We Thank 5,000 ProPakistani SMS Alert Subscribers

Exactly a week ago, we started SMS alerts Service for ProPakistani Readers. Service got tremendous response. Today we are happy to announce that 5,000 ProPakistani readers have registered with us, as of now, who are getting SMS alerts every morning.

As you may know service is still in beta and we are doing our best to better the service in terms of quality, delivery and meeting the network capacity. It was not a easy job at all – but with the support of you guys, things are rolling smoothly.

Known Issues

We are facing issues for delivering SMS alerts for ported numbers, that’s unnatural – but its happening. We are trying to figure out the problem, until then it is advised to register with non-ported numbers.

What’s Next

Matter of fact that we didn’t anticipate this much response when we started, thanks to ProPakistani’s skilled team, we were able to scale up service for this huge number. However, we may stop registrations sometime soon. This doesn’t mean that registrations will end forever, but during beta testing we may not accept further registrations.

Beta testing may run for a month, until we launch this service officially.

You can register for SMS alert Service here: http://bit.ly/ProSMS

You are requested to give us your feedback, report bugs or anything you feel about the service, in below comments or privately at contact us page.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

      • Aamir,

        Please register my number already posted you.

        my number is 0321-2622XXX but network is Zong.

        If you don’t have my number, let me know on gmail, i will post you.

        thanks & Congrats on this milestone.

  • Dear ‘ Pro Pakistani ‘,

    Thank You For Updating Us From The Latest Developments In Telecom And IT Sector Through SMS, Every Morning.

    Best Service. Prayers For Your Success.

    Adnan Asim.

  • Salam

    I was not getting your update alerts on my ufone no. that was ported to zong. Now I got back to Ufone today and first thing I received was pro news.

  • hmm, that’s good, and something which is not highlighted on any of your post or place is that sms alerts are available internationally, so if any Pakistani currently aboard can also avail this facility. I would suggest you to make it prominent.

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