Etisalat Withholds 3 Installments – GoP May not Facilitate the Dispute

Etisalat has not paid three installments to Government of Pakistan against PTCL’s 26 percent shares, due to its differences with Government, told us sources familiar with the issue.

In connection to this scenario, National Assembly Standing Committee on Information Technology & Telecommunications held an emergency meeting today to discuss the situation.

Sources have reported that committee expressed its reservations over privatization deal, while Etisalat’s performance of managing PTCL was also discussed, which was found unsatisfactory. It was discussed in the meeting that Etisalat has not paid three installments while its fourth installment is due on September 12th, 2009.

We have reported earlier that unpaid installments’ value is US 799 million dollars.

The News reports that sitting was held at the Parliament House while it was chaired by Ch Mohammad Berjees Tahir. He was briefed by Director General, Ministry of Privatization on the privatization of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited by the Privatization Commission, keeping in view the process adopted for PTCL privatization; payment schedule agreed between both the parties; objectives achieved by PTCL privatization and payment made by Etisalat to the government so far.

Standing committee was of the view that Government should have safe guarded the down payment of Etisalat, when it was not paying its first installment after the bid.

Committee expressed that PTCL’s privatization was done to promote telecom industry, then how come the government agreed for not issuing any telecom license for next 7 years after the purchase deal – which is actually halting the progress of industry.

Dispute of property handover was also discussed, which is the core issue between Etisalat and Government of Pakistan. It was told that Government has handed over about 3000 properties to Etisalat, in favor of PTCL while remaining 200-300 properties are owned by Sindh and Punjab provinces. Both provincial administration are asking for the market value of properties instead of book value, which is collectively as high as 20 billion rupees (as per our sources’ estimates).

Standing Committee suggested that owing to the poor performance of PTCL, the purchaser of the company may not be facilitated in any kind by the government.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • ptcl should be dissolved and the private firms should take over there services are just pathetic and the infrastructure of the telephone lines is as old as Pakistan itself and just don’t let me start over there customer service if i had the chance i would fire(head shot) them…

  • True, their CSRs are super pathetic, nor do they have an integrated method of doing anything unless you know a supervisor or somebody – in that case (and I’ve experienced it twice), things happen very snappy.

    It’s sad how they got DSL installed in 3 or 4 days, took them a month to install Smart TV (and that too, when I contacted a high up), and when I asked them to terminate the DSL sometime in the middle of August, they still haven’t.

    May God help them.

    • Dear Sir ,

      I totally agree with u more than 100% that the CSRs are totally pathetic and sympothy deserving .

      Actually it is over all changing environment of ptcl when the Eligable and competent people are being discouraged by the Pakistanies in the top management of PTCL HR and such people are being recruited who have no sense of ptcl business.

      Tahir Mustaq, Mazhar Hussain and many other eilisit and henoius character are in the top management of HR of PTCL who have discouraged the technical people and in order to make thier position in ptcl , ___________ are suplied to the Arabs by these people in order to apease the Arabs .

      Arabs of Arabis have two major weaknesses

      1) New card
      2) new ___.

      So Tahir Mushtaq , the Vice president Hr is busy in pleasing the Arabs by providing them with the beautiful ____ and increasing his score.

      So when such ____ which are being recruited by such HR which is basically, What sense these ____ of PTCL CSRs will have about the telecom buisinesss??

      The 4th floor at the ptcl headquarters is full of sexy lookin girls and no pakistani male is allowed to go over there . Only Arabs and HR management can go there .

      PTCL Headquarters is totally like a brothel.

      Since u r not from ptcl while i m ptcl employee. I tell u very honestly if some body land line number becomes faulty , even then we have to face a lot of hardship in order to rectify that number .

      For the installation of a DSL connection , i was made to lik the just of the toes of these people .

      So when this is the state of affairs of ptcl owners then what hell they will pay attention to the telecom buisiness.

      The ptcl call centers are no less than a bropthel and sex sailing house where the managers of the calls center have no good reputation .

      These managers have direct link with the Arabs so they are lkeast bothered about thier jobs in ptcl as they feel thier job is secure due to having a lot of beautiful girls in hand to be supllied .

      So Dear Sir ,

      The sitatuation of calls center is very pathetic.

      Tahir mushtaq , the bigest ______ is the EVP (HR). So how u can expect the work of ptcl will go smothly who has left no stone unturned in discouraging the techinical people .

      Pl do remian in contact .

      [email protected]

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  • Go to hell Etisalat. You have made PTCL a disaster for Pakistanis.
    We want you to get your filthy feet out of this country.
    You are big time suckers!

  • AOA All,

    It is very sad and extremely grevious phase of our national history that the back bone of our economy had been sold out.

    It is totally unfair deal .

    The price which has been fixed for the ptcl does not even match to the property of the ptcl installations.

    It was deal of Musharaf or Shokat Aziz .

    Now it is
    Zardari who is totally under the Shiekhs because of the Benazeer property in Dubai .

    Arabs are here for buisiness.

    If they are failing in running the telecom buisiness then they have the ptcl property at very key locations . WHich in orderr to generate the buisiness , they will turn the ptcl telecom instaqllations into the brothels and five start hotels in order to generate the buisiness .

