SOP Being Prepared for GSM Signal Spill over International Borders

Pakistan’s monitoring agencies and GSM operators operating in the country have been reporting a problem of interference and spill over signals into Pakistani territory from neighboring countries.

We have learned that problem has been communicated to Afghanistan through appropriate channels, which received positive response for the resolution of issues.

It was learned that in a recent meeting between high ups of Telecom authorities of Pakistan and Afghanistan, issue was discussed. Afghanistan officials also raised the issue of interference signals emanating from Pakistan’s side to Afghan territory.

Sources familiar with situation confirmed us that both the countries agreed that the complete stoppage of the interference and spill over signals across international borders on the either side would be ensured. In this regards a mutual SOP has been prepared by government of Pakistan.

It merits mentioning here that there are relevant regulations from ITU/APT to follow in case of spill over signals.

We were further told that IT & Telecom Division drafted SOP that has been forwarded to Frequency Allocation Board for their input, after which SOP will be forwarded to PTA for implementation, very soon.

Such interference signals can easily be found if you go near border areas, particularly in Sialkot and Azad Kashmir. A source confirmed us that there were as many as 6 Indian GSM Mobile operators recognized by handset (with manual network selection) – when he flew to border area near Sialkot.

Such SOP arrangements with India are yet to be finalized; despite the fact that issue was conveyed to concerned Indian authorities, said the source.

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