How to Increase WiMAX Signals?

Ever you caught in a situation when you had got no landline (meaning that no DSL) while WiMAX antenna is offering you only the half of signals, maybe 2 bars out of 5?

Here we got another Guru from Pakistan teaching us how to strengthen WiMAX Signals. It’s sort of new research that he carried and found very interesting results – let us share with you what Sohaib Athar found.

Its kind of funny, but Sohaib Athar’s research concluded that plants catch WiMAX signals and throws them downwards, hence if you place your indoor WiMAX antenna under a plant, signal strength will get doubled.

That’s simply wow – if the research is acknowledged and affirmed by other research institutes then WiMAX operators may consider shipping plants along with WiMAX devices, which gonna be good actually, that’s what we call Going Green.


Since then, my experiments show that most plants and small trees act as great Wimax antennae – for the USB modems, for example, if you are working from a park, sitting below a tree will give you at least a 20% increase in signal. Now I understand what Buddha was up to when chose to spend his life beneath a tree, Sohaib Athar, narrating his experience.

So guys, please try this hack and give us the feedback, and to Sohaib Athar i would like you to get the patent for the hack, and try earning some bucks out of it ; – )

Sohaib Athar didn’t stop here – he started experimenting with Wateen’s USB device as well and found that Pepsi Can can do wonders for doubling the sginals.

Here is the pictorial explanation of strengthening WiMAX USB Doongle..!


Take a cola can, chop off the top half, create a slit wide at the base that is enough to place the can between the modem and its USB adapter and you are done.

No wire loops to make, no can diameters to calculate and no need to wrap aluminum foil around concave surfaces.

I think this hack should also work with the EVDO USB devices, as I hear a lot of complaining regarding the signal strength from the PTCL EVDO users. If you try it out, I’d be very interested to hear about it in the comments.

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    • you are lucky, apkay area mayn wo pathetic manager nai who after evey six month say, Hey lets mess with customers anc change tower location (and dont infor them either)

  • wi max wala kaam fit hai… never tried it but i will…since i am getting 2 bars only and wi-tribes service sucks….

  • If you used pineable packing Jar i.e Looking like cooper sheeted is better than pepsi tin. It is true i also used both methods from previous few months in Sahiwal. when DSL was not availabe i was used WATEEN but now DSL-E Wireless. New researches are carrying on but not time to share thanks for i.e best site to communicate between telecome industry and us.

  • well boosting wimax signal experiments were already done search it on youtube you will get one with making a satalite dish kinda thing to catch wimax signals

  • It really works!!!! Amazing!!! At least, it increases with 1 bar….

    Thanks for sharing this knowledge!!! Keep it up!

  • Awesome Technique for WiMAX USB Doongle. Pepsi Disposal Glass on WIMAX USB luks funny, But Does it Really Work…lolz

  • i’m using Qubee Wimax USB device… i’ve subscribed to 1Mb/s but not getting 100 percent except at night it goes above 100%(i.e the speed goes beyond 1Mb/s)… Though the Signal indicator shows 5 out 5 bars. There isn’t any plant in my room. What should i do then? is there any software?

  • sir Actually the reason is that of WiMAX are increasing by place the device near the plant.
    due the two things first is plants are usually like antenna structure and the second is that the plants contains water thus water is a highly attract electromagnetic waves.that is why we use radar for surface tracking of planes but in water radar does not work then we use sonar. similarly the combination of water and antenna like structure WiMAX gets signal increased.

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