Ufone Solid Offer – Free Call After 3 Mins

This time Ufone striked the cellular market with a very Solid offer, and the Offer is named Solid too.

With this offer, you will be flooded with free talk time! i.e. Talk for just 3 minutes and get the rest of your call free afterwards – moreover this offer is valid 24 hours a day.


Ufone Call Packages

Apparently this offer is unbeatable – one may wonder what other cellular companies have got in their pockets to offer any better than this low on-net rate.

How to avail this?

The offer is valid for UWon, Tension Free, Public Demand and Josh1 and Josh2 packages, to activate this offer just write a new sms “32” without quotes and send it to 444.

Activation Charges: Rs. 23.90


  • This offer is only valid for Ufone to Ufone This offer is valid for UWon, Tension Free, Public Demand and Josh packages
  • The maximum call time is most likely to be less than one hour.
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • This offer is not valid on bundle offers
  • This is a limited time offer 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies.

Below is the TVC for this offer:

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  • Dears!
    We usually don’t talk for more than a minute or two mostly and people around aren’t that free to receive such long calls (except for flirt teens and some other ones)
    This offer will increase load on network resulting in call drop problem (which Ufone has achieved excellence at) and related problems will come up.
    So, No! No! Ufone, Why are you still afraid of reducing rates of 30 seconds to minimum 0.63 paisa?
    Whats in box for people who make several short calls?
    Nothing…And result is Telenor took the lead and Ufone is now behind Warid.

    • Many people have to call for hours and max duration of call is no more than one hour (mentioned in note)

  • kamal ki offer hai ufone tum hi to ho maine apna package abhi active karlia hai omer farooq sahab aap log kisi haal mein khush nahi ho itni achi offer de raha hai ufone zarori nahi har koi 1 ya 2 min baat kare 15 min bhi lag sakte hain 3 min se aage wale charges to bach jaye ge na call k bhi normal charges hain tension free package se kia baat hai ufone dil jeet lia.

    • Hi, did u contact ufone for the same, i mean any complaint on [email protected]
      plsss confirm…we are here to provide our valued customers with best services and we will.


      Khurram Mirza

      • i have ufone number 0333-40xxxxx

        – my balance becomes ZERO after 2-3 days when it has balance 20-30 Rs or less without any reason…and also if i get 15rs advance balance it becomes ZERO with in 2 days if i use it or not….

        – i have been having this problem for last year now…i have called help line many times & address this issue but it never gets resolved…
        – help line always says you might have used your balance or you you might have Alert Services On such as joke of the Day, Horoscope etc…I NEVER USED ANY BALANCE & I DON’T HAVE ANY ALERTS ON !!! but still my balance becomes exactly Rs 0.00

        because of above reason i have shifted to Telenor.
        Reply me via Email or Call me on this number 034x-xxxxxx (lets see how good the ufone service really is)

        • After sending the Email…i did received call from Mr Khurram Mirza after 10 mins :) …

          And he said he will look through this problem.

          that was a quick call man :) …

          I’ll check in for confirmation, next week if my Ufone problem is resolved or not…

          thx ufone for the service

        • dont worry rehan,

          he is not the only individual who is loking for customer complaint, whereas, this failure notification reflacts that the said email individual out of assigned group is unable to find this email……

          we are there to provide u best services and we will.

          Khurram Mirza

      • hi, i subscribed to this package 3 weeks ago, it worked “perfectly,” i had a tension free package when i subscribed to this one, but now it stopped working, i made a call yesterday and it charged me every minute. what should i do now?
        i have changed my package to uwon now. because it is cheaper for me, than tension free. but i really want the solid offer. tell me a way :(

  • Nice offer.

    But ufone is famous nowadays for deducting balance without any reason. And since the network is so great u dont ever need to spend any money to make calls when inside most buildings :).

    Its at the bottom for a reason.

  • kio daily charges nahi hian?
    Opt-in charges are Rs. 10! for one time?
    torah confusion hai doston hepl karo asan sa samjhao:)

  • WOW, what a kool offer, it means now after paying Rs 10+tax for a day, we can talk free after 3 mins on every u 2 u call. Most important thing is that we dont need to subscribe for a month or something like that. just on the day when we want to make long calls subscribe the offer for 24 hours. thats nice.

