Rs. 1.20 for 1 Minute on All Network from 9AM to 5 PM: Warid

Okay – This time its from Warid, they have re-collected themselves with this lowest priced package that allows Rs. 1. 20 per 1 minute call on all network (excluding taxes) during 9 AM to 5 PM. As we have mentioned before about this package Warid has entered into a direct price competition with Mobilink, Zong and Ufone. I am not sure how Warid will respond if someone will strike back with even lower rates.

Thanks to Yaseen Rajab Ali for adding more details on how Warid is misleading consumers – Rest of Package detail is given below, and be informed that Rates for Peak hours and off-peak hours are different.

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  • rate from 9am to 5pm is 1.20 rupee per min and from 5pm to 9am , for on net call 1.5 per min and of net call 1.7 per min ….. this is mentioned in the lower right side of the add in small letters.

    I dnt think this is a good thinking …. as a warid prepaid user , i was waiting for their package but now i will have to port out of warid

  • This is another attempt of misleading the consumers. The actual rate is Rs. 1.20 per minute and not 60 paisa per 30 second as being projected by Waird.

    Also there are time zones and other ifs and buts. Government tax are certainly separate which are more than 1/3rd of the all costs.

    For quite some time all mobile operators are trying to mislead their consumers. It seems that they are having a competition of the best misleading company.

    Some time back they added 5% service charges on the prepaid balance upload which too is unjustified as their charges are supposed to contain all their costs.
    Pakistan Telecom Authority(PTA) is pretending to be a silent spectator. So are various organziations taht claim to be the champions of consumer rights.

    Will PTA, Consumer organizations or other competent government or civil bodies take up this matter. The electronic or print media will certainly not help on this matter as they can not take the risk of losing customers.

  • As i have noticed , their is only a minor change in the package of zem 30 second and they say it a new package

    See the minor difference

    ZEM 30 Second package :

    warid to warid sms .60
    warid to other network 1.2
    and calls to warid .75 per 30 sec
    calls to other network .85 per 30 sec

    Their SO CALLED new package contains :

    warid to ANY NETWORK ( including warid ) sms costs 1 rupee
    only during 9am to 5pm call rate is cheaper which is 1.2 per minute , (bcoz it is 60 second pulse ) and they show it as 30 second pulse
    and after 5pm call rate from warid to warid is 1.5 per 60 sec
    and call rate to other network is 1.7 per 60 sec

    Who they are fooling to ???? I mean they think people are fool and blind , shame on the management that suggested this NEW PACKAGE

  • I think it’s a smart move; we always talk about customer point of view. Also do consider the fact that Companies are here to survive & make marginal profits. Keeping in view the current scenario where telecom industries are trying to escape; it’s a good strategy not only to be in the completion but also making marginal profit out of it. Nothing is for free in this world, which we are use to. We must try to appreciate all, instead of continues criticism.

  • AOA,
    1). aap ne yeh jo package 1.20/mnt deya hai, yeh 8hrs k laye theak nahin hai. Aap es ko .60/30sec 24hrs k laye kar dain, phir aap market main es ka reponse dekhain.

    2). Mobilink .68paisa, Zong .65paisa & Ufone .66paisa ke jo packages deye hain to tamaam warid user yehe khail kar rahe the k aur yeh umeed kar rahe the k ab hamra network.60paisa ka package ka elaan karain ge, magar aap ne apne user k sath aik mazaq kiya hai, ya aap chate hain k aap ke user kesi aur network main port-out ho jain? 8hrs k bad agar woi old rate hon to phair kiya ham phir kisi aur network ki sim use karain? Agar aap mari Suggestion par amal karain to mari raahe yeh hai k aap es ko .60paisa/30sec karain aur 5FNF on-net .45/30sec & sms 1 all network, and happy hrs ka bi ezafa kar dain. main aap ko pore yaqeen se kehta ho after 2 month baad market main apni progress dekhe ga.

    3). Main aap ko yeh bata don k aik waqt esa tha jab aap ney apni service pakistan main start ki thi sab ka yehe khain tha k mobilink k baad aap ka number ho ga, magar aap ne abi tak esa koi iqdaam nahin kiya. abi aap ke pass aik unique chance hai market main apna waqar dubara bahaal karne ka. mari aur pore Pakistan ki dua hai k aap jald wo maqaam hasal karain jis par aaj aap ko ho chaye tha. AMEEN.

    4). Mari akheri Raahe yeh hai k aap Postpaid ka aik package annouce karain jis ka Line 50 ho, min deposit 700, Aur call charges yehe hon.


  • Dear I recomend u to port on mobilink because mobilink is only best company ever and also reduce truely 68 paisa not like warid

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