PTA's Annual Report for 2008-09 is Available for Download

Finally, PTA has released annual report for 2009, which is available for download on PTA’s website. As always, report is pretty rich of information, however, you may find prolonged news segment that used to comprise of 3/4 pages earlier, is now covering at least a dozen pages.

Otherwise, you will find all those graphical and statistical information about Pakistan’s Telecom sector.

Yes we will analyze all chapters in details, but for now, here is complete report for download.

Download Here – Size: 3.9 MB, Format: PDF (Right Click and Select “Save Target As”)

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  • Is there any policy, regarding the cell phones from china which dont have any IMEI numbers,

    Like, China made a copy of E71 with dual sim facility but those sets doesn’t have any IMEI numbers.

    Remeber, with the original one you can have a single sim only.


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