  • Ufone Solid Offer – Free Call After 3 Mins

    Package Activation Charges
    11.95 (int Tax)

    Ititial Charges for first 3 mins depends on your package.

    This offer is valid for UWon, Tension Free, Public Demand and Josh packages.

    Tension Free customers
    Cost is 1.44/Minute (int Tax)
    Total 4.32 (3 Min Cost).

    Uwon Customers
    Cost is 1.20/Minute (int Tax)
    Total 3.60 (3 Min Cost).

    Public Demand Customers
    Cost is 2.37/Minute (int Tax)
    Total 7.11 (3 Min Cost).

    Note: Dear friends Call drop after 1 hour automatically this means talking time one hour.No daily charges with this package.Looks like Hour Package but Solid One.

  • Kaafi time k baad UFONE ne aik bohat hi shandar package offer kiya hai & es package k naam ki tarhan UFONE ne bohat hi SOLID Punch maara hai baqi companies ko…. Dekhte hain k woh kis tarhan es package ka torh nikaalte hain…

  • Ufone Solid Offer – Free Call After 3 Mins

    Terms and Conditions:

    >Package Activation:Write 32 send it to 444
    >Package Activation Charges 11.95 (int Tax).
    >This offer is only valid for Ufone to Ufone
    >This offer is valid for UWon, Tension Free, Public Demand and Josh packages
    >This offer is not valid on bundle offers

  • Good offer but unfortunately ufone signals not good at our home / residence area. Any way rest of the people enjoy it…………….!

      • Dear Khurram , my residence area is Mehran University Housing Society Jamshoro opposite to Mehran University of Engineering & Technology,Jamshoro, just beside the Hyderbad Bypass road neat Toll Plaza Jamshoro.

        I have twice complained the Ufone authorities about it one year back but they did not take any action in practical. I also suggested them that due to this problem they could lose their customer base here. As this area is Education City ,housing three higher education universities, but Ufone did not take that serious and still today the problem is as it is.

        Hope to see some improvement in this regard but not sure about any serous step to be taken by Ufone to resolve the issue.

        Any way more competitors are here to win the race…!

  • Josh1 & Josh2 which packages are these from Ufone???
    never heard of these & they are not available on ufone site also…plz provide detail & provide link if u can….

    • Josh packages were those of very initial prepaid packages offered by Ufone, as the new pacakges came out people starting to opt for new ones, but still some persons are using the Josh packages.

    • josh one is old package Rs. 2.5/min to any network,whereas, josh 2 is for those customers who are using josh package since long and in josh2 Rs. 2.50 for 2 min call to Ufone to Ufone

    • Anila these package are old ufone default packages, u can’t subscribe it as new package but still some old ufone customers using this almost Rs. 3.00 per minut+tax.

  • i think there is nothing better then this theres ben no such offer in the market before its just unbeatable.and let me tel u dat ufone is upgrading is system these days very fastly a huge upgradation activity is undergoing from the last 20 days and it wud make a very big difference in its service quality in the coming days as ufone has invested a lot in this system upgradation

  • This is unbeatable offer by ufone ,

    Though I am using Warid Postpaid with my5 package but calling to ufone numbers is never seen this before , its best with uwon package

    Hope so , telenor, mobilink , warid would be giving competing offers to ufone


    • Sir, I have purchase new sim of ufone, in the time of purchasing of the seller not taken me my NIC. Now how can i active my sim of ufone this is very serious problem because when i call the 789 for active not response and that computer saying the your data is not available, please any body give me good suggestion / advise for activation easily. Thanks alot..


  • Boht kamal ke offer ha, pehle muje doubt tha k koi daily charges appicable hn ga, but helpline se confirmation k bad ye doubt bhe khatam ho gia. Keep it up!! Ufone!!!

  • I am using unlimited sms package with tension free package, now today i also converted to Tension Free-Solid Offer so plz tell me will my unlimited sms package work ?

    • u can use ur sms bucket package on this offer, basically sms package subscribed against your package plan (i.e. Uwon, Tension free, Josh, josh2, PPD)……so enjoy using Ufone and say It’s all about U………

  • Sms package will expire after converting the package.

