Get FESCO Electricity Bills in Your Email

FESCO (Faisalabad electric supply corporation) has launched email bills receiving facility for its valued customers. With this facility, FESCO customers can receive their monthly bills in their email inbox conveniently without any problem or delay of delivery.

It is simple to request FESCO to send your bills in your email inbox. Go to and enter required information.

It merits mentioning here that page is still under construction, and apparently service is running in beta. However, once fully working, this is going to be a great VAS for FESCO customers.

As of now, cellular companies, PTCL EVO and selected banks send monthly bills/transaction records in email, which saves resources for companies and coveys ease to customers.

On a similar note, these government websites needs enhancements by a greater deal, for instance, IESCO website remained under malware attack for almost a month. Same is the case with Pak Railway website, which is under malware attack since ages, and is still to be rectified.