Women in Developing Countries Less Likely to Own a Mobile Phone

Women in Pakistan, particularly the rural areas, are one of un-explored and potential areas for telecom operators to extend their sales and ultimately the revenues.

A recent research by ‘The charitable foundation’ (founded up by the wife of the UK’s former Prime Minister, Tony Blair) has concluded that woman in a low or middle-income country is 21% less likely to own a mobile phone than a man.

Research shows that, by extending the benefits of mobile phone ownership to more women, a host of social and economic goals can be advanced.

Report says that if operators bring mobile phone penetration among women on a par with penetration among men, this report shows they would collectively earn US$13 billion in additional revenues each year.

Key findings show that:

  • There are 300 million fewer female subscribers than male subscribers worldwide
  • A woman is 21% less likely to own a phone than a man in low and middle-income countries – 23% in Africa, 24% in the Middle East, and 37% in South Asia
  • Regionally, the incremental annual revenue opportunity for operators ranges from US$740M in Latin America to US$4B in East Asia
  • Going forward, two thirds of potential new subscribers for mobile network operators will be women
  • Women in rural areas and lower income brackets stand to benefit the most from closing the gender gap
  • 93% of women report feeling safer because of their mobile phone
  • 85% of women report feeling more independent because of their mobile phone
  • 41% of women report having increased income and professional opportunities once they own a phone

Via Cellular News

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