Warid Introduces Minute Package

Warid has introduced this new one minute pulse package, called Minute Package. Primarily, Warid has rebranded its 60 paisa package – where all customers availing that 60 paisa package are automatically converted to Minute Package.

There are issues with TVC, as it is only telling the off-peak hour rates, which are Rs. 1.20 plus tax per minute to all networks during 11 PM to 5 PM next Evening. However, peak hour rates are Rs. 1.50 plus tax for on-net and Rs. 1.70 plus per min for off-net calls.

More details are available in below chart.


How to Activate:

You can activate this package by dialing 321 or through SMS by sending MP to 5060. Rs. 25+tax will be charged for every package activation request.

You can avail crazy hour, Zoom SMS package with Warid Minute Package. Moreover, you can add 1 on-net and 1 off-net FnF numbers too and enjoy calls at only Rs. 1+tax/minute, anytime, any day!

To add FnF or delete them, simply call 321.


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  • as per your statement peak duration is 5 PM to 9 AM next morning whereas in the table peak timings are 5 PM to 10:59 PM.

    which one is correct?

  • Moreover there is no F&F number in 60 paisa tariff.. Would existing subscribers will get F&F offer if its just relaunch?

  • I am using Warid since forever but lately, I am seriously considering to shift to Ufone.

    This Minute package is just plain BS. I don’t know if the charges has been reduced or not as compare t o previous 60 Paisa package, but what the hell is wrong with Warid, 25+tax just for the package conversion?? (Someone should put some brain in their heads)

    Also, ufone call/sms block is a great service. Why its taking so much time for Warid to deliver something like that?

  • Also, ufone call/sms block is a great service. Why its taking so much time for Warid to deliver something like that?

  • usman bhai ufone par aa jao warid sucks this package is just a cheap immitation of ufones tension free package :) ufone rocks i use ufone for calls and texting and zong for net … thats the best combo you can have i think all would agree on with one :)

    • you are right.. it seems like a copy cat of tension free but they are though charging @ 1.5 for 6 hrs (5 pm – 11 pm) but they are giving 1 on-net and 1 off-net @ Rs 1 (around clock i think)

      Sounds better to me since tension free pack doesnt give fnf.

      lolz @ Zohair’s comment regarding TVC.. True..

      • bro actually i think tension free is better reason ? no fnf no network no nothing basically you dont need to have anything ;) every call on any network any time peak or off peak …. 1.20 rs :)

        if you put the fnf equation in it and then diffrentiate between rates on diffrent networks then ufones u1 and other packages are still better as ufone to ufone on u1 is 1 rs and other networks is 1.60 rs remember though all hours peak or off peak :)

        LOL i think warid should ask ufone to make ads for them :) i love there ads xD and no one replied to me on the combo of ufone + zong ( zong for net and ufone for texting and calls ) what do you think guys????

        another thing id like to add warid its slowly dying its own death it needs to do something or else there new tagline will be

        “maut ka network” xD

  • Warid should try listening to its customers rather than modifying old packages and making them even worse. BTW the TVC is also very poor! How come warid can connect to other number if recipient is in no signal zone? Looks like Warid need a new marketing team also!

  • zohair chohan . u r right. thats warrid basic problem . packages are not good so are adds. warid is more on increasing charges rather than decreasing. i havent studied management. but i can say even i could do better marketing than is warid doing

    • Fortunately I have studied both Management and Marketing.
      Mobilink, Telenor and Ufone have almost same Themes for their ads, which are good off course, one can tell by watching them for few seconds that its a ufone ad or telenor etc. Where as Warid and Zong keep experimenting, In this ad “Reema” is shown as Bride’s Sister/Friend where as she looks more like a Dancer. The ad depicts wrong picture that warid can also call on poor quality networks, which is logically wrong moreover There is no relevance between minute package and ad! May be i am wrong, as i am no expert on these :D

  • Zohair it’s the sister’s network in the ad that sux and she is unable to call.

    and if you dont like warid why waste your time posting comments? theres this service called MNP ! try using that ;-)

    • I think you have hearing problems, watch and listen the ad carefully again, the girl phone IVR says “Apke Matloba number se jawab Maosul nae horha ha” the brother phone is giving no signal tone.
      Second i am posting comments as this is a public blog, every one has a right to criticize or appreciate or discuss here.
      Third i know about mnp and was one of very first users to avail this, i also have sim cards from other networks. If warid really cares for its customers, my comments should be valuable for them.
      I think you are satisfied now.

        • Agreed that “Koi bhee number.. warid se mile ga” tag line is technically not correct… (moreover Reema..?? No Comments!..)

          but.. come on… everybody exaggerates when it comes to marketing…

          What about ufone.. Duniya kee sab se sasti call.. BMW… faster than bullet vehicle…
          All those shampoo adds.. hair grows long and strong…
          Lipton tea. Makes everything clear…
          Adds of Sprite 3G…. Moutain Dew… Dar kay agay jeet.. .just one sip from drink and …

          So, I guess we all know that advertisements are not about truth… These commercials are intended for increase in sale and not for public awareness… ;)

          • @adam bhai

            point made bro , none are true but most arent atleast stupid like this one from waird but then again many are like colgate says “liquid calcium” LOL.

