opportunity if you can be able to avail it. Once again my slogan for you “I love Musharraf” could be survived.
    waiting for reply

  • Sajid

    Dear Sir,keep it up and join hands to save Pakistan which is my love and ours love,

  • mirza baig

    Musharaff is the best for Pakistan,he understands world politics and has very good knowledge of Pakistan,he has experience and not greedy like most politcians.He is acceptable internationally.

  • mohammad ahmad

    uncle g app ka waqt guzar gaya . . app aram karein ab america main .

  • Musa

    Haha really? How was the Jamia Hafsa operation a sin? Can you please elaborate? And do you think it is legal to store arms in the House of God? No sir, and when they used a mosque for storing the weapons, that for most of us is a bigger sin, I’d say that these people are the same kharijit who opposed Hazrat Ali, who fought the caliph in the name of Allah, and who similarly used to make mosques a battleground. I curse upon them.