FIA Smashes an Illegal VoIP Exchange in Islamabad

A Team of Cyber Crime Circle Rawalpindi/Islamabad, FIA Islamabad Zone smashes an illegal VoIP exchange in Islamabad.

Mr. Tariq Hanif Joiya, PSP, who is currently the Director FIA Islamabad Zone, on a complaint filed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, ordered the registration of a case the perpetrators of an illegal business running for illegally providing the telecommunication services used for “Illegal Termination of International Voice Traffic through an illegally installed VoIP Gateway”.

Headed by Syed Aun Abbas Bokhari, officer incharge taking a prompt action on the directions of Mr. Tariq Hanif Joiya, constituted a raid party including Shoaib Ahmed Haroon (SHO), M.Raza (SI), M.Waqas (ASI), Akhtar Ali (ASI), Mumtaz (HC) and Irfan, Gul Niaz, Faheem, Ijaz (FCs), raided a location in Islamabad and recovered an illegally installed VoIP gateway which was causing a loss of approximately Rupees 1.2 Million on daily basis to the national exchequer.

Mr. Tariq Hanif Joiya informed that during the raid conducted in a posh locality of Islamabad, Cyber Crime Circle Rawalpindi/Islamabad, FIA Islamabad arrested four individuals involved in the above mentioned illegal business from the scene of crime.

These individuals got installed the Internet connection from a local Internet Service Provider company with the help of their partners abroad and were successfully receiving the incoming international voice traffic through the Internet connection and were diverting all the calls inside the country causing a loss to the national exchequer in tunes of millions of rupees.

Such kind of voice traffic could not be monitored by any system currently working in the country and can be used by elements located abroad to connect them with anti-state elements/terrorists.

In these calls the receiving person can only see a local number on the CLI of his/her phone for an incoming international call.

Mr. Tariq Hanif Joiya has also requested the patriot Pakistanis to inform the authorities about local phone numbers (landline/mobile) which appear on the CLI of their phones on receiving an international to help the authorities in catching such kind of anti-state elements.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK