First Pakistan-Made Cell Phone Within a Year

First Pakistan-made cell phone would be available in the market within a year, Secretary of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Naguibullah Malik has said.

Talking to APP, he said: “Dialogue with China and British companies in this regard is underway and the first made-in-Pakistan mobile handset would be available in the market within a year.” To a question, he said the government was taking all possible measures to boost the IT sector. The secretary said the government was well aware of the problems being faced by the IT sector. “We will address all the problems of the IT sector,” he added.

Malik said for the promotion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector, there was a need for reaching a consensus among the government, IT industry, Telcos and academia to devise effective strategies for the best utilisation of available opportunities. He said focus on the IT and Telecom education, research, entrepreneurship and local industries could boost the ICT sector.

Source: TheNews

  • good effort but it should be reliable as other companies like MZ and UNITED e.t.c. n hope people will preffer the product of their country rather than the others if it will be cheaper n durable than the other mobiles………….

  • I would like to add one thing more for those who are working and devising the ICT strategies that please make the balance in the salaries of IT/ICT professionals in the government sector / departments and IT/ICT professional working in the private sector.

    I also request the Propakistani team to highlight this matter in the broad way so that officials consider the matter seriously.

    I hope propakistani team efforts may bring some outcome after raising the issue properly.

  • Stop complaining bros. I think we should encourage them whether the product is good or not. This way they can make the next product more reliable.

  • Re-inventing the wheel,Sadly, rather it should have been asking NOKIA, LG, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLLA to joint-venture in PK, but unfortunately those ppl didnt bribe and Whatever !

  • Nice to Hear about the manufacturing mobiles in Pakistan. It is a big news for the Pakistanies. But I think the smugglers of mobiles in Pakistan, bureaucrates and politivians will try to obstacle this project.
    What so ever our prays are for the success of the project. We would have a set in our hand and we can say Proudle “Made in Pakistan”

  • Thanks Almighty for the belated wisdom. I had been prodding the well paid mob industry managers for having mob manufactured in Pakistan. I was always brushed aside i.e that the market does not support this. Market? boy even then we had the street children running around with mobiles rather than a ball in hand. India has Nokia and I think one more int’l brand being manufactured. With manufacturing within( I wonder as to what will be the percentage of components)we will be able to save considerable FX as well- provided the prices are affordable- otherwise this will be a failed venture

  • 10.5 Months have already been passed, only 1.5 months remain, keep the fingers crossed :) (though Secretary of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Naguibullah Malik has retired, let’s hope this won’t affect this project)

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