Ufone Solid Offer is Expiring Today, But There is a Way to Extend it

By Chand

Ufone’s Solid offer, one of the most successful offers of Ufone, is expiring today (Feb 5th, 2010), at 11:59 Midnight.

After this, you won’t be able to subscribe to this package.So you have last chance today to subscribe to this package.

If you are already subscribed, even then this offer will expire tonight at 11:59

How to Extend Ufone Solid Offer package

If you are already availing Ufone Solid Offer, then there is a way to extend this package for another month, i.e. till march 5th, 2010.

Simply write message Y and send it to 4155

Charges for extending this package: Rs. 23.90 including taxes.

We don’t know yet, if Rs. 23.90 will become monthly subscription charges or not. No words yet on what will happen after March 5th. But one thing is for sure that Ufone has created the demand for this package, and now they will this demand the way they want.