Warid Quietly Increases Package Conversion and Changing FnF Charges

By Chand

Warid has been quite busy this week in tweaking with packages and imposing charges on certain services. It has been told that updating Friend n Family number is now being charged at Rs. 5 plus tax, which was previously Rs. 2 per update.

Morever each message sent to 129 (for changing FnF) will cost you Rs. 2 plus tax.

Now here is the strange thing, even if you add any FnF for the first time, even then you will be charged, and same applies if you delete someone. Meaning that modification in FnF list will cost you twice.

With this Warid now allows you to change FnF without waiting for a month.

Another glitch is that when you change your package, (from Zem to Glow) Warid is going to charge you Rs. 25 plus taxes, which was Rs. 10 plus taxes when Glow was launched.

Muhammad Saqib also added info this post

  • I Was Already Thinking To Convert To Warid! But Now I Think I Should Ponder Again On My Decision!

  • the charges have been increased but the restriction to change fnf numbers after 30 days has been removed. We can change the numbers anytime we want which i think is great.

    And the one time activation charges have only been revised for glow 25 + tax rest is 10 + t.

    Stop providing incorrect info.

  • Recently i hav shifted 4rm ufone 2 warid. They hav gud connectivity no doubt thts really sad they r acting like mobilink… =S

  • Ya agree with mr Faisal 30rs is on glow.i m using it,bt in this package the calls r free to 10 FnF & duration wz limit to 55min with Free after 1st minute charge of Rs.2.25+tax bt 4rm few dayz the call auto disconnects at exact 27th min.I talkd 2 help center & they said warid don’t commit at exact duration.U may get 10mins or 20mins or even more on a single free call,bt no exact limit of duration…whts tht =S,Thts a fun with customer i thnk…. =S

  • During the EID days, they decreased max call duration to 27 mins which was 52 mins previously and I dont know if they have reinstated it to 52 mins or not. Secondly there are some relieves too they have given without announcing, now you are not charged for sending sms to 7070 (used to subscribe or unsubscribe for sms packages) which was Rs.2 plus tax previously. They have waived off these charges.

  • Still warid is the best network and best rates our company is using Warid , Telenor and Mobilink connects
    but no doudt that warid are far ahead in quality from Mobilink and Telenor
    I am not Warid employee but the best operator in Pakistan
    becasue warid is using most expensive equipment in MSC’s (Errison)
    no match of Warid

  • Stop praising Warid blindly. They are going in the same direction as other operators. On Glow weekly SMS package, they have a weird restriction. If your balance is less than 8.35, you can not do anything with your balance. No call or SMS unless you recharge. Stupid company.

    • u made a big mistake boy, ufone aaj kal bht third class ho gaya ho hai mai b ufone use he houn but vv disapointed nowadays

  • abhi kuch dino se bari tareefay horahi thi yahan pe WARID acha hy jee WARID acha hai ..
    Dekh lo Kitna acha Hai, Kitna khayal Hai apnay Customers ka Jo roz 100 ka Card daal K in Ki Pockets bhartey Hain …
    Socho Samjho, Ab to Life badlo Yaar ;p

    Moral:- Telenor he acha hai bhaiyO !!

  • The charges are not increased last week.
    Package conversion charges increased much before(I don’t remember the exact) but FNF charges was increased on 21 November 2009 and notification SMS was sent on 20-11-2009. I received warid messages on both occasion. No sms at all by Warid for charges on 121.
    Also keep in mind, previously FNF addition & deletion was free(as 129 charges are kept the same) with one month limit but now RE5+tax for each addition or deletion in addition to normal 129 charges.
    Warid service is good but this upward trend of charges is not a good sign for customers. Clarity should be followed in rates and duration. Warid must clarify the Glow FNF call duration as most people opted warid for this offer. On Djuice I have enjoyed a call duration of 58-59mints. By disconecting after 27minutes means Warid is charging same as of Djuice.
    So Mr.Zubair (You may not be an employee) plz don’t favor the company always without a logic. This upward trend of charges will hurt you and us soon. Take Care

  • ooo no…warid disappoint their customers again… they do this from starting…….
    i remember that in starting zoom on/off have no charges but then warid start cutting charges and now they did it again….

  • I never get any info sms from warid about package conversion charges increment or the 121 charges, though i am using warid since the day they launched their operations in pakistan.

    • when did it happened???????? check your internet connection,it might be down… website working fine on my side.

  • Yaar Warid be behti ganga se hath dhona chahta hay.. Assal mai wo sach much samj beta hay kay wo 3rd number par a gaya hay or phr us nay bi Mobilink aor Telenor walay kam shoro kar diye han….

    Salam to Ufone:
    Free package conversion (forward conversion)
    No activation charges for any package (voice + sms + data)

    Zong also follows Ufone in this regard

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  • Dears,

    Warid is charging when u sms to 129 and you add your dear one in “fnf” total cost around 9 rs.
    one solution
    go to waridtel.com -> members area-> Friends & Family Menu-> make edition in FNF, might be from there u save the amount of 2 Rs on sending SMS to 129.
    Sheikh remain Sheikh, so as WARID & Etisalat!
    At 1299 IN UAE, Customer getting Speed at 8 MB/sec , while in pakistan 100kb/sec. :-/


  • sir mena ya num zem sa glow par lana ha 0321767017 to plz nuj ko is ki detail sent karda plz isi num ma beshak masg sen karda plz

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