PTCL Introduces WiFi Routers for DSL Customers

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) is now giving WiFi routers to its broadband customers, for wireless connectivity.

If you don’t know, WiFi routers will act exactly as your DSL modems, however, with a difference that WiFi routers can broadcast wireless signals with limited coverage – that is sufficient for in-house use.

So if you use laptop or other wireless devices, such as IP cameras etc, you can ask PTCL for WiFi routers, instead of wired routers (DSL modems).

All this comes with additional rental of Rs. 200 per month. However, this service has no extra cost for broadband customers having Smart TV.

Tariff will be

  • 1Mbps Broadband: Rs 1399
  • 2Mbps Broadband: Rs 2199
  • 4Mbos Broadband: Rs 5199

By the way, Link Dot Net is already providing WiFi routers to its customers with additional charge of Rs. 100 per month.

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  • Can existing customers ask to replace their using/current Modem? Or can they switch to this new offer or is it for new customers only?

    What about for those people who are using student packages?

    • The modems will be replaced & I can extend help in this regard but I will charge nominal fee for this. If you need help in this regard pls contact at __________ or email at:i will help u in this regard

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      • i am have dsl modem student package 1Mb and want to place an order for wifi router..whom to contact??? can you give me any helpline number?? also how much am i supposed to pay monthly??

    • This is for all Customers but not for Student Package there are Rs200/- extra charges for those who have DSL ONLY & NEW CUSTOMERS & no charges if somebody has SMART TV. If anybody needs help pls contact me at: _______________ or EMAIL: ____________ I will extend all help on NOMINAL CHARGES for those who can pay otherwise NO CHARGES. Thank you.

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    • yep i have ordered to install a new wifi router @Rs.100 per month and i was using normal router ZTE before

    • Faheem if you are existing PTCL SMART TV USER pls tell me ur location & I can help u in this regard. Please contact me at ___________ or i will charge very nominal fee for help in this regard.

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    • Shaoib sb aoa ur modem will be changed & I can extend help in this regard by charging a nominal fee pls contact at ___________ or email at: i will extend all help to u in this regard

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  • Very stupid to pay 200 per month for a device that is not going to urs either and again very stupid if someone waited for PTCL to introduce this.

    Go buy your TPlink router sets for as low as 1700 Rs

  • The problem is for those who want to operate dsl broadband with additional wifi configuration, that is lan and wifi both operatable, for those users tp-link or linksys wifi routers is the best option as only one time payment of 2200 or 5000. and there would be no additional charges of 200/mo like ptcl

  • 200 per month if u use dsl for 5 months 200×5=10000

    y dun buy tplink routers or linksys for just 2000 and 4000 respectively

  • yes, student package users can replace there modem with wi-fi routers with no charges and 200rs extra they have to pay per month so this 800rs student package now will be 1000rs per month !

  • Note to all above: TP-Link Wireless Router plus ADSL+ modem is 3100 for 54Mbps, and 3700 for 108Mbps.

    • Just to add, for 9/10 systems, 54 Mbps router is good. Merits mentioning, WiFi routers share speed amongst the channel…! meaning that, i there is one link, all 54 Mbps will be fully used by one system. If another system comes in, this channel will be divided and half of the bandwidth will be allocated to each computer.

  • Get a used better brand router in 2000 to 3000 as otherwise you will be paying 2400 to PTCL in one year and still will never own the router.

  • Brother aaj kal PTCL DSL k saath bohat problem chal rahi hai baar baar disconnect ho jata hai…or khud he chal parta hai

  • They may have advertised now, but one of my friend using wifi router taken from PTCL on PTCL DSL from at least six months.

  • What’s the point of getting this if you have to pay 200/month??

    Why not get yourself a TP link WiFi router for Rs. 1800-2000. At least it will be yours forever.

    If PTCL was providing that for free, that would have been great ;)

  • Announcing WiFi router looks like a big joke since land line is still needed and frankly speaking how many of the home users have laptops. Moreover charging Rs. 200 rent is totally unfair since number of low cost routers are already in market and PTCL is making no exception.
    Why PTCL is not announcing independent and low cost WiFi device for home users? The EVO is too costly.
    I request PTCL that People have much awareness so please don’t play with them.

    • U R very right Landline is required AND AND AND the Landline shud be in working order if the line is frm the 1947 then how U wil run the dsl modem….I am having this problem my modem always sinks due to the old cable patch although my residential area is having fresh cables but outer side what to do NOT only this BUT due to wrong poll connection are also a fact(My home wire is coming over the ground whereas my right side home is supplied from my left side and infront school also get the cable over the groung there are many problems with the cable whereas the development made each house 2 connection on each poll on that particular road but while connecting NOBODY care for that

  • asa i have received this ptcl adsl wireless modem today! but they said it just temporary, we will provide you conventional adsl modem which came with free installation. service.

  • I am already using the 1MB connection with WiFi Router.

    PTCL charged me Rs.1000 in start for WiFi and thats it.

    What is its impact on this now?

  • Surprise !!! WiFi is not for student package. I called on 080080800 and come to know that this service is not for student package.. So students please stay away from this device ..:)

  • hmmmmmmmmmmm yanii kay main sahii soch raha tha bhai logoo kay ptcl kay wifi lana baywakoofi hai jab kay market se app ko tp-link sasta par raha hai jo hamasha kay liyee app ka hii hoo ga…….

  • Can anybody got this PTCL wifi router.

    Please tell me the Company & model number they giving.
    I think ptcl have hawawiee or ZTE router.

  • hi dear, this is nothing ,from market we can take wifi router at moderate prices and it will become our for long time not like PTCL property, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • i have ZTE MODEM OF PTCL And i have bought TP LINK router too. now i want to configure it but PTCL people are not calling me back?

    can any one of your help me in this matter.
    i want to set my wire less
    and use wireless internet on my mobile
    PCTL help line are saying we will call you but they havent called me for last 9 days.

    please help me in this matter

    • My name is TAHIR MUEEN & Gohar sb please contact me at _____________ & I will help u in every matter but I will charge very nominal fee for this if you are ready to pay me if possible for you sir but i will help in every matter sir. pls contact me sir thank u

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  • You are all idiot. The TP Link is a networking device. This device is completely change with PTCL BOARDBAND WIFI routers. I already buy this TP link there is nothing link with PTCL BOARDBAND WIFI.

    Sorry about my english.


  • In the present day, I obtained a second-degree burn and journey to the emergency room because a baked potato exploded in my hand.

  • Guys kindly visit hafeez center … Canada and European made ADSL wifi router are available in just 1000 to 1200 Rs.

    yaar aab tu koi pagal hi hoga agar PTCL ko 200 RS/month rent day ga.please be informed these r used wifi routers but who cares if used

  • Salam Dear ,
    ap mujhy student package pr 1MB de dain or charges 900 Rupee per month dain plz

  • kis se ko bhi wifi bechna ho contact me 03082446030 aur price 1500 please itne main dena

  • Slm sab ko mera sawal ya ha mery pass student pakage modem ha 900 wala lakin mujay abi wifi modem lagwana ha plz kohi meri help kary ga k mujay kia karna ho ga our mery liya easy way our sasta kia ho ga thanku

  • mujay order diay hua aaj ek mahina hogaya but intehai thaki hui servc hai k mujay ab tk ik call b nai ae ptcl sa wase khte hain k 3wrking days ma mil jata hai but afsos ha ptcl walo ki asi ghatya servc pa …

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