Few Tips for Wateen!

Wateen has been operating in Pakistan for couple of years now, with being the first WiMAX operator of the country.

Despite the fact that Wateen was able to fetch pretty number of customers, spread wide its infrastructure, coverage, back haul, but unfortunately, somehow it could not leave the impression in the minds of customers.

If you just Google around, or ask for general feedback from your friends or cousins of friends, you may hear following

  • Franchisee has not sent me the user name and password, it’s been days now
  • Low signal problem
  • Internet browsing problem
  • Frequent disconnections
  • Call center bad experience in resolution of the complaint
  • Vague promise of call backs from call centers

And list goes on!!!

Recently, Wateen claimed, they have achieved the 200,000 mark for subscribers’ base; but these stats are not public as of now, neither we have any independent party confirming this figure, like how much ACTIVE and DORMANT (non-Active) subscribers they have on the board.

let’s go with official stats, which is, 200,000 customers, that too in such a short time, but what about the retention and satisfaction rate of these customers?

When service delivery and service recovery both have issues and there is no technical remedial except, some common solutions that you can hear from call center, such as:

  • Clear the browser cache
  • Only compatible with IE Internet Explorer ,
  • Our technical team will contact you shortly, and this shortly has never come to shot.

Solutions to these loop holes:

  • Proper maintenance of browsing issues
  • Customer service deliverance programs for customers
  • Customer loyalty incentives
  • Customer win back programmes
  • Call center staff trainings & development
  • Engineering department has to get efficient for locating problems related to engineering side.
  • Proper Restructuring of Franchise & Retail divisions.
  • Revision of Sale Strategies.

WATEEN can still PLAY in the market because:

  • Wide Network Coverage Map
  • Experience that it has earned with time
  • Unlimited bandwidth Packages
  • Telephony
  • Wide range of network of Retail stores and Franchises.
  • Largest Subscriber base

Learning Point:

Wateen has to come into proactive play if they are willing to compete with new operators, like WI-Tribe & Qubee, because there is no more monopoly involved in the Wimax business.

As we know, Wateen has largest subscriber base, but if things are not streamlined, this top slot can be replaced one day.

We must not forget, WEAKNESS can be an OPPORTUNITY for Competitor – So beware!!!

  • I also have had a bad experience with Wateen. I live abroad and use free VOIP like fring and nimbuzz to get connected back home. I took Wateen’s unlimited connection to be hassle free. The problem which I was facing was the Authentication System they imposed to calculate the data usage. Every time after an electric failure (as u people are aware quite a few times) one should power up the pc and authenticate to get access to internet that is not user friendly with a mobile browser. Well that was waste of moeny and time. No customer support though.

  • bad experience with

    call center
    authentication system
    service center
    Franchise office

    employees even doesn’t know the polices. non technical persons at call centers etc etc

    i told them that i am user of linux and he simply said sorry we do not support linux :D

  • I have heard there is a deal going on between Wateen and Wi-tribe…Wi-tribe is planning to buy whole Wimax dept. from wateen!

  • i am a user of wateen but i want to switch to worid call. is world call better then wateen

    • World call is comparatively better then wateen but in few areas their speed is low…so I would recommend you go for PTCL EVO… I am using since April last year and its working great … previously i was also using Worldcal Evdo (for six Months) but then I switched to PTCL Evdo …


  • Bad Experience.

    Poor signal. Switched to PTCL. Still keeping the CPE with a hope that will improve their service.

  • I’ve had horrible experience with PTCL, unfortunately and still distrust them. My PTCL internet was down for a whole MONTH. I would call them every day and recieve the same answer- it’ll be fixed tomorrow, definately.
    I got frustrated and switched to wateen which has it’s problems but nothing I can’t fix myself. The support staff is completely useless but thankfully, I with some technical knowledge and common sense, I figure things out.
    I recently bought EVO but later gave it to my uncle because it worked every slowly.

  • Wateen USB modems have poor signal quality in some particular places like inside closed houses but it provides a USB cable with it by which it can be taken to the opened areas.For more extension cables from any computer seller shop can be bought and then it would be able to catch signals efficiently and effectively.

  • I have the solution, I developed a usb/network system which gives extension of 14.5 meters no signal drop-age I am using a special hub, Extender/network converter and special wire cost 4500

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