Youngsters are More Conscious Than Elders about Customer Support

Younger consumers, aged between 27 and 43, are approximately 60 percent more likely than older consumers, aged over 44, to leave a company because of poor customer service. This was found in a research project undertaken by Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, in partnership with Datamonitor and Ovum.

The research indicates that each generation of consumers have different expectations of customer service, and as each generation passes, these expectations increase. As a result, businesses need to continually raise their service levels to meet heightened customer standards.

For the majority of businesses, providing a dynamic and personalized customer experience is becoming increasingly important, as 83 per cent of participants reported they would welcome proactive engagement when using contact channels, such as self service.

In addition, better integration and seamless transition between all communication channels – for example, phone and web – can greatly enhance the customer experience by allowing a greater degree of flexibility and personalization. Consequently, it is important for businesses to not only take into account the changing nature of customer service provision – but to also raise service levels to meet heightened consumer demands and expectations.

Businesses need a clearer picture of what each customer wants – regardless of age – and to continually keep track of whether their needs are being met. Companies need to raise their game as customer expectations rise, otherwise customer satisfaction levels will continue to fall, said the research.

Businesses that offer proactive outreach provide a more personalised and dynamic approach to customer service that allows them to engage with customers based on their individual expectations and demands. This can improve the customer experience and also improve bottom line benefits – definitely a priority in the current financial climate.

Via Cellular News

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