Ufone Brings Awaz Email


Ufone brings a new and interesting service named Ufone Awaz Email, with this service, you can record a voice message, song or any thing you might find interesting and send it directly to someone’s email. You can do this without a hi-fi phone or even with no mobile internet, simply call Awaz Email IVR and you will be greeted with a Welcome Message.

How to do Awaz Email?

  • Dial 4412 you will then be given instructions on how to use Awaz Email.
  • You can then record your voice or whoever’s.
  • Once the voice is recorded and you hang up, you will receive an SMS.
  • Reply to the SMS with the email address of the recipient whom you would like to send that sound byte to, it could be your own email address too.
  • Your recipient will receive an email containing the voice recorded Awaz Email message.


  • All SMS are charged at Rs. 0.50 + Tax / SMS
  • 4412 IVR is charged at Rs. 2 + Tax / min
  • This service is available to all Ufone customers on all packages (Prepaid, Postpaid).
  • The maximum duration of one AwazEmail message is 3 minutes.
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • 19.5% FED on usage and 10% withholding tax at recharge or bill applies


  • Good & average cost service but it may use rarely in reality.
    majority of ppl dnt use voice email.

    • There is no restriction against this service & that is the real plus, U can communicate through out the world without teritorial restrictions & without even paying a single extra penny i.e. same rate for local, IDD or International :-) . Isnt it great ??

  • yeh service tou Mobilink nay bhi launch ki thi. interesting service hai per ufone ko koi nai service lani chahiyay.

  • Copycats!!! kam as kam ab jhoot tou na bolo kay NEW service. Itnay khaawri hai new service lanay ki tou doosray network ki nakal kyun maar rahay hain. Losers!!!

  • How can they say it is a new and innovative service. I have used this service by Mobilink. It is called Bolo SMS and you can send Bolo SMS to email. I have done it so many times. This is a lie. Ufone has not come up with the new service, they have simply copied Mobilink ki Bolo SMS service.

  • how can mobilink copy the idea and launch it over night? last time i checked bolo sms website and there was no bolo sms email service but now there is..hehehe interesting :P grow up mobilink :)

    hahaha!!! thats funny. if you want I have the cached page of mobilin’s bolo sms service….stupid guys forgot that all that you search is being saved….last time page was updated was 26th feb heheh n ufone launched this service way before that :) im upset that our mobilink guys are bad at accepting things n appreciating innovation. reshaping what? statements? reshaping web pages? :)

  • just because lousy minds at mobilink dont do such thing again:

    honey, here is a website that archives each page:*/

    above site will tell you that before 2010, mobilink bolo sms page was last updated on may 2008 and that page doesnt have bolo email sms service. the page wasnt updated throughout 2009. and for 2010 check the google cached page of bolo says 19th feb 2010…and dont forget that ufone released its print ad on 9th feb 2010…
    cheap marketing will never pay back. fair game is the name. im a mobilink user by the way since ages but it doesnt mean i will accept every crap they will throw at me…

    -vas daddy.

  • Your service is not so good.We have recently activated uth package and our daily charges are Rs.40.
    We send ‘unsub’ to 608 instead of deactivating the package,they activate it…

  • I like this thought. I visited your site for the first time and simply been your supporter. Keep writing as I am planning to come to read it daily!!

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