  • Every single customer should MNP their no.s to other networks and also give awareness to all existing warid customers because its just good for nothing and looting their customers they also dont worry about loosing them.

  • one more thing about this package. if u want to activate sms package option are rs 3+tax for 25 and rs7+tax for 250 which is very high. so this is for very limited type of customers

  • People in Pakistan are educated people they chose quality service and quality service need money to run the service…DONT GO FOR LOW RATES GO FOR QUALITY SERVICES LIKE VOICE,SMS THAT IS ONLY BEING PROVIDED BY WARID…GO FOR GLOW (WARID)


  • Warid dobta wa jahaaz ha wateen bhe loss ma ha shares issue kar rha ha public may finance k liyay warid isi ka ha telenor pehle he isay khared raha ha in the end ufone is far better then warid. warid to end of life network ha:-)

  • lol guys guys no need to go crazy its a matter of fact and we all know that warid has the best signal strenght and voice clarity in pakistan . yup even better than mobilink :P .. infact thats the only thing thats keeping them alive till now ….

    now if you compare warid to ufone id say ufone takes the lead ! why? obvious … ufone is offering currently the best voice & text packages :) and their network is good (note i said good not exelennt :P ) so i guess 90 % of the people would take good network + awesome rates (ufone ) over awesome network and shity rates (warid)

  • I was a fan of Warid. But now they are coming up with such a crazy type of packages that Im forced to dislike Warid. Complicated shit package. An advice for Warid Glow: Hourly rate for ten fnf should be for 24/7. And weekly sms package should not restrict call and sms when balance drops from 8.35 rupees, instead warid should wake up and give some advance or loan.

  • What Mr. Ahsan said explained all.

    Warid network is the best among all other mobile operators, but the problem is those who needs best are less then 25% compare to 99% needs cheep rates.

    However there should a very careful balance between the two – sadly Warid is doing it very badly.

    Beside all of the above does anyone knows how Arabs do business and what Bashir A Tahir is doing with it?

  • Good Ad theme, however msg is not correct + very bad offer. I do not think that anyone would like to buy warid’s connection because of this package or Ad. Warid should offer something attractive for masses. Marketing team should be fired.

  • No other operator is offer two FNF of any network,
    Further nothing is free in this world for better you have to pay some thing exact as all market knows the best operator is (Warid)
    Even if you gone for cheap and have make more than two calls to complete your msg than analyize which is cheap
    Even for quality food you have to pay more

  • no doubt that warid has got good network. but they should also see what other networks are offering . there should be atleast some relevence with their packages. for example: rs 7plus tax for 250 messages where other are offering the double at rs 4plys tax. further their sms packages and all zem packages are approx 3years old . no change for approx 3years. for MR. ahsan not only zong is good for gprs or mms but also for call charges. no doubt abour it. other are FAR BEHIND in any service when compared to zong.

    • Dear Adnan
      No one is offering SMS delivery report free of cost which simply doubles the capacity of network for better quality Warid Deployed Erisson which is too expensive as compared to Nokia Seimens and chinese equipment
      Again for better thing you have to pay little bit more
      What else if you need to call twice to complete your message in this way Warid is still cheapest best network

    • im dont know the call rates for zong that well but i can tell you what i experinced

      i talked for about 15 minutes on a balance of 25 odd rupees to other networks which is pretty good and talked a minute and 44 seconds on a call to romania on a balance after loading a 100 rs card …. again good but the voice quality was poor and two of my frnds complained to hear my voice in slow motion and i was like wtF??( i dont know what package was on )

      if you compare it to ufone’s tension free package the rates are almost the same but a huge difference in quality :) ufone > zong

      though it is a matter of fact that zong and ufone are offering the best rates in pakistan but ufone > zong due to better quality of services

  • salam everyone
    i m not into warid.
    i love the the background songs in this warid minute commercial.
    can someone help me where i can get this song or just tell me who’s singer?

  • this package is a piece of ____ . warid tu abhi tak peak aur off peak wali jhak se hi bahir nahi nikla

    [Comment edited]

  • This service is just Sh*t, they have not yet change the pace as from first day………

    Mobile Company waly “NEWS” SMS Mahana Fec par Bhejtay hen or apko har mah Fec ada karni hoti hey. Magar ab nahi…!! Sirf 1 bar Rs:0.60paisa ada karin or daily Bilkul Muft 100% NEWS Sms hasil karein.
    Mesg me likhein;
    Add GeofreeNews
    *Likh kar bhej den, Warid,Ufone,Jazz, Telenor se 9900 aur ZONG se 2323 par #

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