Ufone Solid Offer is Expiring Today, But There is a Way to Extend it

By Chand

Ufone’s Solid offer, one of the most successful offers of Ufone, is expiring today (Feb 5th, 2010), at 11:59 Midnight.

After this, you won’t be able to subscribe to this package.So you have last chance today to subscribe to this package.

If you are already subscribed, even then this offer will expire tonight at 11:59

How to Extend Ufone Solid Offer package

If you are already availing Ufone Solid Offer, then there is a way to extend this package for another month, i.e. till march 5th, 2010.

Simply write message Y and send it to 4155

Charges for extending this package: Rs. 23.90 including taxes.

We don’t know yet, if Rs. 23.90 will become monthly subscription charges or not. No words yet on what will happen after March 5th. But one thing is for sure that Ufone has created the demand for this package, and now they will this demand the way they want.

  • Imran Yousaf

    Ufone solid offer becomes famous is very short span of time and now they are removing this champ from their fleet. May be in future they re-instate it or introduce similar package.

  • farrukh

    i havent subscribed to ufone solid offer yet..if i subscribe it today b4 11.59..is it will continue till 5 march

    • Jibran Hasnain


  • M.jahangir

    plz dont finished ur solid pakege.plzzzzzzzzzz

  • i loved and used that package from the day it started,didnt refreshed it ….hope UFONE will bring on some package of 24hrs like this soon…
    great aggresive step from UFONE which indeed bring lots of customers to ufone…

    • admin

      you can extend this package for another month… send a message with ‘Y’ to 4155

      charges: Rs. 23.90

      • imran

        yar its fake y send it 2 4155 ez nt wrking

        • admin

          you were suppose to send this before February 5th…! its too late now

  • Jibran Hasnain

    ufone customer service centre (333) has been not working since 12:00pm

  • Kashif

    Ufone ne apni auqaat dikha di. Ye to hona hi tha. Ufone was becoming a looser very fast. Solid offer was a “daana” to grab customers. Ufone takes back this kind of offers so quickly and unexpectedly. Ufone will be the biggest looser of 2010.

  • Muhammad Ali

    ufone back to his old line… chakkar dy rha hy customers ko.
    main ny extand nahi kya… warid gang lyna pary ga…

  • eAhmadNawaz

    ye offer assal ma ufone ko khod afforable nhe, is lye wo is ko wapis lenay ka koi ba-izat tariqa dundh rha h

  • Amir

    Ufone have done the blunder …… Please Complain pta about this foolish act of ufone …. _____
    [comment edited]

    • Amir

      amir bhai y my commment is edited?

      • admin

        Bro, it might had something inappropriate… but never mind, your comment is pretty explanatory

  • majid

    ufone advertised that you can renew it till 5th march so wat is to complain to pta.as it was a offer not a package

  • I dont even know about this offer..

  • kamran zaki khan

    Ufone is confused he couldn’t decide what he have to do.

  • Dure

    cum on guys…it was just an OFFER..not a package…offers last in a particular time…so wats da big deal..

  • imran

    yaar ya renew b nai hoo rheee…koe ft pkg btaoo yaaro jo same ho

  • Dr Aijaz Ali Soomro

    ufone new advertisement: aata, cheeni, siyasatdaan, bijli, quom bhooki, sim free 1000 sms free, ufone sab se sasta… ab advertisement mein bhe insult ho rahi hai pakistani politicians and awam ki…ufone network earns from our poor people and also insults us!! Tolerance?? ok.. we pakistanis are corrupt yes we lack many qualities we concede but I think this trend must be discouraged.I appreciate most of their advertisements so far but I condemn this..This is how I see it.. Aamir bhai raise voice

  • Usman

    Ufone ko is tarah awam k jazbaat se nahi khailna chahiye tha k aik itni acchi offer de kar wapis le li. aur companies bhi tu offers de rahi hain unhoon ne tu is tarah itni jaldi nahi dikhai. but it seems like ufone really tried to lured people with its illusions and just did a joke with us which is not right for a sensible company or its not showing sensibility.

  • shahzad

    hello…mera ufone solid offer package khude ba khude fnsh ho gaya koi renew msg nahi aya…na hi koi last date ka msg aya tha….how can i start my ufone solid offer package again…..plzz tell me

  • Sajjad Husain

    solid offer is of course a goodpackg and i apeal to ufone not to finish this packg for thier customers

  • Dure

    i just got a mad frm ufone today..the solid offer has been extended uptil 31march 10