Ufone Secretly Offers Public Demand 2 : 60 Paisas/30 Sec – all Networks

Ufone is secretly offering a new package, called Public Demand 2, to selected Public Demand customers. Rates are very attractive,

Calls: 60 Paisas/30 Seconds – All Networks
SMS: 50 Paisas
Rates are Exclusive of taxes

Regular rates for Public Demand are 99 Paisas/30 seconds.

When we called customer support and asked about how to subscribe to this package, it responded that this package is for selected customers, and only those Public Demand customers who will receive SMS or calls will be able to use this package.

When asked about what criteria is there for selection of such numbers, the guy was ignorant. We explicitly asked him if time duration, air time usage, or its random selection; he did not know anything.

Ufone is not advertising this package on their website.

Now as we don’t have enough information on selection criteria, one may anticipate it discrimination, or otherwise a special package for those who are porting out of Ufone.

Update: ProPakistani readers have confirmed us that they were allotted this special package when they tried to port out. So here is the trick, if you want to get it… sign-up for a port out form and you will get a call or SMS the CSR was mentioning about.

Thanks to CHAND for sending us this story

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