Ufone Secretly Offers Public Demand 2 : 60 Paisas/30 Sec – all Networks

Ufone is secretly offering a new package, called Public Demand 2, to selected Public Demand customers. Rates are very attractive,

Calls: 60 Paisas/30 Seconds – All Networks
SMS: 50 Paisas
Rates are Exclusive of taxes

Regular rates for Public Demand are 99 Paisas/30 seconds.

When we called customer support and asked about how to subscribe to this package, it responded that this package is for selected customers, and only those Public Demand customers who will receive SMS or calls will be able to use this package.

When asked about what criteria is there for selection of such numbers, the guy was ignorant. We explicitly asked him if time duration, air time usage, or its random selection; he did not know anything.

Ufone is not advertising this package on their website.

Now as we don’t have enough information on selection criteria, one may anticipate it discrimination, or otherwise a special package for those who are porting out of Ufone.

Update: ProPakistani readers have confirmed us that they were allotted this special package when they tried to port out. So here is the trick, if you want to get it… sign-up for a port out form and you will get a call or SMS the CSR was mentioning about.

Thanks to CHAND for sending us this story

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • i am ufone customers… aur mujhy lugta hy ufone ka irada nahi hy company chalany ka…. call rates hi kum nahi kar rhy…

  • Dear Aamir bhai : PPD 2 offer is for those ppl who were using PPD for almost 2 year with 3 rating usage( Rs.1000 ). Also it was introduced on 26 October 2009.

    • Faisal thanks for your input – but Ufone CSRs should have this information… and they should have told me the same… no?

      Along with – i can’t rule out port out scenario, as we received confirmation emails regarding this

      • Em a Also working in IT dept… The database is totally classified. n the CSR is not ordered to give any info regarding selection criteria…

  • Maine abhi ufone helpline pe call ki operator se baat huy wo janta tak nahi iss package k baare mein mujhe sirf itna kaha muhtaram, humara aisa koi package nahi wohi purana package available hai 0.99/30 sec wala

  • May be they are testing it means they want to know if they can offer it to all with profit. Or the port out scenario may be right because Zong has been offering Pluto 55 from a long time now

  • From day 1, these operators try to create hurdels for porting out. . . I think thats another trick for retaining customerz.

  • my brother ported out of zong to telenor and was immediately contactacted by zong to come back on 55p/30 rates. He did n is enjoying now. other should also port out if they are using their network for quite sometimes with good balance usage. they will certainly be offered these rates i think. i m my self thinking of porting out telenor which i ve been using for 3 years.

  • Ufone is offering hats off services, public demand 2 package is offering to those customers who are using Ufone connection since its birth and they havent changed their package yet, to facilitate them its been offered. Must call at 333 for confirming I also confirmed from their. Ufone has introduced those services which no one is providing not only in Pakistan even in whole Asia like Phone book saver direct synchronization to Ufone’s server and many more.

  • 55 paisa and 60 paisa is not the standard of life. Every network is offering these rates if any1 not than it wil be launch in few days but the main thing is services, coverage, Customer care etc which observed personally tht Ufone is Best in that so my frdz think before taking any decision.

  • PP2 package is not being offered yes its has been given to some customers as a token of loyalty and gratitude but I personally think 3 min package and UWON are more attactive than PPD2 And the rumor that customer will be given PP2 package once customer will try to port out is totally false information.

  • now a days ufone company is giving third class service, it must be sold to any other country so that the ufone constomers avail better service, I am also customer of Ufone companay.

    the DJ of Help line give the wrong information to customers , I have it experience,

  • Havnt seen any thing exciting abt ufone. I agree with earlier comments that ufone should have done something extra to remain in business. C the ads quality, general perception is that as such there is no innovation now. No proper R&D in ufone. They are just on short term strategy track. God helps them.

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