Warid Quietly Increases Package Conversion and Changing FnF Charges

By Chand

Warid has been quite busy this week in tweaking with packages and imposing charges on certain services. It has been told that updating Friend n Family number is now being charged at Rs. 5 plus tax, which was previously Rs. 2 per update.

Morever each message sent to 129 (for changing FnF) will cost you Rs. 2 plus tax.

Now here is the strange thing, even if you add any FnF for the first time, even then you will be charged, and same applies if you delete someone. Meaning that modification in FnF list will cost you twice.

With this Warid now allows you to change FnF without waiting for a month.

Another glitch is that when you change your package, (from Zem to Glow) Warid is going to charge you Rs. 25 plus taxes, which was Rs. 10 plus taxes when Glow was launched.

Muhammad Saqib also added info this post