    Already out ptcl headquarter has turned into a brothel where the beautiful girls have been recruited who have no idea of the telecom buisiness at all.

  • what proof you have? these are just lame exusations.

    Such things are in every dept of pakistan, politics.police,customs,wapda.wasa.lda etc etc

    These are all just baseless accusations . i myself have to 4th floor many times without any issue and there is nothing wrong.

    HR and staff people dont need to be technical.

    Change you poor mentality and thinking pl.

  • AOA Dear all,

    First of all i shall like to know Asim Shb what u r ? R u a technical person or a non-technical person . This is first to answer.

    If u had been to the 4th floor , it is for what ?

    What u r that u have been to the that floor which is notorious for having only ill charactered people there .

    Dear Asim ,
    We are engineers and there is income to ptcl from HR or Admin or finance div .

    The income comes from the techincial hand .

    It must never be ignored the Hadith that ” UIpper hand is better than the lower one . Upper is of the one who earns and lower is that which asks and beggs”

    So engineer is earining hand , the upper hand and non-techincal people are lower hand .

    So it is all visible to everyy body in ptcl that what romantic scenes are going on between the 4th and 5th floor of ptcl headquarter.

    Pl donot try to under estimate the engineers.

    Also hte misbehaviour commited by the HR over the engineer s is still being condemned by all who earn the honest living . Not like the one which Tahir Mushraq and Mazahar Hussain person is earning .

    So u clear ur mind and correct your self . All are being monitored.

    [Comment edited]

  • Hi , yes i am technical , and ive been to 4th and fifth floor , tell me the exact location where you think this is going?

    Mazhar sb is an old man and tahir sb is also a good person . Have you ever scene them by your eye ? its against ethics to accuse without having proof in Islam , all is being monitored there too.

    Everyone is ptcl is imp , not only technical .
    and mind you tahir sb is also an engineer .

    You are i think regular guy having monitory issues and thats why you are crying ?

  • AOA Asim ,

    I tell u that ptcl is my home , the home of engineers and here technical means only engineers , just engineers . and we gave our all full to this company in 2005 facing all threats for its privitization and better future and properity.

    We are not against any body. We love all the creatures of Allah and like to share with them what we consider best for us . We had a good time good salaries and so was the state of pakistan.

    A large profit was generated and every body in ptcl was well off. We had very best salaries in any public sector and all the benefits. People gave thier blood to ptcl.
    There was respect and regard of the ptcl people. and pakistan enjoyed very good time.This was all before privitisation.

    then came year 2005 when the bid was to be held . We faced the threats of union at that time .,Still we hoped towards privitisation to have a new face of this company which will be a bright future.I myself performed the duty for more than 100 hours continiously.
    with the hope that privitisation will bring a lot to engineers and ptcl as well and it will become a multinational. and We will be doing MS and Phd free of cost from US And Uk universities and tripple and four time salaries.

    But we saw some thing else. The privitization came like a curse for those who played a pivital role and they were kicked out of ptcl insultively last year. And for the last couple of years we have seen a lot of high handedness of HR , Finanace. Life of engineers had turned miserable now.

    So now Asim , when HR and engineers become two seperate entities even enemies then such organisations cease to exist further.
    When Hr become the worst enemy of engineers in techinical organisations then no one gives his output.

    I know tahir mushtaaq and also aware of his reputation. If u r not aware of his illicit relations , it is not my duty to teach you.
    The information where it is required to be it is already present there. so it is not important to let u know the secrets.
    Line men even know the whereabouts of the Tahir mushtaqa and illicit relations with the aunties. His movement is all known and every body knows , he is the bigest suplier and a black mailer.

    Mazhar hussain , he is a munshee . a clerk , a typical budha khan-gharh, babu. He is a here on the basis of hypocricy and hooligonaism to exract the work from engineers on threats and not allowing the pay scale as per govt of pakistan from 2005 and depriving them of the livihood benefits .

    Look at the extent of hypocracy. a few days back he is at press conference to declare the profit of ptcl which i believe is the bigest lie.

    When egitating people say to increse the pay then the reply comes from Mazhar that it is not afforadable.

    while at press conference he has the profit to show .

    where this profit goes ? to the beauty recuited in ptcl h/qs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why not CMA is offered ? Why the engineers are absued ???

    Asim ,
    Pl listen with calm, that we are not concerned who is eating . WE like every creature of Allah to get benefit . If the beauty and hoors of ptcl h/qs get the benefit , let them be benefited. We are upper hand and we earn for every body.

    While Hr is greeady. the main diference of HR and Engineers is that we like every body to make his life better while HR wants the benefit restricted .

    and this is what going on in my home , PTCL.


  • I really feel sori for the discreminatory action at this link for exumpting my comments in response to the on goping series .

    I condemn this .

    It is un fair that my remarkls even the whole letter is being exumpted and not shown.

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          You guys have to take contract , you cant be given salary raises being regular , regulars dont do work and they sit , saying no one can fire us.

          So if you want increase in salaries, come on contract ! its survival of the fittest.

          BTW whats your rank,experience and qualification?


          [Comment Edited]

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