How do You Save Cost by Using Multiple SIMs?

As you may know we are conducting a survey these days (which is still not concluded). While going through the responses, I observed that there are significant number of subscribers who are using more than one SIM.

By the way, let’s not limit the use of second SIM for students only, we know that businessmen, household women, teachers, say everyone can use it for many reasons.

I had this discussion with few friends, where we concluded that having multiple SIMs can reduce your monthly bills by a notable margin.

Possible Reasons for Having Multiple SIMs

  • To make inexpensive on-net calls, for example using Telenor for calling Telenor numbers, Mobilink for calling Mobilink numbers and so on
  • To avail inexpensive SMS packages or GPRS/EDGE packages, this is another common reason, for instance if you have plenty of Ufone numbers in your friend and family circle, there are good chances that you won’t use any other operator to make calls, however, you may find GPRS package attractive from Zong.
  • There is this one official number, which people don’t want to keep busy for long; hence they get another number to make long duration calls.
  • It has been observed that some people keep multiple SIMs of same network, for instance, one SIM has night package, while other is good for making calls during the day.

There can be various other combinations where Mobile phone users find it suitable and viable to have multiple SIMs.

We want you to tell us your story by explaining that what benefits are there to have multiple SIMs.

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  • I am using single connection warid.
    There package SMS CRAZE is very best for me like i avail 5000 SMS/MMS for any network and 10MB GPRS and Zem Lowest Call Rates for just Rupee 161.95 including tax/MONTH.

  • i use Warid Postpaid for making call’s i think its best… but SMS is way expensive in PostPaid of warid… about 1.25 per sms… which is unacceptable…

    for sms i have djuice… 700 SMS for Rs8///

  • I use Zong for Internet purpose as they are offering 2GB Package in 200 (which costs nearly 300 after deduction)

    Using Telenor … which actually sucks but unfortunately I buy simm when telenor started providing services in Pakistan and my telenor number is spreaded all over and now I can’t change number (even cant ported out bcoz I have noticed that number portability also have its own issues)

    Using Ufone for personal calling purpose. and I love Ufone for service / signals / call rates and everything.

  • I also us 2 sims+2 mobiles… original no. Z telenor…..its call rates are too cheap…..just 63 paisa per 30 sec…..and i am a normal sms user so i always activate 250 sms for rps 10…
    Mz another no. Z zong which i use for internet…..but its edge quality z too low….will change it soon….

  • Yes I agree everyone has a number of SIMs but I don’t think they save money, atleast for me it was very expensive to have them and it’s very hard to manage multiple SIMs. You know, the Expiry date makes you annoyed specially in case of Zong. I have more than a dozen of SIMs (to avail the promotional incentives) But I don’t have a geniun reason of keeping them in current situation, now all networks offer approximatly same call rates (on default packages) but the differentiation comes in VASs. My official number is Warid for me it’s very expensive to make calls because there’s no Warid number in my phonebook that’s the very reason to save time

  • im using telenor for calls and sms and zong for internet,i think zong alive for its attractive gprs packages,and i love its

  • hi guys im using 3 nos three phones ufone for sms int sms international calling.telenor for cheapest rate 63 paisa.mobilink indigo for business use 1000 mins for mobilink in just 200 on postpaid.

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