Etisalat is Holding $1 Bln Pakistani Payment For an Year Now

We have reported earlier Etisalat, the buyer of Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL), has withheld at least three installments valuing around US one billion dollar for more than a year, due to dispute with Government of Pakistan.

We have discussed in details about the dispute and discussions that went between GoP and Etisalat.

Now, Mohammad Omran, Chairman Etisalat has said that Etisalat will stop payment if dispute is not resolved by the Government of Pakistan,

“The Pakistani PM has assured the Etisalat delegation, in a recent meeting, of his full support, but at the same time he has expressed concern over the payments owed to Pakistan’s government,” Waqar Ahmed Khan, Pakistan’s minister for privatisation, recently told a UAE based newspaper.

“We will do all we can to assist Etisalat but we want this issue resolved and cash transferred to the exchequer as soon as possible,” he said, adding that formal talks would start “within days”.

Omran had said in April that Etisalat planned to increase its stake in Pakistan Telecommunication by another 25 percent.

Via: Maktoob

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  • Basically , they are crooks . How could a national asset be given to a foreign Government without even the payment … shame !!!

    The deal needs to be reversed and Pakistan given control of PTCL . Enough is enough …

  • We always sleeping at this situation.

    Only we can talk and can’t do anything if Pak. Peoples compare with Indian’s.

  • How sad it is that the whole country is being sold out to the outsiders. Not only ptcl has been handed over to the UAE people in a unfair way nut also the intigrity of the country has been put on stake and open to americans and anti country elements.

    So this is not only ptcl but also the whole country integrity and sovernity is a question mark.

    As far as ptcl in particular is concerned , it can be easily said to be a finanacail gamble .

    May Allah give us the prope rulers who are sincere to this country who can think positive for this country.

  • Dear,
    Onething you people don’t know, Etisalat SIM works in Pakistan as Etisalat-Ufone.
    Etisalat UAE user don’t have to pay a peny, when international Roaming in Pakistan.,but normal Internatioal Roaming on Receiving calls charged as per their criteria.,which is quite a set back.
    Govt. of Pakistan dealing at such low level by step down themselves,shows beggar strategy that give us please give us money – Ghar main bachay bhookay hain ;P

    • Oh no what anon-sense , a radiculous is this that the Etisalat SIMs roaming in pakistan is free while in UAE , there are international roaming charges .

      What a disgusting and shameful thing is this for all of us that the pakistanies have bend so much down to thier knees that every now and then is being put at stake even the country integrity and honour .

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