    ****** This offer is not valid on bundle offers *******

  • Simply unbeatable offer by ufone that may be due to its rapid drop in customers with 667 in effect.
    In my personal opinion this offer will soon be taken back after getting required numbers of customers back.

    All things aside hats off to ufone for this solid solid offer thats like freeeee…. enjoy while it lasts..

  • No doubt a great package plus i love the Ufone advrtisement as well, however i am a little curious here, i was checking out the PTA website and found out that Ufone has lost alot of subscribers in the last two quarters of 2009, can any one tell me the reason why this happened

  • Amir bhai,

    Simply the Best Package…..UFONE Its all about U. Well done!if it is work accordingly.

  • @ Khurram Mirza >> UFONE signals quality is more than worst at our location. I complained this issue with UfONE and PTA but Ufone people are cheater in this case and presented a wrong report to PTA.
    If you could help me in this?

    btw before this issue ufone was working fine.

    • I activated this package and so far I have talked twice and the call disconnected just a few seconds before completion of 1 hour. So working excellent for me…(so far).

    • salam Brother Yar ye apni picture kis tarhan publish krtay hain comments kay sath .i m waiting 4 ur reply Amir Attaa

    • Call 444 from ur Ufone and the recorded female voice will tell you your current package. (This call is free (as of 7th Jan 2010)). ;-)

  • Thoray din ka mehman hai ye package kyunke ye financially aur technically feasible nahi lagta ke profitable ho.

  • Ufone rocks i am using this package Mashallah perfect ha ab dosri companies mukabla kren nai to sarak par ia jaien gi.Jalney walay jalen.Jo log other networks par han ya pakage nai use kr saktay wo iolty sedhay comments he detay han phir wo kahawat ha na k KHASIYANI BILLI KHAMBA NOCHAY:-D

  • solid offer is not a good offer becoz he can deduct per day Rs 11.90 paisa for one day then you can make a cal to any ufone no for one hour only becoz cal should be droped automatically mean your first call charges is Rs 15.50paisa per hour.and after this cal you can make more calls at Rs 3.60 paisa for one hour.Note:if ur package is u won then this above charges is apply otherwisw charges applyment depend ur packageplan. si i think its not a good for teen ages becoz maximum boys are belong to low level families so ufone need to Finished this subciption charger of Rs 11.90 per day then it is best for AllPeople of pakistan then u can see all people have ufone Only .I shall be very thankful to you for that.

    Yours Sincerlu

  • koi daily charges nahi 3 min k normal charges hain jo aapke package hai uske mutabiq after 3 min call free hai or haan Rs 10+tax jo charge hote hain woh daily nahi package change karte waqt hote hain.

  • Hi… just want to if i convert my default package to solid will i be charged 3min call tariff every time .Like if i talk for one min will i be charged for 3min call

  • ufone solid offer is a best offer, u can call any time if u want to call less than 3 minuts then your normaly package and if u want to more than 3 minuts absolutily free. Amazing ufone

    Simpy “U” you are the best.

  • After following all the comments, I got confused with two views and also because the english used to explain was vague. Someone please clarify in clear english the following two points.

    1. The Rs. 10 + tax is applied only for the day(s) when you want this solid offer or is this charge is only one time for the rest of the the lifetime of this package?

    2. The ‘solid offer package’ doesn’t work on bundle packages. What does this mean? Would the monthly sms bundle packages become void if we opt for this package?

    Please someone clarify!

  • solid ofr bht acha pkg he ab men apne ghar walon so or doston se ksi b time bat krta hon
    I like it. mre duaa he ufone bht tarki kary(AAMIN)
    khush raho

  • Salam, I appreciate ufone and its management on offering such a beautiful/powerful package. but what about u2u minutes package? can i activiate it with PPD-Solid Offer?
    Now my preference on mobile networks is as under:-

    1) Ufone
    2) Warid
    3) Zong
    4) Ghatia Jazz (Zaleel tareeeeeeen network)
    5) Never used Telenor (only idiots can be impressed by their packages.

    So what you people think about my observations?

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